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George Washington has a post up about the riot meme being spread by the very people who, one would think, don't want people to riot.

Smart readers understand the Hegelian dialectic: problem-reaction-solution.
Funny - this coming from the IMF, which collection of bankers is directly responsible for creating the problem. Notice a pattern here?

It sounds to me like they're preparing us for the solution to the problem they caused which will probably take the form of a "one-world" currency, or better yet, all of our wealth could be encoded on a chip and implanted under our skin. That marvelous idea will put an end to all crime.

Don't buy it. Small communities can print their own currency and trade it for goods and services, and everyone should be growing food. We don't need any more of their "solutions."
Read about the Hegelian dialectic. Understand it, because this is the primary tool used to make the NWO agenda possible. Once the American people understand this, it's game over for the globalists. Time is of the essence.

Branching into theology for a second, I have many times cited M. Scott Peck and his book, People of the Lie. Evil people do not understand love. They understand it only as a crude handle by which to manipulate normal people. In other words, they understand it in a mechanical way. But of course, this falls far short of understanding and experiencing the power and nuances of love in its many forms.

Right now they are conducting an obscene, in-our-faces brazen financial theft, so over-the-top in its diabolical greed that they fully expect and hope we will rise up out of our multiple poisoned induced stupors to riot against them, thereby justifying dumping their further abuse on our heads. Since we've been largely inured to their longstanding abuse, however, they have to send out the occasional satrap like Strauss-Kahn to make a provocative statement. I guess we're a little dense.

So here is their plan in a nutshell:
Problem: Unprecedented, outrageous financial fraud undertaken with complete impunity.
Reaction: Justified rage, disintegrating into riots, helped along by agents provocateurs in the streets and through the media.
Solution: Martial Law, new currency, NWO agenda, etc.

If that financial problem doesn't get you to do "the right thing," they most certainly have plans B and C, which can range from "terrorist" attacks to "natural" disasters. They will do whatever it takes, and they have the technology, the money, and the power to carry it through.

I don't know exactly where that leave the rest of us, but you always have the power of your attention. Don't give it to them. You have the power of your emotions. Don't give it to them. You have the power of your creativity. Don't give it to them. Respond and react from a place of love, to the best of your ability. They cannot predict the things people will do out of love because love is like a mysterious foreign language to them. Be an expert on the one thing they just don't quite get.

For instance, check this out.


Greg Bacon said...

Yes, we do plan on introducing the new Amero sometime next year, after we've completed the theft of YOUR gold from Ft. Knox, which is being held by the Federal Reserve for collateral for all that debt YOU accumulated.

The exchange program will only work if you bring in ALL of your dollars and coins to exchange for the new and improved Amero.

If you don't, you'll no longer be able to function in society.

Also, since those dollars are SO worthless, you also need to bring in any gold and silver jewelry and any precious stones you have to help your exchange of the USD for the Amero.

Thanks and we couldn't do it without a dumbed down, obedient, apathetic and scared to hell America.


The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury Department

A. Peasant said...

The challenge is not to play into their hands.

MarcLord said...

Great advice, Peasant. Riots are only good for changing governments, which we just partially did. Funny, was just working on a post about riots (I was at the "Battle of Seattle" in 1999).

I have some strange thoughts about proper response which relate to your sentiments here, but my framework was military analysis. Al Qaeda exists, and is part of a revolution in military affairs. Its power lies in using force dispersion as a force multiplier--more powerful when spread out, more able to attack the vulnerabilities of large entities which doctrinally rely on firepower overkill.

While A-Q is known for small-scale, high-return attacks like blowing up pipelines and IEDs, it is primarily a charitable organization with a coherent philosophy. By hook or by crook, we have to decentralize our systems to make them stronger. Like, for example, the power grid as a whole entity would be much stronger after an ice storm if decentralized into individual blocks, maybe individual houses, which feed into it.

For various reasons which include being imprisoned in Yugoslavia, I've thought about aQ for quite a while, and the electricity grid is a natural analogy. To achieve that grid in the US is a dream, but it would be to break the corporate model which is still ascendant, and put rights and responsibilites back onto individuals, cells, and collectives.

That's what a-Q does, and why it receives such attention. To an a-Q member or disciple, it all functions on love: it's the Protestant Reformation, but with muslims. We need to look at all our vulnerable and far-flung systems with its decentralization and strong unifying principles in mind. Seed swaps, barter exchanges, neighborhood education cooperatives.

A. Peasant said...

Gah. Blogger just ate my reply.

OK. Shorter:
You really do get around the block, Lord-007-san. I am most intrigued what would land you in Yugoslavian prison.

The AQ you describe sounds a lot like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt or Hamas in Gaza, though these groups are certainly infiltrated and likely even set up by intelligence operatives. Nevertheless, that would be unknown to most of the members.

The LETS link is the one we talked about a few days ago. I found it. Right now I think people need grassroots leaders who will direct them during the breakdown stage, and hopefully prevent them from falling into traps like rioting.

A. Peasant said...

And yes, decentralization does and would and will work for a lot of things. But again, the leaders. And this is where the fear factor kicks in, as the more people know, the more they have to worry about getting re-educated at camp for stepping forward. And yet there's no other way through this than for people to stick together and help each other.

Greg Bacon said...

The challenge is not to play into their hands.

I don't, but every so often, their siren song is enchanting, but not that alluring.

If you want to knee-cap this beast, stop feeding it.

Say goodbye to materialism and deny the machine the vital food it needs to run.

I swore off that pseudo-religion a long time ago and have never regretted not having the latest hot toy or newest SUV or biggest TV or...etc.

Start shopping in second hand stores and stop treating Christmas like it was a holiday devoted to VISA.

Pete said...

Makes a lot of sense. Like my down and dirty 5 rules on "them":

Avoid them, and if you can't
Ignore them, and if you can't
Laugh at them, and if you can't
Fight them, and if you can't
Avoid them...

A. Peasant said...

Good synopsis.

Laughing at them is actually a very important step. As people get freed from their mind prisons, they start to see how ridiculous things really are. I spend a lot of time in that place.

MarcLord said...

The Muslim Brotherhood is solid at its root (academic clerics one-upping Nasser's pan-Arabic vision) and has not been well infiltrated; doing that would be like the British penetrating the American revolutionaries.

aQ's flexibility and cellular structure means its easy to penetrate, it no longer needs one or two leaders. It is a self-sustaining project. Like a seed swap can become a city-wide tradition, decapitating its leadership afterwards won't work.

All successful approaches to hacking "the system" involve the introduction of a popular new philosophy into a non-hierarchical structure. The philosophy doesn't necessarily be right, just widely shared.

A. Peasant said...

The MB is really key to Egypt's future. The Egyptian people have put up with Mubarak's dictatorship alone for 25 years, and they are really looking to get some real changes there. But they need the MB to come clean about its real agenda. Many of its public statements are cryptic and double minded on issues like women and the Coptic Christian minority.

MB has also been used as a foil for Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak -- to justify crackdowns and other nasty dictatorial behavior. So while a weak movement is easy to infiltrate, a strong movement is worthy opponent, and therefore useful in other ways.

A. Peasant said...

Consider it done. I have it in my email. I will put the email in a comment over your place, and you can delete that please after you note it down. If you ever need to send something that way...

MarcLord said...

Must admit I'm daftly ignorant about MB's effects in Egypt itself. Mubarak has played the secular strong-arm so well that everyone kinda assumes he'll just exist forever. But the dynamic all across that band is heavily anti-state at a time when they're all either going bankrupt or bonkers or both.

A. Peasant said...

Not at all. Not much information can escape the vortex of entrenched dictatorship. The only reason I know anything about MB is from working with an Egyptian political scientist author last summer. We are all kept in ignorance when the intelligence world runs the show and props up their flunkies around the world (here, there & everywhere).

Did you get my comment over at your blog?

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