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Always the last to know

Oh, America. You are always the last to know.

Did you know a genocide is taking place? Right now. Today. It's true. I mean, there have been many, but this one is extra special because we pay for it, and this is top of the line stuff. Well, that's not the only reason, but it will do for now. Our "best friend," Israel, the Bonnie to our Clyde, runs the gruesome genocide show. And it's covered in lies like flies on shit.

Now, theoretically, Americans could make a big stink about this, but first they'd have to know what was going on. As luck would have it, we're pretty easily hoodwinked.

The media has been instructed not to tell you the truth. Still, you can poke your head up and find out real easy on the internet. If you just made the effort, that is. You would have to set aside a block of time, of course, to learn about what is happening. But everything you need to know can be found on the internet. Horrible, horrible truths. It will surely ruin your day. Wait until you see the dead children being laid in the bare earth by their parents. Wait until you read about the suffering.

Just imagine if it were your family, your children. Oh, do you imagine that other people love their children less? You do realize how racist that is, don't you? I'm sure you're not a racist. Well, maybe you are. How would I know. Some people are, and some people aren't. Some people are only racist in a certain direction. Some people think it's racist to complain about a little genocide.

Anyway, at least you should know that people around the world know what's happening. The entire world, and in particular, the entire Arab World, knows that American tax dollars fund this genocide, and American politicians give cover to Israel at the United Nations. Everybody knows what's going on except for most Americans. You really should know that much, at least. For your own good. Have a little pride. Surely you don't want the entire world knowing something that you don't know, eh? That would be embarrassing.

And let me remind you that once upon a time, in a land far away, another genocide took place. The people in this land had no cellphones, no televisions, no computers, no internet. They only had some newspapers and radios, and a few grainy black and white films. But do you know, none of that mattered. The people in this land were responsible for the genocide that took place in their country. Oh, indeed. They have never lived it down. It has become impossible to atone for this crime. The entire people of that land were tarnished with the dreadful shame that they should have known what was going on, and they should have stopped it, and they failed.

So tell me....what will be our excuse? Shall we say we didn't know? Shall we say we were too busy? Shall we say they didn't tell us on teevee? Shall we blame it on the economy? Shall we say we never really knew Bonnie that well after all? Shall we say it was going on in a land far, far away? What is it going to be? You might want to give that some thought.


Greg Bacon said…
Now now, now, I think you're being a bit too hard on Bonnie and Clyde.

They were able to last as long as they did because the people who had lost their homes, farms and life savings to the banks--boy, doesn't that sound familiar--were the same ones who gave them a place to stay and some food, since Bonnie and Clyde were robbing the same banks that had robbed the American public.

These days, the bank con artists don't get a Bonnie and Clyde pulled on them, no.

Instead, they get rewarded with several trillion dollars of our money for all that pain they had to go thru when robbing America blind.
They have Bennie and Hank to hold their hands and guide them past the steely-eyed gaze of a snarling watch dog Congress that is just waiting to pounce on... oops, there I go again, fantasizing.
malcontent said…
Extending the metaphor further, the crushing debt of congressional bailouts do have the potential to drive a population mad, a la Treaty of Versaille, though the timing is backwards.
malcontent said…

"What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security."

They thought they were the beacon of freedom, but then they realized they were the world's oppressors.

Is it already too late? Too late for the dead, not too late for the living.
Destry said…
I agree with all these sentiments but I would add a little something. I wonder if the Arab world knows it is funding through the Sudanese government a little genocide in Darfur. I wonder if they they are informing Americans they are joining in this cause to fund the Janjaweed to butcher and slaughter 400,000 people, many sweet little children, who are continuing to starve at a rate of around 2,500 a week. I wonder if Muslims know it is muslim money that paid for the slaughter and burning of children in Kenya? By a tyrant backed by Obama. I feel very sad about Gaza. I post on myspace. I go to protests, I have a sign in my yard. I gave money. But I am curious why this slaughter seems to matter so much, we are all either lecturing about it or being lectured about it, but no one mentions Darfur. Why are a thousand Gazan deaths getting so much airplay when lives in Darfur seem without value except to those who are losing them. How can Arabs be angry at Americans for not knowing what death their money is funding when Arab money is funding death on a much larger scale? Why do you lecture about American money in Israel, and not Arab& American money in Darfur? Do you not know about it? If you do not, I would read the above article, just change the names. Israeli lives do not matter more than Palestinian, Palestinian do not matter more than African. When we see that, then with clear conscience we can point out the racism of others. And who knows, maybe we can stop feeding blood to thirsty gods while we are at it and start living our own fates free from hate.
malcontent said…
I thought it was primarily the godless communists in China funding THAT genocide, not the scary Muslims...

Even Mia Farrow knows that.

The fact that Gaza gets more attention from me than Darfur does is due to its role as the basis for grievances that may yet spark another world war.
A. Peasant said…

I don't disagree. You make excellent points. All of these genocides are a stain on humanity, and the children of Darfur are no less precious than the Palestinian children.

In this country, the sad fact is that Americans have got to escape from Zionist control if we are ever to be a just country and be of any help to any other human beings on the planet. I have several reasons for focusing so much on Gaza, some of them quite personal, but mostly it's because I want the US to be free of Israel's influence. Malcontent is correct that this situation can spiral into WW III and the destruction of the planet.
Seven Star Hand said…
Never forget, that it is money, religion, and politics that are behind it all. All the focus on Zionists is a bit off target when the leaders of Judaism have been Rome's lapdogs since the second-temple period. The Vatican's boy Hitler was used to set the conditions for the [false] "prophetic" establishment of the modern state of Israel. Now wee see one last ditch attempt at the mad dog push to bring on the false prophecy called the Battle of Armageddon. Who do you think has been behind the efforts to manipulate world events to match certain literal (false) interpretations of prophecy? It isn't the secular organizations of the world, its the insane ancient city-state and its evil shadowy cohorts.

Hitler was a Catholic and the German people were purposely set up through the manipulation of money, religion (includes mysticism...), and politics. Likewise, the European Jews were set up by the manipulation of money, religion , and politics. Now the USA and others have been set up using the same tools. It's the same in Darfur. Of all three, the manipulation of money has been the most important for getting people to succumb to the others and of course, to fund the war machines.

In a Machiavellian deception, there are victims on multiple sides. The purpose of the deception is to manipulate groups and populations to act as proxies for hidden agendas. Populations never act this way without a great amount of both overt and covert manipulation. Such manipulation is the Vatican's and it's secret society cohort's tools of choice, and money, religion, and politics make it all possible.

The Papacy is merely a smokescreen to hide the true nature and purpose of the Vatican, which serves to hide the secret international ruling cabals, as well as the secret central bank of the planet. Blaming the Jews for the Vatican's manipulations will never solve the problem. I'm not saying that the leaders of Israel are blameless, because they are willing toadies, just as our leaders are. The Vatican and cohorts must be brought to justice before all of this evil will ever stop.

Here is Wisdom...
malcontent said…

You may want to go easy on the DMT for a while. Your synapses seem a bit over-eager.

Conjuring conspiracy where mere opportunism accomplishes adequately only serves to waste resources.
Seven Star Hand said…
Hey Mal,

I'll consider your advice after my job is done. After all that's transpired, only the sleeping or the misguided deny the existence of conspiracies. Just ask the Bush-Cheney-Vatican lie machine. The key is to accurately discern the truth from the smoky mirrors and focus there. I have a very good track record at hitting the nail on the head, long before others know there is nail. Can you or others prove the validity and veracity of your advice?

By the way, take a little time to see what happens after people scoff at my demonstrations. All is not as it seems. I may surprise you more than you think...

Take care...

A friend in need...
Seven Star Hand said…
By the way Mal, I followed up on your DMT allusions. Very intriguing to say the least. Here's a good one.

Destry said…
I do not know why Arab money and American money and American money are involved in Darfur, but do just a little digging, they are. I realize most people think it is just China. I am concluding that there is another reason you know about this war. Aside from personal reasons, their are people who want you to know about one war, and not another.
Traditionally, the Arab world is not united. Even the Palestinians are not united in politics and beliefs about the situation. But this is causing not just Palestinians to unite, but also many Arabs. This is a uniting force. I am thinking this may be on purpose. I am thinking the Israeli's are being made to look as ugly as soldiers and people can look. They are only behaving as their twisted satanic masters program them. Why would their handlers want them to look so ugly? If it was not on purpose, I do not believe the world would know about them killing U.N Medics. I am noticing that people who before I could not defend Palestine to, because they thought me anti-semite, are now themselves actually anti semite while I am still not. I simply see controllers playing us. I believe Palestinians are dying this second to give me an opinion. So I question, what do they want me to feel and why? News is making Israel look bad. Of course it is behaving badly , but it is barely being covered up. It is becoming clearer to a public who before were very confused on the issue. Yesterday I had a friend from Iran tell me it is because fox news is in Obama's pocket. I do not believe this. Brezinski rules through Obama. It is in Brezinski's pocket. Brezinski hated Russia and Afghanistan. He manipulated them into war to cancel eachother out. However it pretends, the nwo is white supremist, and though it works through zionism, it still wants rid of Jews. And it wants rid of Islam. The religion of the New world order is the new age movement, with it's luciferian light bringers and light keepers. The religion of Hitler, theosophy. Have you seen their massive 'meditation room' at the U.N? A new age movement writer and visionary, Alice Bailey titled her book of the coming age they were planning' The Externalization of the Hierarchy'. Up until now, their hierarchy has been internal. Now they want to break us down as societies, and get rid of religions that once served them to rule us, and bring in one that is more open about it's true intentions. When or if you read it, you will see underneath these masons are anti semite, but they are happy to use them for their world order plans tactics..

What better strategy than to get the Arabs and the Jews to cancel each other out? This is how Brezinski works. He will sit back and maneuver his grand chess board, as his book title states, and get enemies to kill one another. Look what he did to Russia-bankrupted it fighting Afghanistan, then used his operatives to create terrorist organizations for future endeavors; which I am sure you know what events I am referring to. Everyone is being manipulated and programmed to play their parts to feed the blood hungry god of this world order. The question is, how long will we play along with them before we wake up to their tactics? If the media is addressing one issue with coverage, and yet, not another, ask yourself: WHY?
What do they want me to think and feel, and why? How am I being played here?
Yes Hitler was used to create a giant photo op to create world sympathy for Jews. And Jews did not want to go to Israel. But W.W 2 convinced them. Most Jews in Israel are European Jews. Jews were doing well in Germany and else where. They were persecuted to coax them along. Then programmed by learned mind control masters into the frightened hate filled bots they have become. I seriously pity children fed a diet of fear and hate as those poor children are. Mind controlled with religion and threat of another death camp. Any one looks at them sideways and another holocaust is coming. They have been made sick in the mind with programming. Why?

They are fodder for a bigger plot, as are the Arabs. When will we stop playing?
A. Peasant said…

The Hegelian dialectic is always at work, of course. They want "the people" to kill each other off in wars. Religion is most useful that way, and many people are obliging, as usual.

However, they do not have complete control. I think the nwo has problems executing their plans, and I don't imagine they are all in agreement at this time. How could they be? They are all liars and cutthroats, and there are so many variables in play at once. How do they suppose they will get the ziobot genie back in the bottle? Their foresight always falls short. They created chaos, as intended, but they cannot now control it. As Lobaczewski says, the virus does not understand that it will burn up in the fever it bring to the host.

So yes, it's important to always remain aware of how one is being played. But one should not succumb to the illusion that these people can succeed.
malcontent said…
Pleasant surprises are always welcome.

Peace out.
Destry said…
I am a person who loves art. I am artist, but surely not much worth remembering. I live in a city where rent is very expensive, and accomadations I would most love to live in are out of my reach. So wherever I live I turn my walls and ceiling into canvas and create a fantasy world. This has served me in many ways. One way is artist friends bring other artists to see my home, and I end up meeting and becoming friends with many people that share, at surface glance, little with me. Friends who are older, younger, poorer, richer, not my sex, race or religion. I follow no religion. People love to hang at my house, we eat together, laugh and talk. We discuss and learn from eachother. At my table will be sitting a man who's bloodline is from Pakistan. Another is Jew, another Muslim, another B'hai, another agnostic. We all love art, but this is not the only thing we share, we are good friends and share problems and life events. When someone new is brought over they love it here and will say how interesting to meet people from so many places, places they will likely never visit, and enjoy it when people share stories about their homeland. My home provides a place and a vibe where when people come in they can tell they don't need to put up a front, it is okay to be silly here, no one has to be cool or tough. So folks are just themselves, and I see the truth of how we could be. When people and circumstances do not whip us into fighting, we all like having friends. We like interesting friends, we enjoy people who teach us things as well as be there for us if we fall. We like when friends encourage us when belief in ourselves falters. Sometimes discussion get impassioned, although I have learned from these friendships my Muslim men friends will not argue with me, I am a woman, and I have learned they were raised to respect and not argue with women. I find this charming, and I have learned to respect them back, if they get silent, I know they disagree, so I have learned to back off, and I am glad they have taught me this, getting caught up in emotion is pointless and does not express your point.I am richer for knowing them. Each persons culture teaches me to express myself in a slightly different way, and adds to me as a person. This makes me more interesting, and in turn, I am able to have more friends, and my friends are what I count as my greatest treasures. This is how humans want to be, I believe, based on what I have lived. People tell me often one of the things they love about visiting me is all the different cultures they get to experience just through tea and a sit down chat. But it is to the benefit of our overseers to have us fighting, so I know outside my door is fighting.
Of course we can win this, but I believe it will be by seeing through the overseers and their tactics. I do not think this is getting out of their control, and I will share why.
I have been watching George Galloway on youtube, and he was the clue for me. He jumps very loud in defense of Genocide in Palestine, but with Darfur he down plays it, down plays Muslim involvement, says killing all those people is not genocide. When I asked you about it here, you have said of course it is just as bad, but lack of media, and personal reasons caused more attachment to Palestine. This makes perfect sense coming from you. But George does not recognize these lives as being as important, while you do. Why?
He knows about Muslim involvement, but down plays it, why?

Were he humanitarian, he would care about all injustice he knew of, unless there were personal reasons, but his name does not sound Arab to me, he does not look Arab to me, he does not have an Arab name. So if there are personal reasons, they are not obvious to me. So why does he stand up for and bring so much attention to this situation while denying the importance of others?
Then I saw a vid of him at the massive London protest and my skin fairly crawled. The crowd was huge and looked mostly Arab. And there was George, a huge screen behind him, magnifying his every expression and gesture to a crowd in a vulnerable state of grief over this situation. Such a crowd is easy to manipulate. He was not informing the crowd, he was not organizing the crowd. He was whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Why?
The energy released when masses get together and are standing close can become emotional and intense and hard to block out. It can fog individual sensible thinking, so why was he whipping up the crowd? This situation needs no whipping up, we only have to see the videos of Gaza right now, which there are many, to see the truth.

I have a friend from Yugoslavia, she was living there at the onset of the war in Bosnia. She was an art student at the time, and her boyfriend, from Montreal, was a film student. They went to Bosnia, and filmed Nato soldiers and crew, hiring people from a town to come and stand in a refugee camp they had built as a set, and they were paid to stand inside and look pathetic. This film was being made to manipulate western minds.Bosnia had said 'no' to Nato trade treaties in the early nineties, so the dye was caste and an excuse for war had to be created. They will pay people to antagonize eachother, and make up what they can't incite. Then lies will bombard the public to get them on board. But now with internet as it is, it is harder to lie this way.
With Gaza, we need no fake refugee camps. The genocide is real, and this situation needs only to be exposed truthfully, and dealt with. Why is George Galloway whipping Arabs into a frenzy? This is mind control. I have been to many protests, many big wto protests, and people come and speak truth, but do not seem to be manipulating the crowd to hate as George was. He was using these people, using their honest grief and concern for a real situation that needs no lies to justify itself. He could see most faces were Arab, and he was uniting them into a frenzy. George is a member of British Parliament so I could see British parliament wants Arabs united and hysterically angry. Just as they want Jews hysterically in fear of another holocaust. I just want to make a point I do not think this situation is out of their wishes or control. This is from what I can deduce, exactly what they want. Gazan's are dieing as I write, as a photo op, the same as Jews died for a photo op, to give us an opinion- to cause us to form factions, get so upset we cannot think straight. We end up fighting one another instead of drinking tea and discussing art, while they sit back and feed from our blood. If the world stepped out of emotion for a bit, and said, we will no longer play the hate game when you tell us to, I wonder what would happen?
A. Peasant said…

I can't answer for George Galloway, of course. He seems like one of the *more* honest politicians in the Western world (a relative term for sure), and yet he lives to tell about it; so perhaps he is working part of the dialectic. Unfortunately, these things are not always knowable. Maybe he is just trying to stay alive. We don't know.