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and Justice for all

I had the great fortune to do an extensive book project with a gentleman from Egypt. He is a brilliant political scientist; a man thoroughly able to discern motive in the political sphere. He is also brave, knowing that his writing can very easily transform him into a political prisoner.

I don't want to generalize too much from one person, but on the other hand, the Egyptian people and the Palestinian people, among others, have both endured a lot of things that Americans would find completely unacceptable. It seemed to me over time, and to this day, that my friend has such a good heart. He is still willing to see the better side of America. He is still willing to hope for peace in Israel. He gives us much more credit than is warranted, in my humble opinion.

I, on the other hand, as you may have noticed from time to time, am furious. If I ruled the world, and sadly I don't, things would be much different; so I just complain about it because I have a compulsion to point out all the injustice. It bothers me that people don't see it. The world could be so much better if people cared about justice, but instead people shrug it off because they feel helpless.

How did that happen? They were conditioned, by deprivation, not to expect it. That's a long story, and the mother of all injustices -- to rob people of the redress of grievances in this life. To rob people of the hope for the redress of grievances in this life. To postpone all hope of justice to the afterlife as they simultaneously disembowel religion, strewing the path of righteousness with giant boulders, throwing dry logs into the flames of vengeance. They deny justice and make people thirst for it so desperately that they will create hell on earth just to taste a drop before they die and take the case to God personally. It is diabolical what men in power have done to this earth, to their fellow human beings. And yet still, people manage to focus on peace. Still they manage to overlook and forgive the most unforgivable things.

Do Americans really think they could endure the privations and sufferings that people in the Arab world endure, and still be civil? Do they think they could still honestly hope for peace after countless betrayals? Do they think they could still forgive those who callously ignored their suffering and in many instances tried to increase it? I don't think we could. I don't even know that we should.

Americans are very feisty. If that energy gets pointed toward the right things, it's a wonderful, unstoppable force of progress. But misdirected, it's ignorant jingoism. If Americans knew the gross injustice our government enables throughout the world, Americans would be horrified. So they don't know. They cannot know, and that has been arranged. The feisty spirit of justice-seeking Americans has been anesthetized by controlled media, consumerism, polluted water, pharmaceuticals, and poisoned food. Next the economy will collapse, taking (they hope) whatever spare concern you still have and using it up on your own quest for survival. You shall not have free time to wonder or care about events on the other side of the world. You will be completely consumed with your own suffering. It has to be this way to ensure the safety and survival of the elites.

You see, the people profiting from all this injustice shudder to think what we could accomplish, and what we would do to them, should the day ever come that the Truth be told. If the American people woke up now, some things could still be put right. It's not too late. It's never to late to work for justice.

If you want it for yourself, you must want it for everyone. Otherwise, you are wanting something else.


Pete said…
We feel that, we really do. But we also know the board we're up against. We can only win now by drawing a special card. There's only a few in the deck. One is military coup, ...but we're years away from that remote possibility. There's another one even more remote, ...and finally there's the last hope Tom Cruise card.
A. Peasant said…
Doh! Good one, Pete. ;)

With the speeding up of time phenomenon, maybe the military coup will happen sooner than we think.

A Girl Can Hope.
Pete said…
When the military leadership has enough men of your age, that's when it might happen. I do think there is a critical generation gap in terms of worldview that may result in a big change when the torch changes hands. The big question is the leadership one. It's gonna take somebody special.
A. Peasant said…
You are so right. It's funny you mention that. I have a little theory about the generation issue that is roughly this: those born in the cusp between the boomers and Gen X have the morals of their parents (born in the 30s). They will lead us out, but there aren't too many of them.
Pete said…
Actually I share that same theory, except I don't attribute much to the parents, who were doing their 70's thing. But I threw Cruise out there not entirely facetiously. He has the name/face recognition, natural charisma and enthusiasm it would take. Apparently the jews thought he was dangerous enough to attack, so that works in his favor. But he also has that flake factor, which makes my last of three long shots to make something happen.

Have you read "The Fourth Turning"? Came out early 90's, about generational dynamics.
A. Peasant said…
I have not read that book. Is it any good?

As for Cruise, he seems to be a victim of the mind control via scientology, and utterly lost.
Pete said…
I related to the book, as a fellow cusper. It is probably a bit dated now, as it contained a running a thread of Xer culture at the time. But it's concepts remain influential to me. It sort of predicted a new great depression around this time. The basic idea is a four stage cycle of history every 80 years (length of human lifetime).

As for Cruise, as for anybody, you probably don't have it all together; you search, stumble around. Scientology is an alternative that the jews apparently feel threatened by, and that makes it a bit interesting. They don't attack Madonna studying Kabala. They both state to help you with personnel growth. Both get you tax deductions (which, along with putting down their psuedoscience psychology and their drug industry, may be the big rub with the jews - only they are supposed to have a tax deduction by donating to yourself via a religion of self-worship). But Cruise has that bubbling over enthusiasm and presence that, outside jewish control, would make him "dangerous". How dare he tell people to stop taking drugs and seeing their shrinks! That's attacking profits! Note his reputation took a dive just when he parted with the hollywood jews who made him. Nobody does that and walks away, but Cruise is surviving it. His latest movie (I'm not a movie goer either) is about (what do you know?) an attempted military coup led by the Cruise character. I imagine it is an attempt to send a message. He bears paying attention to.

Leaders of any revolution will not be found within the political system. They will either come from the battlefield, or from some reach of popular culture/media. Cult of personality would drive it. Without the personality the best you get is Ron Paul going nowhere then dropping out.

Do you see any other way?
A. Peasant said…
Hmm. Have to think on this and get back to you later, Pete.