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Does anyone really doubt that Israel inflicts this suffering on purpose?

It is a new routine now. Step 1: Read the morning news. Step 2: Collect myself. Step 3: Try to craft and fire off a tiny flechette of truth at the killers and liars.

Today brings indescribable cruelty from one neighborhood of Gaza. Just one neighborhood among many. Just one tiny window into the horrors inflicted by Israel.
(CNN) -- The International Committee of the Red Cross called on Israel to allow it immediate access to Gaza, saying a trip into Gaza City revealed weak children laying with their dead mothers and other "shocking" scenes.

Red Cross workers and four ambulances from the Palestine Red Crescent Society managed to enter the Zaytun neighborhood of Gaza City on Wednesday, according to a written release. The crew found four children, too weak to stand, next to their dead mothers in a house containing 12 corpses, the statement says.

Other houses revealed more wounded and three more corpses, the release said. It said Israeli soldiers posted near the houses ordered the rescue team to leave the area -- an order the team refused.

"This is a shocking incident," said Pierre Wettach, the ICRC's chief official for Israel and the Palestinian territories. "The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded. Neither did they make it possible for us or the Palestine Red Crescent to assist the wounded."

A spokesman for Israel's military said early Thursday that the Red Cross's news release was the first he had heard of the alleged incident. Speaking after midnight, the spokesman said he was unsure if Israel has received a formal request to investigate.

"We do make every effort and our soldiers do put themselves at risk" to help wounded civilians, the spokesman told CNN's Christiane Amanpour.

The Red Cross release said the children and other wounded were taken to ambulances in a donkey cart because earth walls erected by Israeli soldiers made it impossible for the ambulances to reach their neighborhood.
Who does this? What the hell kind of behavior is this?

I will tell you. This is the behavior of an incredibly racist and murderous people: Israel. They have separated themselves from the rest of humanity by their thoughts, words and actions. They believe themselves superior, and that is why they call everyone else goyim, cattle. They have become so immersed in a culture of lies -- lies about the land they stole, lies about the God they claim to worship, lies about their history -- that they have lost all bearings. These are the most lost people on earth, truly to be pitied, for they behave like stupid beasts while braying incessantly of their superiority. They don't even recognize what asses they make of themselves, day after day after day, because they so love the sound of their own voices.

They think they can commit these atrocities and then pull back soon. Of course they have a plan. There's always a plan. You watch what comes next. The world will demand that something be done, and then guess what? Something will be done. The next bailout is on the way. The next bailout will be the US and the rest of the world bailing out Israel for the price of its crimes against humanity. That's right. The CFR has the plans in order. Israel's precious security, their little obsession, will come out of your pocket after enough Palestinian blood has been shed to make you willing to pay for it. After enough Palestinian children have died, or lost their limbs, or laid starving next to their dead mothers. When you are all good and horrified, then and only then, will the elites shake you down to make it stop. And Israel will pay a little price. Oh sure. They will be forced to give back something -- some of the land they stole, or some of the money we give them. Some little token, but nothing from their own hide. No. Never a piece of their own hide. It always comes out of the surplus.

I will write more about this, but for now let me just say one thing: it will never work, Israel. You have already gone much, much too far. All your "crying and shooting" will be in vain. One of these days you will lose all your ill-gotten gains. That is how justice actually works, and it won't be denied, not even for you.


Greg Bacon said…
I'm still waiting for the news story that the US has rushed thousands of tons of replacement bombs and weapons to Israel, to cover the ones they lost in their "incursion" into Gaza.

It's probably already happened, but the story isn't in the news cycle.

That's another "bailout" of Israel that we'll pay for.

Just like the bailout of those illegal Israeli settlements in Gaza that we paid nearly 300,000 USD to each Israeli settler to leave Gaza several years ago.... in prepartion for the current Israeli Blitzkrieg against Gaza.

Don't want to put some Israeli's in harm's way, that would take away from the world's most moral army, the IDF, using Gaza for target practice.
teddy4050 said…
Is Egypt is out of the equation? They have a border with Gaza, why isn't the aid being funneled thru there? Why aren't the civilians being rescued there. I have read that Israeli hospitols are treating many many went to Egypt? War is hell and all I see on CNN is pictures of war. Why blame Israel for not feeding the families of the people who they are at war with when a "brother" is right on thier southern border? What about focusing on Egypt?
Greg Bacon said…
Egypt "mans" the southern border with Gaza, but has to ask Israel for permission to open that border.

What about focusing on Egypt?


They're not using F-16's and Apache helicopters to butcher Gazans, like that nation of racist bigots Israel is doing and continues to do against Gaza.

And Egypt is NOT shooting to hell UN aid convoys and killing those trying to feed the starving in Gaza, but you already knew that, didn't you, Teddy?
A. Peasant said…
Well, Ted. Why indeed? Perhaps because we send Egypt over $2B a year to buy off the hated Mubarak's compliance with our Middle East policies? He has been a dictator there for over 25 years, doing our bidding. But in any case, why are you in such a big hurry to focus on Egypt? Why don't you condemn what Israel is doing?
Greg Bacon said…
Actually, Egypt has been in a state of "emergency" since 1981.

And their secret police could probably teach a thing or two to the former dreaded fucks from Iran's SAVAK, another bunch of sadistic bastards we trained and supported.

When that country goes up in flames and turns against the US, the cable TV "news" channels will be scratching their heads and wondering what happened.

If a steady stream of Afghani's, Iraqi's, Lebanese, Palestinians, Egyptians and Iranians started attacking Americans here in the US, who could blame them?
A. Peasant said…

But you know, Ted is just trying desperately to change the subject away from Israel's crimes against humanity and many violations of international law, which appall people of good faith. Israel wants to internationalize this pesky Gaza problem. Because if Israel can't beat the Palestinians (which it can't), it will foist them off onto everybody else's lap.
Greg Bacon said…
Yep, those Gazans they can't kill, Israel wants to drive into Egypt's Sinai Desert or ship elsewhere in the world.

If that happens, it won't be long before the whole damn thing repeats itself.

We'll hear stories of those Qassam rockets being launched from Gazan refugee camps in the Sinai back into Israel and the IDF will be forced to go on the defense, by bombing to hell those Gazans living in Sinai.

And to take up "security" positions in the Sinai, but only on a "temporary" basis.

And if those security corridors just happen to include some of Sinai's oil wells, more the better for Israel.
Pete said…
Israel is a boil on the West's ass.
Greg Bacon said…
Israel annouces it's not thru killing Palestinian kids for fun by saying they won't honor the UN resolution of a cease-fire.

Israel has NO plans to honor any cease-fire, after all, who's going to enforce it?

Operation against Hamas terror in Gaza continues 9 Jan 2009

Jan 9: PM Olmert's reaction to diplomatic developments & UNSC Resolution 1860: "This morning's rocket fire against residents of the south only proves that the UN Security Council Resolution 1860 is not practical and will not be honored in actual fact by the Palestinian murder organizations."

FM Livni: "Israel has acted, is acting and will act only according to its considerations, the security needs of its citizens and its right to self-defense."

Over 30 rockets and mortars have been fired at Beersheba, Ashdod, Ashkelon, and other southern communities since Friday morning. A rocket was also fired at the Kerem Shalom crossing, used to transfer humanitarian aid from Israel to Gaza.

Since the beginning of the IDF operation in Gaza (Dec 27, 2008), four Israelis have been killed and over 200 wounded by rocket fire. Almost 600 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel.

Nothing like framing the issue. When Israel re-invades a land they've occupied for over 40 years, it's called a defensive effort.

When the Palestines resist the slaughter, it's called terror.

But it helps to have state-sanctioned media outlets like CNN and FOX push Israeli BS 24/7.

Hey, America, how does it feel to have your hands drenched in Palestinian blood?

Our tax dollars at work.

Hmmm, wonder who fired that rocket at the border crossing where meager supplies of food is being metred into Palestine by Israel?

Who stands to benefit if that crossing is closed by Israel due to "security concerns?"
Greg Bacon said…
US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

Report: US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece

Thursday January 08, 2009 22:04 by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC News

As the Israeli occupation terrorist forces continue to pound the crowded, impoverished and imprisoned population of the Gaza Strip with the full force of its military might, Israel's strongest ally, the United States, announced plans to ship large amounts of ammunition to the Israeli forces – as it did during Israel's 2006 invasion of Lebanon, when the Israelis ran out of (internationally-banned) cluster bombs, and the US shipped them tens of thousands more.

The US Military Sealift Command on Dec. 31st published a solicitation for bids from shipping companies to ship two boats, each containing 168 TEU's (twenty-foot equivalent container units) of ammunition, from Greece to Israel.

The description of the vessels required was brief..... n/US military re-supplying Israel with ammunition through Greece.htm
A. Peasant said…
You called that yesterday (top of thread). Good catch. I will post it at AA News.