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Don't want the NWO? Support Palestine.

We now know that Israeli planning (coordinated with the US) for this Gaza operation has been underway for many months. The timing may be due to Israeli elections, but even that argument fits into broader plans, because why does it matter so much who wins the Israeli elections? They're all nucking futs. But apparently it does matter to some people, so that just tells us that more plans remain to be executed down the road, and it's exciting stuff, and so they're fighting over who gets a turn at the World Domination Super Spectacular.

The NWO wants to bring more and more countries under international (meaning NWO) influence, and then rule them all. One way to do that is by making big messes in strategic areas, especially resource-rich strategic areas such as in the Middle East and Africa, thereby requiring international forces to come into play. This may be the "solution" offered for Israel to deal with the Palestinians. The international community will come to the "rescue" when it cannot be resolved due to Israel's intransigence, officially blamed on Hamas, of course. Problem - reaction - solution. Once that happens, people will feel the crisis has subsided, they will breathe a sigh of relief and go back to whatever it is they were doing before, and the deals will get cut in the back rooms. The next time you decide to pay attention it will be too late. The deals will be done. Israel will come out on top, regardless of their crimes against humanity. That's how the NWO pecking order works. Israel sits at the top of global freemasonry. That is why Israel has blatant, in-your-face Masonic symbols displayed prominently in public places, such as on the road crossing from Egypt into Israel in Eilat, and literally all over the Israeli Supreme Court Building. Look it up.

What does this mean? It means that the Palestinians are the canaries in the coal shaft. As they go, so shall we go.
What it is not always understood, is that the Palestinian struggle is being waged on behalf of people everywhere. The Palestinians are in the forefront in the battle against, speaking in a political and economic sense, the “New World Order.”

...In February 2004, France's then Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin stated that once the Israelis left the Gaza Strip foreign troops could be sent there and an international conference could legitimize their presence as part of the second phase of the Israeli-Palestinian Roadmap and as part of an initiative for the Greater Middle East or the “New Middle East.” [6] This statment was made before Hamas came to the scene and before Mahmoud Abbas’ Agreement of Principles. However, it did follow the 2002 Saudi-proposed Arab Initiative.

It is clear that the events unfolding in the Middle East are part of a military roadmap drawn before the “Global War on Terror.”
Where democracy cannot work, allegedly because the Arab peoples can't figure it out, but in reality because NWO people actively prevent it from working and even when it does work despite all their shenanigans, as in Hamas' election, the NWO simply denies it, that is the battleground today. When those battles cease, the battle moves someplace else, maybe someplace closer to home, my little cabbage.

Why does the NWO hate democracy?
Despite claims of supporting democracy and self-determination throughout the Middle East, the foreign policies of the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, and the E.U. [meaning, the NWO - ed.] are opposed to any genuine self-determination or democracy in the Middle East because any freedom of choice for the populations of the Middle East would act as a barrier and spoiler to the economic interests of these powers. This is exactly why dictatorships are the ideal form of government in the Middle East in regards to Anglo-American and Franco-German foreign policy interests.

The Palestinian Territories are not an exception to this. The U.S., Israel, their allies, and the corrupt oligarchs of the upper circle of power within Fatah are set on establishing autocratic rule in the Palestinian Territories. To the satisfaction of planners in Israel and the U.S. the Hamas-Fatah split has helped push back the democratic path that the Palestinians were following through the election of their own leadership and has cleared the way for attempts to establish dictatorial Palestinian proxy administrations in the future. The process has already started in the West Bank.
Support the Palestinian people as if your own life depends on it, which, actually, it does.


Anonymous said…
Fantastic! I do believe you've nailed it. You do realize we've been set on this path and now must complete the journey don't you? It's far too late to turn around.
MarcLord said…
We owe a debt of gratitude to Lebanon as well. Sy Hersh reported that the reason a US attack on Iran didn't go forward in 2006 was because Israel's invasion was unexpectedly defeated. Then with Hamas handily winning the election in Palestine, all bets were off. Our world would have been very different but for Hezbollah and Hamas victories.
A. Peasant said…
Good point, my sweet.