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Fit the facts around the prophesy

It's armageddon week on the History Channel. Isn't that exciting? I decided to watch some last night. First I was treated to a show about the bible codes. The next show was about biblical prophesy and whether or not we are in the end times.

As I'm watching the second show (which I did not finish watching), the narrator asks a question that went something like this: Are all these disasters (floods, pandemics, wars, suffering, etc.) the work of God or are they simply natural events?

A or B people. Pick one. Because the History Channel is suggesting that either our problems are God's fault, or they are just unfortunate events that happen to happen, you know, by chance. So if armageddon is really coming, and the four horsemen and all that jazz, just you make sure you direct your anger at God or mother nature. It doesn't matter. Both ways leave you utterly helpless. There's nothing you can do, see?

Just ask yourself, did God or mother nature create nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, all manner of guns and fighting machines, fiat money, debt, drugs, poisons, etc.? No. People made these things in their laboratories and boardrooms. And what about the secret weapons that mimic mother nature? Hmm? Scalar technologies that can disrupt weather, cause earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, etc. How convenient is that? Just shake your fist at mother nature kids. And what about things like anthrax and bird flu? Did mother nature tweak those things to make them extra lethal, or did people do that secretly in labs? And what about all the life-saving technologies that we never ever hear about? Cures for cancer? Water purification? Clean energy? Do you really think that scientists have only discovered bad things, or have they also discovered many wonderful things that have been locked up to be unveiled only after a great shakedown?

Armageddon is being brought on by people. Powerful and greedy people, who enjoy making others suffer, who enjoy raking in lots and lots of cash for themselves, who use things like the bible codes to arrange their plans.
Is it Good for the Jews? Bill Keller, NY Times, 3/8/03

Two weeks ago, a group of senior intelligence officials in the Defense Department sat for an hour listening to a briefing by a writer who claims " I am not making this up " that messages encoded in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament provide clues to the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. One of the officials told me that they had agreed to meet the writer, Michael Drosnin, author of a Nostradamus-style best seller, without understanding that he was promoting Biblical prophecy. Still, rather than shoo him away, they listened politely as he consumed several man-hours of valuable intelligence-crunching time. Apparently he has given similar briefings to top officials of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency.
Now think about this. These people knew that Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman, their intelligence asset, was long dead. So what would they do with this bible code stuff but arrange their psyops, find out what it says in the bible codes and then make sure to "fit the facts" around the prophesy/policy? I mean, do the bible codes tell us who really killed JFK or anyone else, or do they just parrot back the CIA/Mossad psyops answers like Lee Harvey Oswald? God, c'mon. Throw us a frikkin bone. (Does God work for the CIA -- or it's probably Mossad, huh, since God sticks with his peeps.)

These greedy evil bastards are bringing about the armageddon prophesies with their secret weapons and their not so secret weapons. They are creating hell on earth under the cover of the bible. Don't blame God or mother nature. No matter what the tragedy or "natural" disaster, look for the hidden hand of evil men, and that is who you can blame probably nine times out of ten.


Pete said…
They lie even when they tell the truth. It's either an outright lie, or some other type of deception. Coordinated deception is their only tool. They suck at everything else.
A. Peasant said…
Indeed, because they only know how to destroy things. That is the essence of their core competency. God creates, they destroy.
Pete said…
The product of war is destruction. The method is to exploit natural entropic forces. On the battlefield it is done mostly with physical force, to break things apart. Beyond the battlefield (the jews' war) it is mostly with deception, to break the natural bonds between non-jews, to breach the defenses, to attack and destroy the common spirit. To divide and weaken us, always, at all levels, in every aspect. They will continue this way as long as we allow them. Like any parasite they live to get fat off us. It's amazing how so many folks don't understand this.
A. Peasant said…
Well, Pete, people know it's rude to notice such things, and then you could be accused of being a kook or worse. So its best not to notice.

Viola!, or as one of my children used to say, wull-AHH.
Seven Star Hand said…
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Seven Star Hand said…
Hello again A.P.,

Interesting analysis that is mostly spot-on. But not everything has a direct physical cause or is being manipulated by government psy-ops. Even they have been duped and they know this now. I am one of the reasons they wanted to listen to the Bible-code guy(s) (don't scoff...). They were also testing me by looking into competing "theories." I am not trying to curry favor with them or anyone else though. My job is to chastise them and other fools so they finally walk the perfect path.

Also, they do already know that Bin-laden is dead, which is one reason why Benazir Bhutto was killed. She spilled the beans on the BBC and Musharraf and his handlers have been tasked to keep this a secret. Never forget, that just like life, there are factions in the intelligence services and secret societies. Most don't appreciate being duped and treated like fools. Just ask Bush and Cheney, who have a big surprise on the way...

Most things are driven by karma as well. Since we live in an 11-dimension reality, there are seven dimensions that precede and define the four dimensions of space-time (dimensions 8-11). Some things are caused by manipulating the spiritual-conceptual underpinnings of our reality. That is one of the true purposes for imposing fear and ignorance (i.e. religion and secret societies). It is also the reason why the trap I've set for certain people "in the shadows" is inescapable, and now they finally get it. Some in the intelligence services now know they were duped and how and have the desire for "recompense." Just ask Bush and Cheney, who have a big surprise on the way...

Collective reality flows from collective thought and is regulated by collective karma. Humanity has been duped into living lives that cause bad karma and then manipulated so that bad karma makes you susceptible to the hidden machinations of those who understand certain ancient and hidden principles. Money, religion, and politics are far more sinister tools than most people have yet grasped. The evil they cause, is shared by those who use, support, and worship them. Lucky for humanity, I know this far better than those who are about reap long overdue "rewards."

The truth will set you free...

Peace and Wisdom...
A. Peasant said…
Hello Seven Star Hand,

I agree that the intelligence world must be compartmentalized and full of deception, so that many working there must by now desire revenge on each other. This seems inevitable when people lie for a living. I hope and trust they will undo each other before too much longer.

My understanding of the dimension is limited, but I read The Tenth Dimension (flash thingy here: and found it very interesting. Though it would seem that the other dimensions are above space (1-3) and time (4); but I am no expert, that's for sure.

The battle between good v evil is real, and it is taking place right now, and people engage it whether they realize that or not. They engage it with their emotional life and their thoughts. My personal study of contemplative theology over many years has taught me to only want what God wants. A very simple concept, yet an exceedingly difficult thing to do. I try to engage this battle very deliberately and with what I term a degree of holy courage, also known as faith, that things will work out.
Seven Star Hand said…
I won't haggle with you about faith (yet), but it is works that matter in the final equation. I have said this for a very, very, long time. I am not one who relies upon belief, but on evidence, so that'll be my path to opening many eyes.

I am also working to give you and others the ability to actually discern the nature of the Creator and thereby understand Her expectations. The reason for the Her designation is steeped in both ancient wisdom and its related philosophy. Pay close attention to the Doctrine of Two Spirits. The "spirit of good" is philosophically feminine, hence Sophia, Kuan Yin, Maat, etc. The "spirit of evil" is philosophically masculine, hence Marduk, Apep-Apophis, Satan, etc. Good is truth and non-force and evil is deception and force. This is not male and female as most have misconstrued, just like feminine and masculine words are not male or female. I talk about this throughout my articles and books and will clarify it for everyone shortly. There were very good reasons to wait.

One purpose for ancient wisdom symbology was to pass along a model of reality that could be compared with the frontiers of science, now. It repeatedly models and alludes to the numbers four (space-time) and seven (spiritual-conceptual). That is is the overriding importance of these numbers in so many ancient symbolic sources. Read David Bohm's materials on the implicate and explicate order. Here's a link to a summary at the bottom of this page. The explicate order is space-time and the implicate order matches the seven dimensions that precede and define space-time. This also explains the importance of the number 11 (4+7) in ancient wisdom symbology. It is a direct and purposeful allusion to the actual structure of this "universe" and reality that we operate within. 11 also models various details about dualism and the importance of truth and justice, hence the two candlesticks and two witnesses from Revelation Chapter 11.

The seven dimensions are not spacial, but informational. Time is the 8th dimension, hence the infinity-eternity symbol and the eight-spoked wheels of karma-dharma. Before space could come into existence, there had to be change, hence time. Space is locational which then provides a locale for matter, energy, movement, etc. Going from nothing to something in this universe requires the existence of time. Space flows from within time, which is itself a flow, hence the symbolism of waters, streams, rivers. I know it seems that the seven dimensions should also require time, but they are non-locational in nature and don't have time-location as we perceive it in space-time. That is why space-time and the data that defines it can be modeled as holographic, which is only partially correct though.

You can see evidence and effects of this sometimes when trying to wrap your head around certain things that occur in dreams. They make less and less sense the longer you try to figure them out. They exist outside of space-time but are influenced by space-time concepts, since that is our mindset now. That is another definition and reason for symbology, hence the use of space-time concepts to model, encode, and encapsulate mostly non-space-time concepts, which exist as patterns within the seven spiritual-conceptual dimensions, as well as the "entry-points" of space-time. That is why dreams are heavily symbolic, why true prophets are experts in symbology, and why the Egyptians called their symbology Medu-Netcher, hence the words or language of the gods. That is the true source of the phrase "the word(s) of God." That is why prophecies are symbolic, because I have always received them in that form, throughout the ages. The symbology of the ancients was developed to specifically model the structure and functionality of this reality and then used to pass that information to us, encoded in various sources. That is also why the Vatican, using religion and secret societies, has worked for so long and hard to confound it. Pay close attention to my results for more proof.

Here is wisdom

A. Peasant said…
First off, let's not haggle about faith, as I can assure you, mine is non-negotiable: I believe in Jesus Christ.

Second, I am looking forward to your clarifying your statements. When you say that you have always received prophecies in symbols, "throughout the ages", it does beg a little more explanation, if you don't mind. I'm afraid it's distracting me from me understanding your points about symbology. I'm sure you understand.
Seven Star Hand said…
I have others to speak to, so I'll be going away soon, to let you think and read. Let your faith answer these questions for you, if you think it ever will. I have written volumes and the so-called faithful (what does that word really refer to anyway...) choose fantasies instead. Therefore, those that choose to love something other than the truth should contemplate the meaning of 2 Thessalonians 2:11 and why it is still in the New Testament. Also, notice the number 11 again?

There is no truth without discernment and no wisdom without the truth. What then is "faith" but an effort to confound truth and wisdom?

Who is it that asked you to have faith, anyway? Are they poor? Imagine that? Would the Creator of all truth and wisdom insist that you blindly believe what you have been told by obviously duplicitous religious leaders, who profit from your faith? Would you have been given the powers to deduce and then been told not use them? Who benefits the most from the ignorance of those with faith in flawed tales? The Creator doesn't need to keep you docile and refusing to question things that are clearly in need of questioning. Only deceptive humans do.

Why is such effort put into the Book of Revelation to symbolize someone from multiple directions and then put in two literal names, that negate the need for the symbolism and aren't from the the people who would have actually written that book or from their time-period? Why are there no literal names in the Dead Sea Scrolls? Why were they using symbolism instead of literal names during the brutal Roman occupation? Why does that symbolism then get presented literally by those who demand faith of you? Why does the symbolism of Revelation more closely match the Dead Sea Scrolls and not the latter Greek style of the so-called Gospels? You do understand that Greek was the language of the Empire, don't you? Who would have been speaking Greek after the Saints and Judea were ethically cleansed by those speaking Greek?

The seven stars (aka angels) symbolized in the right hand of someone in Revelation, just happen to symbolize the 11th through 17th 360-year astronomical cycles on the Hebrew calendar. Hands symbolize deeds, hence this symbolizes deeds spanning from the second temple period, which was the 11th cycle, until now, the beginning of the 17th cycle. They are also in my right hand, thereby symbolizing that the wisdom delivered by those stars-angels-cycles are instrumental to helping me prove the truth. Who would control seven stars, aka "angels"? Why does the Book of Daniel say it will be Michael that arises? Why were there exactly 11 Dead Sea Scroll caves? Who would have known that it would be so important during the 17th cycle, aka seventh star, to have exactly 11 caves? How would I have known this? What is the content and focus of document 11Q13, found in cave 11 and who could have insured that it was in the correct cave in the correct jar, etc.? So who might I be?

So, riddle me that...

Be very careful before you falsely accuse me of something that is a purposeful logic-trap for those suffering from strong-delusion. I have spent far too much time struggling and suffering for your benefit (and that of others...).

Take the time to read what I have written. I'm going to surprise you far more than you think, as I have already done to our so-called leaders. I am both different and far more than they expected. I don't appreciate people making money telling lies about me. When you are ready to help, you'll figure out my email address. You have my web-moniker and pen-name. Time is shorter than you might think !!!

The Teacher...
Pete said…
The straightest path to understanding is via the heart, not Jesus, and Jesus would probably concur.
A. Peasant said…
I think this is best left to each individual. The key is humility, as Jesus taught over and over again. Humility. Laying down one's will in preference to God's will. Nobody who has not gone through that struggle knows God in any deep sense, and nobody who has would make some of the statements I've read here on this thread.
Greg Bacon said…
did God or mother nature create nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, all manner of guns and fighting machines, fiat money, debt, drugs, poisons, etc.

Doesn't the bible say that God is the creator of all things?

So that would mean he/she/it also created evil and these kind of weapons.

If that statement isn't true, then the one that god is omnipotent and omniscient isn't true.

As for a bible code, how in the hell can most of what's in the bible be taken for fact when it was passed on by word of mouth for at least 60 years before being put in writing?

Add in the century's the Vatican exploited ignorance by keeping the bible as their own possession and changing the writings, plus the tossing away of around 40 other gospels and you have a manmade creation.

Speaking of a god, where is that god at? Enjoying the spectacle of Palestinian kids getting blown to bits?

How many cheeks can you turn after your body is turned into mush by an IDF artillery shell?

As for karma, forget it.

Or please explain how the native people's around the globe, like the American Indian, got their karmic kickback from the European murderers?

By giving white man tobacco?
A. Peasant said…
Look, people. I am not an evangelical. I don't consider it my responsibility to make other people's faith my personal project, nor do I appreciate being considered somebody's personal project.

When I brought children into this world, it became very clear that I needed to figure out what I believe in, as I am now responsible for them. But as for other adults, you must figure it out on your own.

1. We all have free will.
2. We all die.
3. This is the part where God comes in, and what you believe, and how you behave in the world.

Personally, I think people over complicate this and intellectualize it. Jesus was quite clear, and his followers were simple people.

The father of lies loves to lie about being God. That is one of his greatest hits. Also to deny Christ and put forth the spirit of the anti-Christ into the world.

God repeatedly chastised his chosen ones as a "stiff necked people" in the Old Testament. Stiff necked meaning willful. It's when people follow their own free will that makes problems, but of course it's easy and fun and makes money. Whatever. That is the WHOLE POINT of free will.

People love to blame God for all these problems, when in fact, he has provided instructions for living that most people ***completely ignore*** because it is "Too Hard." Then they turn around and blame God, again missing the Free Will component. Stiff necked people everywhere. So it is no surprise that the world has come to this point. No surprise at all, because people prefer the darkness to the light.

Take what you want and pay for it, says God. - Old Spanish Proverb
Greg Bacon said…
How can their be Free will when if a person chooses one side, they get rewarded with a trip to heaven and if they don't, they get sent to something like Gaza for eternity?

If their is a god, he's like the one described by the deists, who say the earth was created by some being and then left on its own.
A. Peasant said…

Nobody understands all the mysteries. All we can do is keep trying to understand. If you stop at a sad conclusion, what do you want me to say? That is your right. I prefer to search for more meaning.
Greg Bacon said…
The biggest mystery to me is how to change the fucked up situation in Gaza.

If the world's most moral army had targeted my location and one of their artillery shells had "accidentally" blown apart my house and killed some of my family, after I got thru picking up the pieces of flesh strewn about, I don't think I would be offering a prayer of thanks to god for saving me, but looking at ways to protect what was left of my family.

Which I might get to find out first-hand, after this Great Depression, Part II, kicks into high gear.

I did not mean to attack you personally in my former comments, just blowing off steam from the frustration felt from being so helpless.

If things really go to hell here in America, it will get real nasty real quick.

And if my actions after that for defending my family get me condemned to some kind of hell for eternity, so be it.

I can live with that, but I couldn't live with watching what's left of my family getting shredded to bits.
A. Peasant said…
No problem. We are all frustrated at feeling helpless. When your back gets pushed against the wall, like all human beings, you do what you have to do. This is understood.
Greg Bacon said…
Jewish Media Group releases their latest "aL Qaeda" tape

You've probably already seen this, but I've been out of the loop for a few days and just now found this bit of news.

Yes, not so lovely Rita of SITE has unearthed another aL Qaeda tape that shows another CIA/MOSSAD creation denouncing the West for the Israel Blitzkrieg of Gaza.

Rita Katz and SITE have been the FIRST to find these tapes for the last couple of years.

Or maybe I'm wrong and AQ is using Rita to spread the word, since the MSM is controlled by Zionists, it makes sense to use one to get out your message..... NOT.

(CAIRO, Egypt) Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader lashed out at President-elect Barack Obama in a new audio message Tuesday, accusing him of not doing anything to stop Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip, according to an intelligence monitoring center.

The recording purportedly by Ayman al-Zawahiri was al-Qaida's first comments on the Gaza crisis since Israel launched its offensive against the Islamic militants of Hamas on Dec. 27.

In the comments, which were posted on a militant Web site and obtained by the SITE Monitoring Service, al-Zawahiri described Israel's actions in Gaza as a "crusade against Islam and Muslims" and called it "Obama's gift to Israel" before he takes office later this month.

For more info on Rita and her SITE project, click on either of these blogs I helped work on in the past.
Seven Star Hand said…
One last response for now...

Remember, I am a Teacher imparting an important message to people in great danger. Consider this when weighing my methodology. Parents and teachers are not called arrogant for helping their children avoid future dangers. The "dead" and those "sleeping within the earth" cannot be awakened from their nightmares with sweet whisperings. Also, never forget, I have risked my life, both now and in the past, to help save you. Listen for the trumpets (shofar) and thunderings (judgments)...

This reality is a collective product of the interaction of myriad "souls" within the Creator's framework. You have freewill and freewill has consequences and that is karma, aka ka-Maat. We all know far too little about how the myriad interactions work within a framework beyond our complete understanding. My experiences give me certain advantages, but I am still very cognizant of the fact that I am nothing without "She" who created everything. Still, She shares that creation with us, and we therefore have certain responsibilities, to Her and to our fellow souls, as a result.

Never forget, I am merely a messenger. A very unique one, for sure, but merely Her messenger. Remember, feminine is not the same as female. It is symbolic and philosophical, because what we seek to understand is beyond space-time and beyond the seven dimensions that precede and define it. Thereby, we seek to understand something that our space-time mindsets are not wholly geared for.

You'll never be able to grasp all the details. That is why wisdom is important. It is the simple understandings that allow us to grasp the whole, without having to know every myriad detail which merely follows the rules (aka wisdom) of the framework. Wisdom is symbolized as mountain tops, because great bodies of knowledge are symbolized as mountains. Both mountains and pyramids and their peaks symbolize the hierarchical relationship between pivotal wisdom and its related knowledge. Also, the sun and stars, hence "light" (truth) sources, are above wisdom, symbolizing the ultimate importance of the truth, but not of the messenger. Thereby, knowledge is the long and difficult path to wisdom, which is the pinnacle or acme knowledge that allows you to "see" (understand) all that is below it. It also takes you much closer to the stars, hence allowing you to better "see" the "light." Hence "understand" the "truth."

I also want you to notice something. There are eleven characters in both Melchizedek and Nostradamus. Also, the seven seals match the seven stars, which symbolize the 11th through 17th cycles on the Hebrew calendar. The rider on the white horse rides after the first seal is "opened." Hence, during the 11th cycle on the Hebrew calendar. Notice the white horse in image 11 here? The rider on a white horse symbolizes hero-worship and the 11th cycle was the second-temple period. Who is on the white horse and who sees them as a hero? Women symbolize religions, aka "earth-bound" spiritual organizations and philosophies.
Next, notice Image 17, hence the 17th cycle. Notice the "Five Star Hand" hence the 5th seal and the 5th star of Revelation, hence the cycle during which Nostradamus lived? You know, during the Inquisition? Notice that the current Pope was also the "Grand Inquisitor" before he was elected Pope? Also, he is Pope 111 on St. Malachy's list. Notice the three candlesticks? Remember what I said about the two candlesticks and 11? Why a third here? Notice one is larger, hence a hundred, plus two smaller, hence 11. Hence, Rome (hundred...) towering over truth and justice (eleven). Curious, wouldn't you say? I explain it further in the related articles. Remember, It is symbology, not literal !!!

I am very pleased to see the conversations here. This is much better than many others I've endured. I thank you for the opportunity and truly wish the best for all of you. The rest is up to you though. My teaching methods are as they are because you are heading towards a cliff that you most certainly don't want to "blindly" plunge over. Help others see the truth, while there is still time...

Peace and Wisdom to you all...

The Teacher...
Greg Bacon said…
There was an excellent album put out in the early 1970's by a Greek group called "Aphrodite's Child" that was titled 666.

Great album that actually used the Book of Revelations for inspiration.

It definitely got your attention if your brain was filled with LSD.'s_Child
Mike said…
To: Steven Star Hand
Re: Images in the Lost book Of Nostradamus

Dear Steven,

I am the first and only person in the world who has correctly decoded the images in the lost book. I write this only to correct people on the misinformation that has surfaced regarding these Images. I can assure you that everyone is wrong and that these images are in fact star Maps showing the specific positions of stars in the sky. The 8 spoke wheel in the Images is in fact POLARIS.. the part of the sky that never moves..and the wheel without the spokes is actually Orion. The ribbons are showing the displacement of the object in the sky..a compressed Ribbon means that the image is small in the sky and an expanded ribbon means that the image covers a large area. Every one of these images are showing an area of the sky and I have found most of their locations. The sun rising behind the lion is actually giving an exact date of when the sun will rise opposite the constellation Leo. If you look in Leo this image will line up exactly with the stars in Leo. The burning tower is showing fact most of the images are showing Orion from a different angle. The image of the man holding the book can be seen in the is IMHOTEP... line the image up and you will find it's location. The image with the scorpion... showing the man with the arrow is showing exactly where the center of the galaxy is. The image of the man with his back turned to the pope is showing where Ophiuchus is in the sky. The big wheel image is showing the whole zodiac...line up the lion with the constellation Leo and the rest fits. Take a damn good look at the image with the wheel that has no is showing Orion Upside down...and guess what! YOU CAN SEE THE HOLY GRAIL RIGHT THERE!
I cracked this riddle wide open over a year ago and I have written the church and I have written to one of the people who was in the history channel film and I corrected him...and to this day I have been ignored. I have only seen 40 of the images..and the other 40 images were denied.
I know a lot more than I have told here. If you wan't to know the truth then contact me omega_files(at)
You have no idea how many years of research I have put into this. I tracked these images to 1 ad.... and the story that goes along with it is not a pretty one. The star Sirius is going to go bye bye because our sun is going to push it out of the way.

This is a quote from an ancient text relating to these images:

"I saw the threatening of the shining Sun
Among the stars, and in the lightning flash
The dire wrath of the Moon; the stars travailed
With battle; and God gave them up to light.
For long fire-flames rebelled against the Sun;
Lucifer treading upon Leo's back
Began the fight; and the Moon's double horn
Changed its shape; Capricorn smote Taurus' neck;
And Taurus took away from Capricorn
Returning day. Orion would no more
Abide his yoke; the lot of Gemini
Did Virgo change in Aries; no more shone
The Pleiads; Draco disavowed his zone;
Down into Leo's girdle Pisces went.
Cancer remained not, for he feared Orion;
Scorpio down on dire Leo backwards moved;
And from the Sun's flame Sirius slipped away; (8 light years away/quite a burst from the sun)
And the strength of the mighty Shining One
Aquarius kindled. Uranus himself
Was roused, until he shook the warring ones;
And being incensed he hurled them down on earth.(Uranus is going to deflect objects towards us)
Then swiftly smitten down upon the baths
710 Of Ocean they set all the earth on fire;
And the high heaven remained without a star. ( Um no star? no sun? or just so much dust that you can't see the sun?...scary)

Lucifer of Leo's back is Venus in the constellation Leo. This gives you an exact date.... if it's 2012..then the date is Sept 6..according to this ancient text.
Now you may think this is all mythology..It is not. You do not know the whole picture because you do not have enough information to understand this. Everything you read about Nostradamus is INCORRECT and I mean everything.
Good luck everyone... there is little time left..I will say no more.
I will be deleting this post within a month.
Mike said…
The Mayan's and Religion and Nostradamus and the Illuminati and Egypt are showing you the exact spot in the sky it is coming from.

The Mayan's:
Look at the Pyramid in Chichen Itza. There is a snake head at the bottom of the pyramid . Now open up Google earth and switch it to the sky map. Locate the 3 stars of Orion. Notice that you can see the pyramid in Orion and that the top star is Mintaka. Now on the left is a snake cloud. Follow it downwards to the head (of the snake)and you will come across a blacked out area that they do not want you to see.
Religion: The story of Jesus birth,,, The 3 kings followed the brightest star. The 3 kings are the 3 stars of Orion and the brightest star is Sirius. Go again on Google sky and draw a line from the lowest of the 3 stars of Orion towards Sirius and you will again come across this blacked out area.
All the images in the lost book are showing the stars and most of them are showing Orion.
The Illuminati:
The compass and square can be found in the sky in Orion. The Pyramid with the all seeing eye can also be seen in Orion. In fact all the Illuminati symbols can be seen in Orion.
Look between the Lion and the Pyramids. The Lion being the constellation Leo and the Pyramid is seen in Orion. The pyramids are also built along the Nile which represents the snake cloud to the left of Orion.
Even the tarot cards correlate and even give exact dates.
There is a cross in Henday France near a church and on the cross is the number 20 signifying revelations 20 also tarot card 20.
On the bottom of the cross is a pedestal with images of tarot card 17, 18, 19 and 20. On the side with tarot card 20 is a cross with 4 strange "a" symbols in each of the 4 quadrants. Those strange "a" symbols can be seen in Orion. Now the cross is dividing 4 ages that are significant... the age of Leo, the age of Aquarius, the age of Taurus and the age of Scorpio. They are focusing on these ages.
Now in the 2 bottom quadrants there is a lion that is faded on the Bottom right and on the bottom left is a faded Pyramid. This cross too is pointing between the lion and the pyramid.
There is much more going on here.
This all tracks back to Imhotep. the exact person who mapped the stars..the father of modern astronomy/astrology. The builder of the first Pyramid. The one who healed the sick and restored sight to the blind. If you ever see a statue of him he is sitting in a chair holding a book. This is the same image you see in the Nostradamus Images..and you can see him in the stars. Up there I have found the tree of Life, I have found the lamb and I have found the holy grail and the book of name it..I found it in the stars,,even Hercules is up there.
So the only question left is: What kind of disaster happened during the time of Imhotep that prompted him to start all of this???.
I already know the answer to this question.. I will leave it up to all of you to do the research from here and draw your own conclusion.