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Human Shields

You know it's pretty late in the day when the Wall Street Journal prints a strong editorial titled Israel Is Committing War Crimes.

Zionism is the political ideology which drives support for Israel defined as a Jewish state. Not all Jewish people are Zionists, and some non-Jewish people, like evangelicals, are Zionists.

Some Jewish people will tell you that Zionism is the enemy of the Jewish people, and I think they are correct. People are beginning to see that Israel -- in the death grip of Zionism -- has gone completely off the rails, and who will be left holding the bag for this mess? Jewish people. Because Zionism has used Jewish people to cover for them, and Jewish people will become the human shields to protect the Zionists from the consequences of their horrific behavior. And so it would be a very, very good idea for Jewish people who are not Zionists to disassociate themselves from Israel's behavior. Because if they wait too long to denounce these crimes, it's going to look really bad. The long silence will look like complicity, and they will be hard pressed to deny it, even if they always thought it was wrong. It's like that sad poem that begins, "First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out -- because I was not a communist..."

You know, one would hope a friend would tell you if you're walking around with toilet paper on your heel or spinach on your tooth, or heaven forfend, the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. Out of control Zionist Israel is something really dangerous to Jewish people, in ways that should be obvious but perhaps are not. Jewish people are being used by Zionists. Things can go very wrong for all Jewish people because of the Zionists.

But you don't have to take my word for it. Jewish people are already saying these very things, and in fact, have been doing so in some cases for a long time. This is nothing new, though it may be new to some. The situation is simply coming to a head.
The End of Israel (as we know it), by Morris

It is the entire warmongering zionist class. First of all they are driving us to a world war. They have lost the media war and therefore public support. Yet governments do very little to oppose the Israeli actions. So the clique of god loving bloodlusts become even smaller.

If Israel conquers Gaza, and by some miracle does not expand the war to Lebanon, Syria and Iran, it will imprison thousands of Gazans, all of them hungry and shattered from the onslaught.

Never again will Israelis and Jews be able to hold their heads up high as this will attract scorn. Israel’s business interests will continue through coercion and deceit. But the seeds have been laid for ostracising, for becoming a pariah state.

And from another post at the same site:
Certainly there has long been a reality of many jews not wishing to go to Israel, or to be associated with it. Now maybe they will take a stand. A new reality of Jewish Israelis, and americans of jewish descent etc. A complete schism.
Consider what is taking place in this country. The ground is moving under our feet. From the comments:

I have something to say related to Phil's comments that the worm is turning...that the taboo is off Israel discussions and has broken wide open.

I now agree with him. I had an experience tdoay in my own town that I won't bore everyone with the details, but the dam has broken.

The US-Israel-and US-ISR congressional scheme has hit main street.

Today our local paper, very conserative btw, published a front page picture of the dead children in Gaza and the carnage and the accompanying article condemned both Israel and the US congress.

I saw a man stand up today in a crowded resturant and tell a lady that she,Israel and congress could all go to hell...and he got a standing ovation.

There's change afoot. A lot of people in this congress will be out if they don't catch up with American public opinion.

Israel has chosen a reckless, deadly course. Those who support it will find themselves on the wrong side of history. Unfortunately, silence will probably be interpreted as support, simply because support for Israel has become the default expectation of all Americans. It is assumed. That means people will be forced to "opt out" of supporting Zionist Israel, putting them in awkward territory and exposing them to various accusations of being anti-semitic or self-hating. This is no accident, to be sure; but these are the perilous times we live in. It is perilous whether one speaks up or remains silent. In the long run, it will be better to speak up, because the fact remains that innocent people are being slaughtered in Israel using our tax dollars. It's wrong, and it needs to be widely condemned, and it needs to stop. Silence will not accomplish any of that. Furthermore, the long run is no longer very long. This fluid situation can deteriorate rapidly if the conflict spreads.

I'm sure each one of us would hope and expect that if the situation were reversed, and we Americans were being slaughtered and starved to death in a filthy, bombed out ghetto prison, some people halfway around the world would at least open their mouths in protest, for the love of humanity. Otherwise, what have we learned from history? What does "never again" mean?

"Hell is truth seen too late... duty neglected in its season." Tryon Edwards


Seven Star Hand said…
Look at the plight of my people in "America." Most found their way here via rude free rides on the ships of Christian nations and their lust for money and power. Religion was used to enslave and ghettoize us and now those tales are used to brainwash those who fight in foreign lands. Why be surprised at how our leaders and many in this nation are reacting. It has always been the same...

Rome's lies have put us all here in this nightmare together. Before then, the golden calf (aka a new sacred cow) was chosen by some, instead of wisdom (from the mountain top). How's that been working for everyone this last many millennia?

Who might I be and why might I have this outlook on religion? As I said, my experiences have given me certain advantages. [Amen]Moses was a Nubian exile during the Hyksos occupation of Egypt. The original "god" of the Hebrews (not "Jews") was modeled after Amen (Amun, Amon, etc.). Herein lies the key to the truth. Those in the modern state of Israel are not from Nubia, they are mostly from Europe. Besides, Israel was merely a symbol.

Perhaps it is time we all worked together to end this ages-old nightmare. Wisdom through shame and recompense is far better than the many other terrible outcomes now looming large. Your position in this society provides you with certain advantages denied me. I have certain advantages, denied to everyone else. I am not here to save you, but to convince humanity of the wisdom of walking the perfect path. Turn away from the pit, before it is too late.

You want this all to end, then help me now. Some outcomes are far more terrible than risking the death of one of your bodies...

Here is Wisdom...
Pete said…
Jews swarm like bees one minute, scatter like flies the next. While they're doing this they'll give you words that are meaningless, as they're born and raised to be liars.
A. Peasant said…
Well, I am pleased to now see in letters to the editor and some other places online strong Jewish condemnations of what is going on, and people raising Zionism, and so forth. It's about time.

The thing is, sometimes when it's politically convenient, we are expected to treat "The Jewish People" as a monolithic block, as in the creation and support of Israel, and at other times, when it is politically convenient, as in when Israel is committing crimes against humanity, we are expected to deal with people individually as simply "Jewish People" who are not monolithic and therefore can not be expected to do anything about it. And I'm so sorry, but that does not cut it when people are dying. It's a cop out.
A. Peasant said…
Another thought -- people *can* decide that they don't want to speak out, and that is certainly their choice, but then they *can not* also claim to be a light unto the nations.