What did she have to lose? Oh....nothing.

The little incident with Condi and George and Ehud says so much. Here we are, literally in the last week of eight years of the Bush Administration. Over 1000 Palestinians, including hundreds of children, have been killed by the IOF in the last three weeks. Israel stands in grievous, blatant violation of numerous international laws and UN resolutions, such as inflicting collective punishment, intentionally targeting civilians, UN buildings, hospitals, journalists, and of course, using banned weapons such as white phosphorous and DIME.

But as you have surely heard, when Ehud Olmert got wind that Condi might vote yes to a UN cease-fire resolution, he got right on the phone with George and bossed him all over the Oval Office clear from Tel Aviv. No hands. And then George told Condi to abstain. And She Did.

What would Condi have lost by voting for the resolution that she herself helped to draft? Would it be too much to ask that she take a morally courageous stand for less than one week, knowing that in a matter of days she can go on with her life? Knowing that it could save innocent lives? Perhaps hundred of innocent lives? The lives of women and children and old people, and of fathers and brothers?

But no, she couldn't do it. She couldn't stand up to these thugs for even a few uncomfortable days. Nope. Lest anyone think that Condi really does feel for the Palestinians, or Condi really wasn't so bad, or Condi was just wedged between a rock and a hard place. Get over her.

Either Condi has no moral courage whatsoever, OR, Condi simply has no morals.

Just think...how many more Palestinian children had to die because Condi could not tell George Bush and Ehud Olmert to go piss off, because she was going to vote YES to a damn cease-fire resolution. That's all it was. A cease-fire resolution. But it was apparently too hot to handle because it might infer that Hamas and Israel were somehow equated, if you can believe that shit, and we can't have people inferring that because Israel is a "member-state of the UN," while Hamas, my friends, is merely a "terrorist organization." Rich! So even though they are fighting, you know, in reality; it would be unseemly to sign an effing cease-fire resolution between them because that might imply that they have anything to do with each other.

Allright? That is what passes for leadership today, and has for some time.

For a colorful analysis of these events, please read this installment of American Goy.

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