The world's life is flashing before our eyes now

Does it, or does it not seem like the election took place a loooooong time ago? We're spinning out of control, and there's not a damn thing that can be done about it, and yet we can watch the carnage swirling by as if in slow motion. Each day seems like an eternity of horrors.

Coming up...

In progress...Israel calls up tens of thousands of IDF reservists. http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1052311.html

The 10th of tevet, tomorrow (1/6), a Jewish fast day commemorating the siege of Jerusalem 2500 years ago. The meaning of the day is something like: wake up and fix your problems, and then the siege will be lifted. Of course, if you believe the "problems" are called "Palestinians," this does not seem like a time of thoughtful introspection on the faults of Israel.

So assuming that changes nothing for the better...

1/10/09 Mega-Event to "explain Israel's reasons and its right to make this war."
Pacifici explains that the Italian Jewish community agreed with the Israeli ambassador on keeping a "low profile"at this time. "I can assure you - writes Pacifici - that the decision to send medicine to Palestinian and Israeli children was taken only for media purposes, and was only used for our struggle which will start on Monday in the media to support Israel". Pacifici announces that on January 10th there will be a "mega-event" with 1,500 personalities chosen together with the Israeli ambassador in order to "explain Israel's reasons and its right to make this war".
That should be interesting.

And the very next day, 1/11/09, next Sunday, is the bookend date to 9/11/01. Ooooh. We know how much the illuminati love to do their terrorism on special days: 9/11, 3/11, 7/7, 26/11 (Mumbai), 1/11?? Is it too good to pass up?

And then we still have another nine days until Obama's inauguration, whatever the hell that means. I should be completely gray by then.


Pete said...

The thing about numerology is that, while it seems to provide a connection between past events, it never works as a basis for predicting the future. Maybe there's a quantum mechanical explanation?

A. Peasant said...

Yes, I agree. I'm just trying to think like them.

As for quantum mechanical explanations....??? I don't do those. ;)

Pete, I have not forgotten our open discussion on leaders. I've been trying to wrestle it into a post. Not so simple.

Anonymous said...

Damn, good point! BTW, found you at Kenny's Sideshow, fantastic commentary, I've been posting you on Myspace.



A. Peasant said...

Hi Saladin,
Thank you so much. I vent and hope to be of service to somebody, somehow. Thanks for reading! Peace. m

Greg Bacon said...

The change from Bush to Obama will be similar to watching a snake shed its skin.

Now that's what I call "change."

I hope to hell I'm wrong, but to date, his appointments don't make me hope for much.

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