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Bibi will be in charge

AP (color) image of Bibi, looking delightful as usual. Left half of the face completely vacant and devoid of emotion, the right half clenched and ready to spit nails. Oh, and he was whining that he doesn't want anyone to twist his arm. Contrast to b&w pic with left side of face sort of "seductive" (if you like creeps) and right side of face "thoughtful," (if you consider plotting for world domination thoughtful). Just saying. Obviously the older shot is posed, and the newer is, um, candid. I'm going with candid.

Bibi has six weeks to form a new government, Tzipi being the main problem. He's damned if he includes her, and he's damned if he doesn't. Have fun negotiating with that shrew, a worthy opponent for sure. I'm almost rooting for her.

But he has the support of that twit Joe Lieberman, who actually said this:
"Our enemies, unfortunately, are as common as the values and the interests that have united us for all these years. I have no doubt that with Netanyahu's government here we will have good and positive relations."

Update: SOTT focus on Netanyahu. (Links removed, click through for links.) Read about Bibi's meteoric rise to power and curious past. He's nothing but a psychopathic creep spook intent on destroying us all. And He Will FAIL, by the way.
It seems that every leader who comes to Israel, goes to see Netanyahu. It is not a normal thing in politics to have a meeting with the opposition leader every time someone makes a diplomatic visit. So who really calls the shots and runs things behind the curtain?

All the while, the warmongering rhetoric ramps up, with the continued propaganda campaign from both Israel and the U.S. over Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program (Saddam Hussein's WMD's, anyone?). Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter predicts that some kind of attack on Iran is a "virtual guarantee". The description of Iran as the world's "worst Hitlerite nightmare", does not bode well, when we consider the psychopath's penchant for projecting their own qualities onto their intended victim.

The future? - It looks that Netanyahu's rise to power will be the final step before the total collapse. Because he is a full blown unashamed psychopath. And just like a true psychopath, he cannot see that his action will lead to his own doom - and to everyone else's doom.
"The following question thus suggests itself: what happens if the network of understandings among psychopaths achieves power in leadership positions with international exposure? This can happen, especially during the later phases of the phenomenon. Goaded by their character, such people thirst for just that even though it would conflict with their own life interest... They do not understand that a catastrophe would ensue. Germs are not aware that they will be burned alive or buried deep in the ground along with the human body whose death they are causing."

from 'Political Ponerology' by Andrew Lobaczewski


Greg Bacon said…
Looks like the ME is going to experience some more of those "birthing pangs" real soon.
A. Peasant said…
Call Condi the Midwife and tell her to get her scrubs on.
Greg Bacon said…
Condi says she has to go to Macy's NY buy some more scrubs since the ones she used in Lebanon in 2006 were so drenched with blood that they weren't able to be cleaned.

She's eyeing some simply to die for white scrubs, with two cute blue lines, all set against a background of minature Star of David symbols.

Condi knows that the manufacturer, 666, is known for its impeccable quality merchandise.
A. Peasant said…
Well, I hope she remembers to get some nice dominatrix stiletto boots to go with those, and a good push-up bra, too.