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The real reason Iran has to have the imaginary nuclear weapons

This probably is not considered "newsworthy" by the corporate media, but people should know that US intelligence has confirmed the findings of the 2007 NIE: Iran has no nuclear weapons program.
Dennis Blair told the Senate Intelligence Committee that his organization has assessed that Tehran does not have nuclear weapons design and weaponization work....The UN nuclear watchdog, which has carried out the highest number of inspections in its history on Iranian nuclear sites, has also found nothing to indicate that the program has diverted toward weaponization....The US official added that the intelligence agency believes Iran is unlikely to be able to produce enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon before 2013.
Therefore, it would be the gravest mistake to allow an attack on Iran, which would in all likelihood trigger WW III, for a problem that does not exist.

We have no emergency with Iran. None. Who keeps banging this drum? Israel. Who else. But of the three stooges currently vying for power there, Netanyahu and Lieberman have pushed the nuclear Iran canard harder than Livni. Here is Bibi before Davos, standing truth on its head.

Mr Netanyahu said that despite all its intractable problems, the financial and economic crisis would ultimately prove reversible and be beaten by governments and central banks. [I doubt it.]

But in an ominous alert to world leaders, he said: “What is not reversible is the acquisition of nuclear weapons by a fanatic radical regime committed to a pre-medieval view of the world. [Describing Israel to a T.]

“We have never had, since the dawn of the nuclear age, nuclear weapons in the hands of such a fanatical regime.” [No shit.]

Avigdor Lieberman is possibly even worse, if that can be imagined.
In private Lieberman is said to have urged that Tehran be levelled if Iran goes ahead with its nuclear weapons programme. In public he told listeners to Israel Radio’s Persian service: “You will pay a high price. You, the good Iranian citizens, will pay for your leaders’ actions.”
The interesting thing about these ifs, whens and buts is how they connect to the supposed peace process. The logic goes like this: IF Tehran develops a nuclear weapons program, THEN a) Iran will be flattened because we cannot allow a fanatical regime to have these weapons, and b) efforts to secure Middle East peace would be scuppered.

Well, let's think about this. First of all, Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. So there's that. In a normal world that deals with facts and behaves rationally, the conversation would be over by now. But we don't live there, so we continue past the threats to focus on the "peace process."
Insisting that he [Netanyahu] wanted to “move rapidly to advance a workable peace”, with moderates in the Palestinian Authority and to “drive down the radicals”, the former Israeli finance minister went on: “All of this will fall by the wayside if the world fails to stop Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons.
He's setting the expectation that "the world" must stop Iran from procuring nuclear weapons. Otherwise, Israel will stop moving toward peace with the Palestinians.

Well, gee whiz. "The world" has determined that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program, so therefore, Israel can now make peace with the Palestinians. Right? Is that not the logic that follows from Bibi's statement? What's the problem?

The problem is that Israel never wants peace with the Palestinians. Never ever ever, unless the Palestinians have all been killed or otherwise disposed of from the land that Israel covets. But nobody can come out and say this, because that would be anti-Semitic or something, to ascribe such dastardly motives to the Israelis, even though Zionists have been making genocidal comments about the Palestinians for decades upon decades. It's just rude to notice. This whole cock-up with Iran simply provides cover for Israel to continue its murderous policies toward the Palestinians. That's all it is.

You can see it in the articles about the political gridlock, this constant referring back to the peace process that doesn't exist, and how the imaginary peace process will fall apart if the imaginary nuclear weapons that Iran doesn't have don't disappear. These people are completely fucking nuts, and yet this all gets discussed over and over again as if it were reality.
Israel braced on Friday for weeks of political uncertainty and a paralysed Middle East peace process after final results confirmed the Kadima party narrowly won the election but suggested Likud is better placed to form a government.

So backing up, if Israel wants to avoid peace, then "the world" must fail to stop Iran from arming itself with nuclear weapons, and therefore any information about the fact that Iran has no nuclear weapons program must be studiously ignored. Because that information ruins everything. And that's why Americans must not learn about Dennis Blair's testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Furthermore, you can tell that Israel wants to avoid peace (if by any chance you weren't convinced by their actions) just because they refuse to embrace this information. After all, by Bibi's logic, this news should allow Israel to "move rapidly" toward a lasting and workable peace with the Palestinians. Instead, we will get months of foot-dragging and stalling with the new, gridlocked Israeli government. Hopefully, we won't get WW III.

By their fruits shall ye know them.


malcontent said…
Nuclear weapons that use Highly Enriched Uranium cannot be put on missiles because they are too fucking big and heavy. You can put them on a truck or on a very large, slow airplane but not a missile so anyone qualifying this as an existential threat to any nation with counter-strike capability should be regarded as mendacious.

Plutonium, on the other hand, is the real deal for modern nuclear weapons. Stealing existing supplies is the way to go but I digress...

The fact remains that much propaganda has been spent on the allegations of Iran enriching uranium so until low information mobs stop reacting to this fearmongering, we will have to continue listening to it.
Greg Bacon said…
Bishop Williamson sure is "uppity." In this blog of his, he questions the official 9/11 story. The "Bish" better stay current on his prayers.

How could kerosene burning at 850° Centigrade melt each Tower’s 47 central columns made of steel which melts only at 1500° Centigrade? (But they were softened? But did the Towers wilt, or crash?) Secondly, the South Tower plane cut within, but across, its South-East Corner – then how did the Tower fall not towards the South-East but vertically downwards, “within its footprint” as in a perfect demolition? Thirdly, if (as we are told) the concrete floors pan-caked on top of one another, then how did both Towers collapse at the speed of gravity, and how, pray, did the 47 steel columns (which carried the floors and were not carried by them) not remain standing?

These arguments and a mass of others are so strong that I can only conclude that true believers in the media version of 9/11 (which would exclude a multitude of pretend-believers) either have not looked at the evidence because they are satisfied with the truthfulness of their media and politicians, or the evidence is overpowered in their minds by a general belief in our governments and our way of life, or, worst of all, evidence is not what carries their minds. But how, I ask, can a Catholic fit into any of these three categories, or into any of the shades between them?

Firstly, can anybody deny that since 9/11 the police-state, for instance in the USA (but not only), has made giant advances, and always in the name of 9/11? And can anybody claim that the advancing police-states make the peoples more free? Are they not rather paving the way for global enslavement? But Our Lord says that the truth will make us free (Jn VIII, 32). Does that suggest to anybody what 9/11 was? job

One of the bigger Chicken Little "Iran has the BOMB" types is David Albright and his site, Institute for Science and International Security, which should be titled "The David Albright Show." He doesn't say where his funding comes from, except that it's from private and public foundations... like AEI David?

He likes to push news stories with the title, "Top Diplomat says Iran...(fill in the blanks). That "top diplomat is the always foaming at the mouth and AEI "fellow" John Bolton.

Scott Ritter, a REAL UN weapons inspector, has taken apart Albright several times on Democracy Now.

P.S. Last Fall, Iran had enriched uranium to only the 4% or so level.

For a nuke, they would need enriched uranium of around 93% quality. Going from 4% to 93% is an exponential move, not a linear one.

It's doubtful Iran will even be able to make enough enriched uranium for its reactors, let alone nukes.

If Iran is indeed as were told 24/7, a nation of Islamic crazies, then wouldn't a nation obsessed with its religion pay heed to what their top Ayatollah said that making or having nuclear weapons was a no-no?
A. Peasant said…
Greg, you make way too much sense for prime time.
Anonymous said…
Now see, this is what happens when you allow psychopaths who have access to only the reptilian , AKA lower, part of the brain, to gain control of the economic, governing and war mongering power on the planet. People just never learn. I have no doubt the central bankers WILL fix the problem they created to fix, and the Zionist Jews should know, shouldn't they?
A. Peasant said…
Well, there's fixing, and then there's *fixing*, so I if by "fix" he means "destroy", then yes, I see what you mean.
Greg Bacon said…
Here's a transcript of Flight 3407's last minutes, Notice any radio traffic about ice buildup? Or mechanical problems?

4:38 - ATC: colgan 3407 procede direct ____?

4:58 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 6,000

8:39 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 5,000

8:40 - 3407: 5,000 for colgan 3407

9:09 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 4,000

12:14 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 2,300

12:19 - ??? garbled

12:39 - ATC: colgan 3407 turn left heading 330

12:42 - 3407: left heading 330 colgan 3407

14:04 - ATC: colgan 3407 turn left heading 310

14:07 - 3407: left heading 310, colgan 3407

15:08 - ATC: colgan 3407 3 miles from ____ colonel?? left heading 260? maintain 2300 til established localizer and cleared ils runway 2-3

15:17 - 3407: left 260, 2,300 til established and cleared ils 23 approach, colgan 3407

16:02 - ATC: colgan 3407 contact tower 204.5 have a good day

16:08 - 3407: muffled colgan 3407

17:01 - ATC: colgan 3407 approach

17:22 - ATC: colgan 3407, buffalo

17:24 - ATC: colgan 3407, approach

17:33 - ATC: delta 1998, look out ur left side about 5 miles for a dash 8, should be 2300 feet, see anything there?,0,7376989.htmlstory

Now compare the above with the story below which says 3407 was having problems with ice build up.

Sounds like a massive failure of the plane's electrical and hydraulic systems.

Flight 3407 Plummeted Straight Down, Killing 50
Victims Include Sept. 11 Widow Beverly Eckert

Feb. 13, 2009

In the minutes before a turboprop plane plunged to the earth killing all 49 people aboard and one person on the ground, the pilot and crew were recorded discussing "significant ice build-up" on the plane's windshield and the leading edge of the wings, federal investigators said today.

The "black boxes" recovered from the burning remains of Continental Express Flight 3407 also indicated that the de-icing button in the cockpit had been in the "on" position.

Shortly after that conversation, Capt. Marvin Renslow deployed the plane's landing gears and the wing flaps to slow down the plane in preparation for landing.

"Severe pitch and roll [began] within seconds" of the flaps being deployed, said Steven Chealander, spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board. Chealander said that means the plane's nose bucked up and down while the wing's dipped and rose violently.

The plane plummeted to the earth so rapidly that Renslow and his crew never had time to radio a mayday alert.

Beverly Eckert, whose husband had been killed in the 9/11 attacks and had not taken the government hush money, choosing to file a lawsuit to find out what happened, stated that she could not be bought or silenced.

She's silent now, isn't she?
A. Peasant said…
I agree. First thing I thought was who was on the plane. The plane that went into the drink last month was full of bank employees. BofA maybe. It's appalling to think that so many lives would be sacrificed to cover up crimes, but it happens all the time. Those who fail to consider the possibility suffer from the Fallacy of Insufficient Cynicism.
Greg Bacon said…
Watched an interview last night with a lady who lives near the crash site and she claims to have heard sputtering sounds, then nothing, then the large boom from the explosion.

Sputtering sounds? That's the sound an engine makes when it's conking out.

And for a plane to dive vertically into the ground is unheard of. Helicopters, yes, but planes have a decent glide ratio that enables them to coast down into a decent landing.

I know this is probably a "conspiracy theory," and I say Thank God for people strong enough and brave enough to engage in those theories.

After all the lies we've been told, from the JFK assassination, to 9/11 to all the lies about the invasion and occupation of Iraq, if there weren't people around engaging in conspiracy theories, then we would be in trouble.

That would mean we'd been totally brainwashed.
Greg Bacon said…
ADL chief: Pope Bendedict's condemnation of Holocaust denial not enough

By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent

Abe Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, sought to temper the enthusiastic responses expressed by Jewish leaders following their meeting on Thursday with Pope Benedict XVI over the reinstatement of a bishop who denies the Holocaust.

"The problematic and controversial chapter of the church and the matter of Holocaust denial do not end with the pope's declaration condemning Holocaust denial," Foxman told Haaretz.

Foxman, who was present at the meeting in the Vatican, refused to echo the compliments which other Jewish leaders feted the pope over his forceful denunciations of Holocaust denial.

"A meeting between Jews and the pope is always an important, historic event," Foxman said. Yet, "as long as the church allows an anti-Semitic bishop who denies the Holocaust to continue in his post under the aegis of the church, this means that the church is saying one thing yet doing another."

Foxman, himself a Holocaust survivor, seeks to emphasize that he appreciates the pope's condemnation and his moving statements on his planned visit to Israel. Yet, in his words, "you cannot say that you are against anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial when you allow an anti-Semitic bishop and Holocaust denier to continue serving in the clergy."

"The church gave the bishop enough time to recant," Foxman said. "But he asked for forgiveness only from the pope and he said he is waiting for proof that indeed six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust and the Nazis used gas chambers."

"Holocaust denial is a crime by law in key countries," Foxman said. "Only after the church recants from the rehabilitation and restores his prior standing as excommunicated can we say that the matter of the church and Holocaust denial has been solved."

The IDF has been targeting not only Arabs/Musims in Palestine and Lebanon, but also Christians.

Where's the outrage about that Abe?

The ADL and other Judeofascists won't consider this to be over until priests are wearing a skull cap and reciting part of the Mass in Yiddish.