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Take one hit, next thing you know you're a thought crime addict

First, a short story from some nice Catholic guy:
As the 9/11 attack was happening, it occurred to me that the attack had to do with what was happening in the Middle East and it was time to learn what was happening there. I was behooved to work through my conditioned barrier of not wanting to look into the matter because it was much too complex to understand and find out for myself what was going on.

I learned that the Palestinians were being kicked off their land so that Jews from anywhere in the world could live there. I attended a Middle East committee meeting and said that I didn’t think this was fair, that it didn’t matter what happened in the past to the Jews, that two wrongs don’t make a right, etc. After that meeting, I was considered anti-Semitic by the experts that apply the label: the Jews that attended that meeting. Thereafter I was treated coolly by everyone associated with the parent anti-war organization. Word had gotten around.

Holy cow! I never would’ve imagined myself being considered anti-Semitic: [growing up] an altruistic Catholic boy who defended little kids every day on the playground from older bullies, the exemplary server boy, the choir boy, the kid that the nuns and teachers considered a role model for others.

But there I was. An anti-Semitic, for being concerned for justice and equal rights for the Palestinians. Little did I know that being labeled anti-Semitic was so easy. It is so easy. In fact here’s the formula: You become aware that Jews are responsible for doing something unfair, like kicking Palestinians off their land so that Jews from anywhere in the world can live there and, boom, you’re instantly anti-Semitic! You don’t even have to complain about it. The labelers just have to know you know about it. It is that easy.
Yes. And lest you think this can only happen to some regular guy with a regular job, who quickly goes from being Joe the Landscaper to that asshole anti-Semite at the bar, let me tell you this can happen to anyone! No family is immune from the scourge of thought crime. Just a few minutes on the internet and you can be lost forever to this merciless drug called Free Thought. Just Say NO, dammit!

According to World Jewish leaders, who are the self-appointed authorities on such matters, we are experiencing a world epidemic of thought crimes. This drug is destroying everything in its path. Though it's not clear exactly who asked World Jewish leaders to fight the scourge of thought crimes, they have selflessly taken on the thankless job. For one of their first sorties in the War on Free Thought, it looks like they will make an example of that disgusting addict, Bishop Williamson, by executing his career and reputation. Hopefully this will deter others from his sad fate.
World Jewish leaders told Vatican officials that denying the Holocaust was "not an opinion but a crime" when they met on Monday to discuss a bishop they accuse of being anti-Semitic.

The meetings, the first since the controversy over Bishop Richard Williamson, who denies the extent of the Holocaust, began last month, took place three days before Pope Benedict is due to address a group of American Jewish leaders.

Williamson told Swedish television in an interview broadcast in January: "I believe there were no gas chambers." He said no more than 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps, rather than the 6 million accepted by most historians

You see? Any deviation what-so-ever from the officially sanctioned Holocaust narrative is a thought crime. Bishop Richard Williamson's mealy-mouthed excuse that he didn't actually inhale does not cut the mustard. He's an addict, and everybody knows it. He smoked the Thought Pipe.

"Today we strongly reaffirmed that the denial of the Shoah is not an opinion, but a crime," said Richard Prasquier, president of the French Jewish umbrella organization CRIF, using the Hebrew word for Holocaust.

Such a disgrace.

Prasquier and Maram Stern, deputy secretary of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), held talks with Cardinal Walter Kasper, head of the Vatican office that handles religious relations with Jews.

"We want the Vatican to realize that by accommodating anti-Semites like Williamson, the achievements of four decades of Catholic-Jewish dialogue ... will be put into doubt," WJC President Ronald Lauder said in a statement.

And now Bishop Williamson has been transformed into an anti-Semite. Just like that. He has lost all respectability. Do you see that this one gentleman has single-handedly unraveled four decades of achievements with his foolish experimenting? This drug is very, very powerful. What a shame. He looked to have a promising career, but not anymore.

"We now believe that our message has been understood. The controversial debate of the past three weeks has had a positive impact," said Lauder, who did not attend the meetings.

Catholic-Jewish relations have been extremely tense since January 24, when Benedict lifted excommunications of four renegade traditionalist bishops, including Williamson, in an attempt to heal a schism that began in 1988 when they were ordained without Vatican permission.

Among those who have condemned Williamson and the pope's decision are Holocaust survivors, progressive Catholics, U.S. legislators, Israeli leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Jewish writer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel.

Here are the people who understand the dangers posed by this drug. Holocaust survivors. Progressive Catholics. US legislators. Israeli leaders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And Elie Wiesel. You won't find these people in some Truth Crack House, conducting research on the interwebs like some filthy junkies.

A Church source said Israel's Chief Rabbinate, which had pulled out of dialogue, has decided to resume talks and will come to the Vatican either in late February or mid-March.

The Vatican has ordered Williamson to publicly recant his position. Over the weekend, traditionalist leaders said he had been removed as head of a seminary in Argentina.

Germany's Spiegel magazine on Saturday quoted Williamson as saying he first had to review historical evidence on the Holocaust before considering an apology to Jews.

"I ask everyone to believe me that I did not deliberately say something false. I was, on the basis of my research in the 1980s, convinced of the accuracy of my comments. Now I must examine everything again and look at the evidence," he said.

Williamson failed in a bid on Monday to get an injunction from a German court on the broadcasting of his views on television and the internet.

"There are no valid infringements of his rights," said the Nuremberg-Fuerth court in southern Germany.

Williamson is part of the ultra-traditionalist Society of St Pius X (SSPX), which does not accept all the teachings of the 1962-1965 Second Vatican Council. It repudiated the concept of collective Jewish guilt for Christ's death and urged dialogue with other religions.

The Vatican has said the SSPX must accept all Council teachings before they can be fully re-admitted into the Church.

He got what he deserved. Let that be a lesson to you.


Greg Bacon said…
The Vatican has a treasure trove of historical artifacts going back at least a 1,000 years or more.
Some historians and scholars would give a body part to pore over the Vatican library, but can't, it's only for the Vatican hierarchy and certain selected scholars who are limited in the scope of their search.

Did Williamson read thru the Vatican archives dating from the 1930's to 1945?

He's got the clout as a bishop to gain access.

I didn't know Williamson from Joe the Plumber before this storm blew in, but my intuition tells me he's telling the truth.

Is he the 21st Century's version of Martin Luther?

And didn't Martin have a few things to say about 16th Century Jews and their predatory money lending schemes?
A. Peasant said…
Yes, I'm sure lots of things are hidden in the Vatican's vaults. For one thing, Lobaczewski sent his second manuscript of Political Ponerology to the Vatican, where it was never heard from again.

The Truth is Beauty blogger seems to have a good handle on the backstory with SSPX, and from what I can tell, there's a lot more going on than meets the eye. Sis is also doing some research on it. I haven't had too much time.
MarcLord said…

Dynamite treatment. Dunno how much you're up on the gas chamber lies, but here's a good take on it from a highly disciplined and accomplished thinker, and someone you should know:
A. Peasant said…
I'm glad you enjoyed. Sometimes ridicule seems to be the best treatment. Plus I've been very pleasantly distracted, so this is all I could manage by way of thoughtful analysis today.

Thanks for the link to Mr. Lee. That's a very definitive position he takes. Isn't it great when an older person makes no bones and just lays it out there? I love it. I will post this tomorrow at AA News.
Greg Bacon said…
Here's the religion that we are told is above reproach and its practices sacrosanct.

What kind of sick and twisted being sucks a baby's penis after circumcision?

They can hide behind a religious interpetation all day long, it's still sexual abuse of a child.

Doctors Say Circumcision Ritual Still Not Safe

By Steven I. Weiss Fri. Dec 15, 2006

A long-simmering dispute over a controversial circumcision procedure with allegedly life-threatening risks will land like a hot potato on the desk of incoming New York state Governor Eliot Spitzer this January, after the administration of outgoing Republican Governor George Pataki reached an agreement with Hasidic leaders on precautions that medical experts say will do little to reduce the risks.

The circumcision procedure, known in Hebrew as metzitzah b’peh, is alleged by New York City health officials to have caused at least seven herpes infections in newborn infants in recent years, at least one of which resulted in death. Investigators linked the infections to a form of the circumcision ritual in which the mouth of the circumciser, or mohel, is applied directly to the infant’s circumcision wound to suck the blood away from the cut, as mandated by the Talmud. Most mohels today use a sterile tube to draw away the blood, but direct oral suction is common in Hasidic and other ultra-Orthodox communities.

The practice made headlines in early 2005, after three neonatal herpes cases, one of them fatal, were traced by investigators to a single mohel. New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden spoke out against the practice and obtained a temporary injunction barring the mohel from practicing within city limits, sparking a dispute with ultra-Orthodox community leaders who insisted the ritual was safe.

The state Health Department issued its own ban on the mohel in February 2005, but withdrew it in April, after receiving a written assurance from a Hasidic businessman, Jacob Spitzer, that the community was instituting its own self-policing procedures, according to documents obtained by the Forward.

Frieden briefly considered relaxing his ban, but reversed himself in November, after an infant was hospitalized with a herpes infection that had spread to his spinal column according to sources in the city government and the Orthodox community. The state health commissioner, Antonia Novello, reached an agreement in separate negotiations with Hasidic leaders in June to continue under an agreed-upon safety protocol. However, an investigation by the Forward has found that the protocol adopted by Novello relied on measures that medical experts say would do little to reduce the risk of orally transmitting the herpes virus.

One paper, from the federal Centers for Disease Control, is cited as demanding that mohels wash their hands with antibiotic soap. Dr. Arjun Srinivisan, a CDC expert who commented on the paper, said that hand-washing does not “specifically address the issue of herpes transmission,” since “the primary risk for transmission during this procedure is from the mouth.
A. Peasant said…
That is disgusting. What are they thinking insisting the procedure is safe despite *evidence* to the contrary? More magical anti-science views from the evil...
Greg Bacon said…
I wasn't searching for "Sex Practices of the Bizzare" when I ran across this.

It's amazing that when you start searching out articles on Jews or Zionists or Israel, how much dirt, sordid dirt, you can dig up.

I want to do a blog on that iniquitous practice, not sure I have the stomach for it.