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To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.

If only we could. Nonetheless, some people have displayed a track record for predicting things that have come to pass, in some cases years in advance. And based on what they have said, it seems for real that the current financial system is going to be destroyed. If not, some things would have to happen. The banks would be forced to write off their betting slips as being worth Zero. Zero. They are worthless, and as pointed out by Chuck Simpson, totally contrary to public policy. Consumer debt would be restructured to reflect real property values. The banks would take the hits and close if they must. The rule of law would be reinforced. And yet none of this will happen. On the contrary, the opposite of this is happening. As best I can tell, we are guaranteed hyperinflation and the destruction of the US dollar in the near future.

And why is this happening? For one thing, it's because we have no rule of law. The rule of law is a joke. The people who have been running this country and vast swaths of the world for many years do not ever, ever worry about the rule of law until they get entangled in it. And at that precise moment, the rule of law that they trampled over for years becomes The Rule of Law, and they avail themselves of absolutely every single opening in The Rule of Law that might help them squeeze out of trouble. And who can say anything about it? After all, we who always cry about enforcing the rule of law cannot complain when the criminals avail themselves of The Rule of Law, can we? Of course not. So most of them get away, one way or another. And since there have been no really huge arrests to speak of, and no really dreadful, mind-boggling evidence of corruption, which would stop them in their tracks, made public (meaning on teevee of course, since hardly anybody reads and the interwebs are safely ignored, being full of kooky conspiracy theorists), the entire world-wide Ponzi scheme continues to ooze forward inexorably toward the edge of the White Cliffs of Dover, where it will slide over the edge like a giant blob under the forces of gravity and physics, and it will all be over very quickly thereafter. This much seems certain now.

But what happens after that? Do we go directly into the New World Order? Do we have the chaos and martial law and all that stuff we've been dreading lo these many years? Or is there something else planned for us? I don't know. Meanwhile, tomorrow the mentally-ill Israelis will in all liklihood elect Bibi so that they can feel "secure" in their persons. It feels like today marks something. Whether it's the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end, I can't really tell. But it seems certain that as of tomorrow, we will enter a new phase during which the irrevocable decisions made up to now will play out, perhaps like dominoes.


malcontent said…
Our collective ignorance of our legal system remains a persistant, lurking danger unless of course you are "too powerful to fail" and the "system" steps in to lift you out of possible imprisonment.

Heaven forbid that you would dip your toe into that pool. You may find out that it fosters sociopathic enterprise against the hoi polloi and focuses naked rage against the privileged like you.

That would be a prime time show if it were not so realistic and useful for the uninitiated, the sheeple.

I keep my fingers crossed that our elites' reckless disregard for law and our legal system in general works against efforts to engage the Panopticon Singularity

A. Peasant said…
That *would* make for some good reality TV. Survival: Bankers at Walpole State Prison.
Sis said…
If there are people in positions of power seeking retribution, who feel victimized by society and have a desire to "get us back" for all that has happened to them thoughout the ages, I suppose the destruction of our financial system could be viewed as avengement. And if they happen to get stinkin rich in the process - hell, those gated communities in Tel Aviv are simply breath-taking!
Greg Bacon said…
Peasant, get thee to a confessional and pray the Vatican doesn't excommunicate heretics like yourself that have the nerve to ask questions.

JA, these thoughts are VERBOTEN. If you persist in this heresies, you VILL be tracked down and burned at a stake. JA!

Jews tell Vatican: Holocaust denial is a crime

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – World Jewish leaders told Vatican officials that denying the Holocaust was "not an opinion but a crime" when they met on Monday to discuss a bishop they accuse of being anti-Semitic.

You can deny the existence of God and not get arrrested.

Kinda tells one where the Judeofascists put themselves in the whole scheme of things, doesn't it?
A. Peasant said…
I am thinking this is fodder for a whole post, Bacon.
Greg Bacon said…
If Benedict stops wearing the mitre and instead, starts wearing one of those Hasidic Rabbi bowler type hats, look out!