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Blame That Bitch Mother Nature

How do our masters like to strike fear into our bones? The broad strokes include nuclear weapons (that seems to be Israel's job), economic collapse (Zionist bankers in charge there with a big assist from complicit big shots around the globe), and biological weapons. You know, it's funny, but which actor on the world stage goes around threatening biowarfare?


The fact that biowarfare remains largely in the shadows is probably a good indication that it will be the weapon of choice used against world populations, because the vagueness and secrecy around this issue will allow the narrative to be spun out (air quotes) spontaneously. The narrative reigns supreme. And with bioweapons some mystery remains, some drama to unfold, in marked contrast to -- say -- a nuclear strike against Iran, which would immediately be pinned on Israel. Boring narrative. We have been innoculated against that story. Better the villian emerge from the shadows (within days of course) and take us all by surprise. Oooh, aaah. Just like 9/11. The next terrorist strike will be a new story, one we haven't really heard yet, though the fertile soil of our imaginations have been meticulously tilled to nourish its mutant monstrosity. The seeds will be planted in the first moments of network coverage and miraculously germinate into a full-blown theory over a period of days as the entire world's attention will be brought to focus on the culprit du jour.

Bird flu has been around for a few years now, and we are told that experts work diligently and feverishly to develop the vaccine that will save us from this horrible disease. Of course, the flu mutates every year, as we all know (because they want us to know this), which makes it ever a race against time for the scientists as well as a bit of a guessing game. And the birds, well, who can blame birds for anything? It's not like they have malicious intent. They're just birds. So this 'problem' comes pre-packaged with all sorts of plausible deniability for the 'inevitable pandemic': the virus tragically mutated from animal to human too quickly, the scientists tragically picked the wrong strain for the vaccine, the bird population tragically exploded and became infected. It will all be very regrettable, I'm sure, but nobody will be at fault. It will be chalked up to an unfortunate act of that wily old bitch, Mother Nature. Charlie Gibson will endure his Katherine Hepburn head tremors as he discusses the sad tragedy with the sad-eyed Brian Ross on World News Tonight, and they will both agree that it's a sad, tragic, terrible thing; and people across America will nod their heads sadly in agreement. Oh you betcha.

So with that said, here's a little round-up of bird flu information. Notice the sloppy handling of deadly viruses. Notice the Israeli companies involved. Notice the laboratories in Eastern Europe. Notice how the pandemic is described as 'inevitable.' Notice the potential to make bajillions of dollars on panicked people looking for vaccines. Notice how the miracle vaccines themselves are contaminated with the deadly virus. Notice the usual suspect list of potential villians. It's the Circle of Death. But I don't want you to be afraid, I want you to be informed. This is a manufactured crisis. They control us with narratives. You can circumvent the narrative by being informed. No narrative, no control.

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Sis said…
Sometimes I wonder where news stories come from. Do they come from inquisitive journalism or do they come from the corporate board room? In the case of the pandemic coverage, I have my suspicions that the latest press releases have come from a cozy little windowless room in Ness Ziona, Israel (that would be that new country over by Egypt), home of BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd:

House-passed stimulus bill includes pandemic funding
January 29, 2009
by Lisa Schnirring and Robert Roos

Yesterday the US House of Representatives passed an $819 billion economic stimulus bill that included funding for pandemic influenza and bioterrorism countermeasures, and now the Senate will debate its version of the measure, which also includes spending on some of the same items.

The House bill includes $900 million for biomedical advanced research and development, pandemic flu, and cyber security to help the nation better prevent or respond to a natural or man-made biological threat, according to a Jan 15 statement from Trust for America's Health (TFAH), a nonprofit health advocacy group in Washington, DC.

The House plan also includes $3 billion for disease prevention, including funding for state and local health departments and immunization programs, and $20 billion for health information technology.

Jeff Levi, PhD, executive director of TFAH, said in the statement, "This is an unprecedented one-time investment in public health." In 2008, a TFAH expert panel reported that the country faces annual $20 billion shortfalls in critical public health program funding across state, local, and federal levels.

On Jan 27 TFAH released a statement applauding the Senate Appropriations Committee for including $16 billion for public health in its version of the stimulus bill. "This funding is desperately needed to revitalize and modernize the country's ailing public health system, and we'll be putting more Americans to work in programs that will directly improve the health of communities where they live," Levi said.

The Senate bill includes $870 million to complete funding for the nation's pandemic influenza plan. It also includes $5.8 billion for prevention and wellness efforts, including $600 million to boost the healthcare, and $5 billion toward the modernization of health information technology.

TFAH said the Senate's stimulus bill includes funding to modernize the nation's capacity to respond to a pandemic outbreak, along with equipment and medications to detect, contain, and treat pandemic influenza
Anonymous said…
This has been my personal theory for several years now. Why on earth would they bring about such devastating infrastructure collapse as well as the accompanying radiation poisoning that would contaminate the whole world when they can be rid of hundreds of millions of useless eaters with this method? And, as a fringe benefit, they will collect all those billions of dollars from a dying population desperately seeking a vaccine they know will be useless. It's the perfect plan. And, I have no doubt that a real vaccine will be available for the elite and those left willing to play by the rules.
A. Peasant said…
Yeah, it makes sense.
Sis said…
If they could make a killing off the vaccine by simply initiating a pandemic scare - say, kill a few tots in Egypt - that would suffice.

However, they tried that and it didn't produce a decent return. I believe the funding for Pandemic preparedness in the stimulus bill fell through (I'll have to check on that). Therefore, they need a bigger scare. You know, like a 9/11scare; nuthin' like a panic to get the coffers open and the funds flowing (to Israel).

It would be a good idea to keep an eye on their ticker - BiondVax Pharmaceuticals (TASE:BNDK) A swift movement up or down may be a signal to check your temperature, wash your hands and keep your kids away from Chuck E Cheese.
Greg Bacon said…
It would be a good idea to keep an eye on their ticker - BiondVax Pharmaceuticals (TASE:BNDK)

Just like those "put" options on airline stock placed days before 9/11.

Methinks they'd probably want to try out the effectiveness of this crap in some 3rd world country, to see how deadly it is.

Look for an outbreak in some place like Somalia or Kenya to get the party going.

Or Mexico, to really scare the shit out of us cud chewing Americans.
A. Peasant said…
Either that or I was also thinking an Eastern European country, since those economies are already reeling and it's close to Russia.
Greg Bacon said…
Like Latvia?

They've been catching hell from the ADL for their "uppity" thinking.
A. Peasant said…
Yeah, something like that might make sense to these sick f**ks.