The Summer of Love

This is what we saw last week:
We are being deliberately flooded with perpetually morphing variables amidst a sea of information that is at best sketchy and at worst plain lies. Amidst the confusion, the media and politicians pump just one or two "stories" so focusing the public mind exactly where they want it; this week it's AIG bonuses.

...The apparent confusion generated by the speed and magnitude of events is a symptom of the manipulation being perpetrated upon us, the moves upon the Grand Chessboard, the aim being to move faster than people can assimilate the changes, track the moves and analyse the variables and possible outcomes. The details of the events do, however, give the discerning the clues as to the direction in which the world is being taken through the actions of the Puppets at the command of the Managers.
They want you pissed off. They continually do more and more outrageous things, right in our faces, in the hopes that we will react a certain way. Tiny Tim Geithner's people have been working with AIG on bonus and compensation issues for months, and then he turns around and acts like he was broadsided in early March. Sure, Tim. Whatever you say. Meanwhile, Congress leads the charge of phony outrage.
"People are disgusted and outraged, as they should be. [hint hint hint] But let's not overreact in a way that basically has the Congress grabbing its pitchforks, and charging up the hill, and abusing what is a core authority of a government, which is the authority to tax its people." Sen. Judd Gregg R-NH [Oh right, because CONGRESS is so angry on our behalf that they will grab pitchforks, even though they probably don't know a pitchfork from a snow shovel, and charge up the hill and ABUSE A CORE AUTHORITY of the government, which is to TAX IT'S PEOPLE, in this case the poor greedy financial executives. Let nobody say that Congress ABUSES its core authority, OK? **eyeroll** He got all the right suggestive language in there. It makes no fucking sense, but it sounds great if you read it real fast!]
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/first100days/2009/03/22/administration-changes-needed-percent-tax-aig-bonuses/
Make no mistake, we do need to react. They gave us a problem. Do we want a solution? Yes. Do we want their solution? No. They want to drive a specific reaction, riots and the summer of hell, to midwife their NWO police state. It is a trap, and we must avoid it.
Mainstream media throughout the US and Europe are busy peddling a line of propaganda which seeks to place into the common consciousness the notion that violence this summer is the inevitable consequence of the social pressures arising from the financial crisis. This is an outright lie, a lie told for a very clear and specific purpose. The Managers and the Puppets are terrified of the masses for they know that should the masses rise up against them in a coordinated, coherent and peaceful manner then the Chessboard will be overturned, they will fall and their empires, economic, financial and military, crumble into the dust. They cannot risk the rise of a genuine social movement based on coordinated action, a coherent and truthful understanding of reality and a peaceful means for political and social change.

The best way to prevent such a movement arising is to pre-empt through destruction of credibility, criminalisation and the creation of false-flag counter movements, a process otherwise known as COINTELPRO. Much of the domestic modern history of Western Europe and the US is the history of the Managers and Puppets fighting the rise of mass social movements that threatened the status quo. It is taken for granted by the ruling elites and their supporters in the US and the UK that the current forms of government and social structure are definitively the best available and that anything that even remotely challenges those structures is evil and has to be destroyed. Movements that challenge the power and privileges of the established order are then seen as threats to national security rather than for what they are - which is threats to wealth, privilege and power of long established elites.

...We have warned repeatedly that the laws enacted against Muslims were really being put in place to be used against YOU, the public! These laws are being used against ordinary citizens as they seek to exercise their freedoms and their disgust with the way our countries are being run, with the wars, with the banking bailouts and the general inequality. There has never been a real Muslim terror threat - that was fabricated to get the Police State and laws of repression in place, a system that is now ready and waiting for the next phase in the plan which clearly envisages the need for extreme political and social controls in all the developed nations of the world.
Look at the different angles they work. There's always al-Qaida to kick around. Gordon Brown has that one covered.

"We should be under no illusion that the biggest security threat to our country and other countries is the murderous agents of hate that work under the banner of al-Qaida," he said. [al-Qaida = CIA; CIA = Wall St; Wall St = Zionist Bankers; Zionist Bankers = "the murderous agents of hate that work under the banner of al-Qaida"]

Some 60,000 civilians, including shop managers and council workers, have been trained to cope with the threat.

"Today, not only the police and security and intelligence officers and our armed forces, but also the emergency services, local councils, businesses and community groups are involved in state-of-the-art civil contingency planning," Brown said.

"Tens of thousands of men and women throughout Britain – from security guards to store managers – have now been trained and equipped to deal with an incident and know what to watch for as people go about their daily business in crowded places such as stations, airports, shopping centres and sports grounds."

Militarize the police. Militarize the population, particularly the business community, to "cope" with the "threat" of "murderous agents of hate" working under the "banner of al-Qaida." It is to laugh. You can see how this dovetails into suspecting brown people, Muslims, anyone who might be sort of angry, like the growing legions of newly poor people. After all, the financial crisis is all their fault, too.
Financiers are trying to blame the current depression on poor people who acquired properties with the help of subprime mortgages, and then defaulted, thus ­ it is alleged -- bringing down the entire world banking system! This is a fantastic and reactionary myth. The cause of the depression is derivatives, and this means that the perpetrators to be held responsible are not poor mortgage holders, but rather globalized investment bankers and hedge fund operators, the derivatives merchants.
But it's rude to notice things like that. Speaking of rude, there's always Israel crying and shooting, Pakistan and Afghanistan ready to boil over, and various "natural" disasters to worry about. It's just a matter of time, but time is not on their side. The longer we can hold out and subvert the current failing system, the better. The elites fear subversion and promote insurgency. Insurgency is simply subversion plus weapons, and they prefer it because citizens using weapons ushers in the Hegelian solution: a formal police state. Please don't misunderstand. By all means have your weapons. Just don't let them bait you into using them with some false flag attack, agents provocateurs, or any other counterintelligence scheme.
This is the mindset of the ruling elite throughout the world; a mindset so narrow, so parochial, that any challenge to it, even peaceful and law abiding is seen as Subversion. Add armed struggle to the attempts of people to get those governing them to take different actions or change their mode of governing, and you have Insurgency. Subversion is greatly feared by ruling elites because of its peaceful nature and because it is often widely supported. Insurgency, on the other hand, is not feared nearly so much because they have more firepower. Once the ruling elite can unleash extreme violence in real or imaginary reaction to any form of armed struggle then they have the upper hand, they have control and control is what "ruling" is all about. Insurgency is therefore preferred over Subversion by ruling elites.
So what does subversion look like? It's actually very simple. You can do it. You're probably already doing it. Do more of it.
The solution is to re-scale and make your world small but still extensible. The technologies are already there. Grow vegetables and swap them with your neighbors. Get your ass on facebook your face on assbook on Twitter and introduce the transgender girl you met in Thailand to Louie up the street and share pics of kohlrabi. Invest in good things near you like a brewery or a share in a farm's crop. A cow's milk. You've heard how it was the Vandals and Visigoths who took down Rome but that's not the big history. It was Christ took Rome because he took down their puppets. Thing was the Romans built great roads and couldn't close the Appian Way to Christians. Close the roads and close the commerce so the Christians used their roads and brought in a stronger network. Like the internetz are now. Emperor Constantine in the East converted and his empire lasted another century.

Only thing matters in the end is what your family your friends and neighbors think of you. They are your credit score. My grandfather Karl Elzenbeck died and a quarter of the city showed up for his funeral because he spread good will. The world's going to start looking a lot like how it used to only bigger better and far far more interesting. That's our Future and I can hardly wait. Now is the time to discredit the people we're bailing out with their electronic bonuses to hire protective armies. The people we can't know. There are The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas. There are They Who Are Too Big to Fail. Let's do this thing.
That's right. It is not illegal to love one another. In fact, it is a commandment.


Sis said...

We could tear this baby down & rebuild it in, like, three days or so. Been done before. No problem.

A. Peasant said...

indeed, good thinking.

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