Buckle up you're going on a trip

Um, ok. This is a trip. I just went through the whole thing, parts 1 & 2. A great deal I agree with, though I'm withholding judgment* and want you to read it all just to get to the ending, because I and others have arrived at these conclusions via different routes.
There is an expression: forewarned is forearmed. Here is the warning:

The possibilities being considered for us by the manipulators include a global flu pandemic to drastically reduce the world's population (there are too many of us for them to control!); and World War Three - or at least the threat of it - as the excuse to install a One World Government for total global domination.

For the moment, they are biding their time and mainly concentrating on adding control measures to stave off the chaos expected when the veil hiding their plans is lifted*. At that point people will have to face up to the truth, and who knows what will happen then?

The situation will necessarily deteriorate before it improves. The awakening of the people will be marked by a period of chaos as the manipulators try desperately to keep their plan on track.

Believe all this if you will. Or choose not to believe it!

You will never hear the truth or indeed the gravity of the situation on the news stations. All the media is owned by the manipulators and they simply feed us a series of stories designed to make us think in a way which suits the continuation of the whole process.

* I object to the characterization of Jesu.


malcontent said...

I didn't see any red pills or blue pills, just brown acid.

A. Peasant said...

perhaps you suffer from a failure of imagination

Greg Bacon said...

Another trip, other than the one the wealthy elite already have us on?

LIke those waiting for "Change?" Or those that think we're still a democratic republic that fights for the little guy... by beating and bombing to hell some other little guy that can't fight back.

These games have been going on for millennia.

The only change is to the strategy and tactics used to reflect new realities to confuse the next generation of two-legged livestock.

The bozos behind the throne have been practicing genocide for century's and making tremendous amounts of money to boot off their blood lust.

If you want to join in with these clowns, just walk on down to the Crossroads and one of our friendly customer service reps will gladly take your name.... and soul.

P.S. Personally, I'd stay away from acid, too many side effects.

Go organic. Get hold of some 'Shrooms.

malcontent said...

Brown Acid, as in don't eat the...

Get thee to urbandictionary for clarification.


Bad trips aplenty.

MarcLord said...

strongly quotable:

"You will never hear the truth or indeed the gravity of the situation on the news stations. All the media is owned by the manipulators and they simply feed us a series of stories designed to make us think in a way which suits the continuation of the whole process."

Or, shorter:

"Why would you believe the news?"

A. Peasant said...

clarification please:

what exactly is the bad trip? the reality from hell we live in, or the bizarre explanation nonetheless suggesting that it can be changed?

A. Peasant said...

marc, his conclusions are sound. i can't argue with them. and it ties into the pareto principle and the remnant charles hugh smith just recently wrote about:


to wit:
"This suggests that a mere 4% of the 300 million Americans could influence 192 million of their fellow citizens."

Sis said...

I must get thee to the pub for clarification.

A. Peasant said...


malcontent said...

It reminds me of this incident


Sis said...

Sure wish I had that Skeptic's Dictionary a few years ago, when I was trying to convince people that some SOB's were fucken' with the economy and it was about to implode and it would be so bad that it could possibly destroy the US dollar and make us consider a new currency. Oh, wait! That's happening right now!

Perhaps I could have used it when I was all caught up in the idea of some secret society having to do with neo-somethings and elite pigs, who would try to destroy the constitution and enslave the masses. Good thing THAT never happened! I really need to get out more often..... thanks for the link.

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