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The man hands you the crack pipe

Nothing of substance was addressed at the G20 meeting. It was a show for the pathetic media's consumption. The participants smiled, enjoyed themselves, ate great food, pranced around in very expensive clothes, mugged for the cameras, and talked about the New World Order over which they expect to preside. Outside the police abused people.

With permission from Christopher Story, an excerpt from his latest report:
If we step back for a moment to reflect on the staged propaganda delivered to the world by Messrs Brown and Obama in recent days, we can short-circuit queries about the bona fides of these two characters quite simply. The elementary way to establish whether Obama and Brown are genuine or controlled (a simple test that applies to everyone else on the stage as well), is to ask (even though we all know the answer):

Has President Obama ordered the CIA to get out of drug trafficking?

Has Prime Minister Gordon Brown ordered Government Operations-2 (GO-2) within MI6 to get out of drug distribution via its control of the two drug cartels distributing drugs in the United Kingdom, and its financing of the main political parties using drug money proceeds?

Of course the answer to both questions is no. By extension, we can further ask the subsidiary question: are they serving the interests of the American/British peoples, or not? And again the answer has to be: they can’t be, otherwise this would be their top priority, wouldn’t it. In that case, if they aren’t serving the interests of their populations, they must be serving some other interest – namely, of course, the internationalist One World Agenda, operating CONTRARY to the interests of the nation state, which it seeks to obliterate. Since the nation state is the natural human condition and has been found to serve the preferences and interests of human beings best, it follows that the One World Agenda does not meet the requirements of human beings, and can never do so.

France, Germany, China, the ‘former’ Soviet Union, Israel and other countries are also in the drug business: but that’s not the point. The issue is: do our leaders serve our interests?

And clearly, since they preside over Governments that are engaged in satanic operations (drug-trafficking and distribution) the purpose of which is to make money out of destroying people’s lives, they most certainly do not.

If Brown and Obama had stood on that Canning Town platform and condemned drug-trafficking and the participation of their own structures in this heinous activity, one might have been excused for perhaps taking them seriously.

And there are plenty of other devilish government-sanctioned activities to which they should be opposed, as well. But since neither of these ‘leaders’ condemned them – making no mention of any of the foregoing fundamental causes of the criminal finance crisis, which is degrading the whole world, in their pompous globalist dirges – neither of these two operatives should command our respect: except that President Obama is Head of State and, as previously mentioned, whatever the personality occupying this position, he or she must command a degree of deference because he or she represents the people who are, or ought to be (but are not), sovereign.
Illegal drug money makes our high finance world go around. It would be so nice if people could just stop using illegal drugs, but of course many of them cannot because they are addicted. Besides that, life is ever more stressful for all of us, and we medicate or self-medicate to deal with the stress. Might this feed the drug addiction mill? Yes it might. A coincidence? Of course not. The politicians can't legalize drugs or do anything useful to improve our lives and reduce our stress because then the corrupt world of high finance would grind to a halt. So in other words, people needing to get high works quite nicely for those in power. It doesn't bother them a bit.


Sis said…
Re: Nothing of substance was addressed at the G20 meeting.

When a circus comes to town, the media usually covers only what’s under the Big Top. This is where you’ll see the clowns, trained animals and other performing artists.

What fails to get reported are the sideshows. In the dilapidated trailers behind the main tent, you’ll witness fire-eaters, knife throwers and the two headed lady. This is where secret deals are made between circus personnel and you may overhear a deal to swap the world’s shortest man for the bearded lady. This area is excluded from general admission; you can not enter these trailers without a special pass. Cameras are never allowed.

This is where the action is and I’m quite certain there were a few trailers set up behind the Big Top at the G-20 as well. The general ticket holders only get to see the clowns and the choreographed trapeze act.

See one circus, you've seen 'em all.
Power grows by monopolizing violence.In order to protect you from yourself you the individual must be constrained by dissolving your identification to a more managable group identity which can control members by violent means.Therefore your body does,nt by extention belong to you but to the collective heirarchy of violence with the most psycho personalities at the top.
A. Peasant said…
sounds about right to me.
Sis said…
When she said, "It takes a village", I didn't think she'd mean this!