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Read This Carefully

Honestly, I don't know how this ever got into print. Rarely do we see something so truthy. The mask has certainly dropped when NWO sentiments and Israeli control over US policy are so blithely delineated for everyone to read. I scarcely feel the need to interpret. He has laid it out in technicolor. Is it psyops, directed at the Israeli population? Either that, or we are so close to the fulfillment of their plans that the perceived need for cover has essentially dissolved.

By Amir Oren, the defense correspondent for Haaretz, reprinted in full because it could go down the memory hole at any time.

Barack Hussein Obama is the one who highlighted his middle name. In a speech in Strasbourg, he did not wait for the Passover holiday to hold a "seder." Not just one seder (which means "order" in Hebrew) but a series of seders. There is the order of the day and a world order.

Within 10 days he revealed his plan for Afghanistan and its problematic neighbor, Pakistan; stopped by London to deal with the economic crisis that has rocked global financial institutions; trekked out to the French-German border to give a shot of adrenaline to the NATO alliance; laid out his vision for a nuclear weapon-free globe in Prague; spoke of relations between Islam and the West in Turkey; and, for dessert, reminded Benjamin Netanyahu who is king of the (white) house. Not bad for a week and a half.

The end result is that Israel's chances of gaining American understanding for an operation against Iran increased, while Netanyahu's chances of gaining American understanding for his sleights of hand and the suspension of the diplomatic process with the Palestinians have whittled down to zero. Obama will not reconcile with nuclear weapons in Iran, nor will he come to terms with Israeli obstinacy.

Obama is working within three circles - domestic, Western and global. He is first trying to muster support at home, then among NATO, which is another way of saying "the West," and finally around the world, including from powers (Russia, China) who have no interest in aiding American global leadership.

He prefers to act from a general consensus. He will make do with Western support, and he would be pained to follow a policy of American unilateralism, even if every other country protests.

As if to remove any doubt, Obama responded to a British journalist's provocative line of questioning in Strasbourg with polished pride in his belief of the uniqueness of America. Whoever hoped or feared that the new president would reveal himself to be a completely different kind of American leader, soft and apologetic, came away disappointed.

It does not matter what qualities his devotees imagined he possessed. The job, in this case as well, is larger than the man, and Obama's presidency is just one link in the long chain of an effort to cope with a grim reality, one which has no smooth passageways from black to white, or vice versa. It is now clear that Obama is not George Bush's opposite.

From the Israeli standpoint, the most essential strategic development is the shift of American interest eastward from Iraq, which took center stage during the Bush years. The focus is moving to Iran, Afghanistan and North Korea. The significance is that the attention devoted to existential threats of terrorism and nuclear weapons intensifies exactly as it did during the Bush presidency, yet it is disconnected from the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Concessions on the Israeli front will not aid in the fight against Al Qaida and the Taliban, nor will they dissuade Kim Jong-il from launching missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

Like Bush following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama finds himself compelled to declare that Islam is not the enemy of America. Here, his "Hussein" and his father's ethnicity help him, but the simplistic truth transmitted to his audience is that Islam is indeed the enemy.

Not all Muslims are bad, but all the bad guys are Muslims, with the exception of North Korea. A world order that is founded upon nations and multinational cooperation frameworks cannot become enslaved by religious fanaticism that will foment perpetual war, leading to the deaths of millions of civilians via the spread of nuclear weapons to unfettered regimes and organizations that have vowed to liberate holy land by killing infidels.

It is convenient for Israel that Obama's immediate nuclear challenge comes from North Korea, because the rules of conduct that Obama will lay down for states that eschew their obligations in this context will also apply to Iran. Conversations with U.S. civilian and military officials suggest that in recent weeks there has been greater recognition among members of the Obama administration that the danger of a nuclear Iran to the entire Middle East and, together with North Korea, to the spread of nuclear weapons around the world, is greater than the anticipated cost of an Israeli operation against Iran.

The Pentagon and Obama's National Security Council have become increasingly convinced of this following talks with Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi in Washington and Strasbourg. In a time of change in the political leadership and stability in the senior military command, the American defense establishment views Ashkenazi as highly credible, and as someone who takes a professional approach. His assessments on the gravity of the threat as well as the capability to confront it have already been echoed by the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Michael Mullen, in his briefings with the press.

But only an Israeli government that seeks peace can convince the public that its order to the IDF to act was given free from ulterior motives. If Netanyahu's natural partner is Avigdor Lieberman, Obama is indicating that his natural partner is Tzipi Livni.

Very soon, in Netanyahu's visit to Washington and Obama's visit to Jerusalem, either a change will be imposed on Israeli policy, or a change will be imposed on the Israeli government.


Sis said…
Countries on the brink of ruin say the silliest things!

Let's play with these quotes a bit:

(Muslims) cannot become enslaved by religious fanaticism that will foment perpetual war, leading to the deaths of millions of civilians via the spread of nuclear weapons to (Israel), that have vowed to liberate holy land by killing infidels (Arabs).

Projectionism at it's finest.
A. Peasant said…
exactly right. and 'not all muslims are bad, but all the bad guys are muslims' - just like in hollywood!!

what a coincidence.
Sis said…
not all Wall Street jews are crooks, but all Wall Street crooks are jewish.
A. Peasant said…
sis sis sis. you will have the mossad at my doorstep.
Sis said…
Well, you can show them who has bigger Matzo Balls. Let me know if you need some chicken broth.
A. Peasant said…
i'll stare those fuckers down and call you for backup.
Greg Bacon said…
laid out his vision for a nuclear weapon-free globe in Prague

Except for Britain, the USA and Israel, who will need nukes to keep the peace.

"Boom-Boom" Netanyahu's vision of an Israel for Jews and Jews alone is on the fast track, with that racist psycho Lieberman at his side as FM.

Lieberman is another in a long line of immigrant Russian Jews, whose violent ideology was even too much for the old USSR, so they made aliyah to that nation of racists, bigots and murderers, Israel where they found heaven on Earth.
Sis said…
Aliyah figures are so exaggerated. Yerida is the underreported crisis that proves the jewish state is weak and doomed; emigration challenges the legitimacy of Israel as the promised land.

This is the story that is not being told, but the numbers of people leaving Israel are huge. They have lost faith in the state. Those that are immigrating are doing so because they are being offered a carrot. More than 1/2 of these people eventually leave Israel. Over 1/2 of Israeli high school students say they will leave Israel.

Like the self-distructive patterns of biblical times, the jewish state will implode from within. Of course, they will blame the Arabs. Always the victim. Always.
Greg Bacon said…
but the numbers of people leaving Israel are huge

But, they're going and are immigrating to the USA in huge numbers.
Israeli Jews get a special dispensation from ICE so they can flee here w/o a lotta paperwork.

Lucky us. Any day now, Qassams will be launched from Brooklyn into Manhattan, forcing the feds to build a concrete barrier wall to keep our Kosher buds safe.
A. Peasant said…
smuggled through the subway tunnels, no doubt...
A. Peasant said…
with the help of Iran, no doubt...
Sis said…
Have you been reading the playbook at Mossad headquarters again, Peasant?

The problem with this website is that I always find out the ending before the story is even half way through. Can't we just enjoy the show for once and be surprised by the ending that they have carefully spun for us?
Greg Bacon said…
President Obama rushed to hospital

Holocaust™ News Service- Washington, DC 15 Nissan, 5769

President Obama was rushed to a local emergency room this evening, while hosting a SEDER in the White House, celebrating the most holy Jewish Passover.

"I don't know what happened, commented Obama's social secretary, Samantha Tubman. "The President was doing what he usually does whenever he has his Jewish Masters over. Obama was on his knees, kissing Rabbi's rings and a certain body part which I won't mention, due to National Security, when he started having trouble breathing and collapsed."

"Herbie" Ziskend, aide to Vice President Biden, said "Obama was being the complete gracious and subservient host, just the way us Chosen Ones like to see the American president act, when he started gasping for air. This is most distressing to the Rabbi's attending the first ever SEDER hosted by a sitting president. This could call into question Obama's loyalty to Israel."

Lisa Kohnke, the White House deputy director of advance and special events, said Obama might of had a reaction to licking all of those Matzo Balls. "I've seen this before, said Kohnke. "Some GOY politician tries to lick every Matzo Ball in the room and has a reaction to all of that grease dripping off those balls."

At press time, the White House, Capt. Jeff Kuhlman, MD Obama's personal physician, said Obama was resting comfortably and would return to servicing his Jewish Masters tomorrow.

White House videographer Arun Chaudhary said he had recorded the entire event and would rush the footage to Tel Aviv, where the Supreme Rabbinical Council would view Obama's transgressions and decide upon a proper punishment.

For Holocaust™ news, I'm Bennie Dipschitz reporting from the White House.
A. Peasant said…
way too many disgusting visuals
Greg Bacon said…
But is it that far from the truth?
A. Peasant said…
certainly not
just disgusting
Greg Bacon said…
I agree that Obama's slavish devotion to Israel is disgusting.
Greg Bacon said…
Hell I don't know, maybe the Jews are the Master Race.

They've got Obama acting like a well trained circus dog and it looks like they might be able to cower the Pope when he visits Khazaria in May from not displaying the symbol of the Catholic faith, the Cross.

Maybe it's time to join a synagogue.
Sis said…
Hold on there, Greg; things never end well for the jews. Plus, unless you are a member of the ultra-elite, they will force you to become a slave. Do you really want to toil away building another temple for Yahweh that will eventually be torched by angry arabs.