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The Resistance Begins In Your Mind

This seems as good a time as any to remind you, dear reader, not to get all depressed. When I wrote yesterday Have a Nice Day, I really mean it. You can't let these people bring you down because that is exactly what they want. When you feel hopeless, they rub their hands together with glee. It's not hopeless, and you keep telling yourself that every single day. Fake it until you make it, because this battle is a battle of hearts and minds, just like that fucktard george bush kept saying. Your heart, and your mind. The people dragging us down want you to give up. It will make their lives so much easier if you just give up, and that's why you need to dig down deep and find your inner warrior who loves humanity and rustle up that creature make it roar. Come on you can do it.

Suraci knows it.
This is a difficult fight, and not a pleasant one. We who know what is transpiring in the world, by necessity, immerse ourselves in horror. We see it everywhere, and are shocked and disgusted, and in our own small, inconsequential way, we try to do something about it. It is rarely from our thoughts.

In the midst of this, we must not forget to enjoy our lives. If we allow them to so dominate our lives by their evil deeds, we allow them to win, to defeat us in this, our one and only life. To enjoy our lives, regardless of the vermin at large in the world seeking to destroy and maim and murder and conquer, is to defeat them.
James knows it.
Evil will always try to convince you that you, indeed everyone, are just the same as they are. If it were true then why would they bother with all the pressure to convince you? I have been subjected to extreme pressure to accept this view and I can tell that I know down to the very marrow of my bones that it is not true.

Many Christians inadvertantly help the evil in this and will tell us that we are all sinners; that we are all corrupt. That is the message all around us. It's almost like brainwashing, isn't it?! While it is certainly true we are far from perfect, that is a long way from saying we are are all evil in that we will always act corruptly and that that is the sum total of our hearts' desire.
And I know it. And I know other people who know it, and you need to be one of them. The constant negative drumbeat is engineered to suck the very life right out of you, to suck your will into a vortex of doom. You have to counter that, and it's tough to do while staying informed but find a way to connect with life. Life is good. These people trying to wreck everything, they will fail. You keep telling yourself that They Will Fail. Believe it because it's true. The evil are always defeated in the end. Be a rebel. Believe.


Noor al Haqiqa said…
YES YES YES! As one who has been studying this world in depth, losing one illusion after another, I was beginning to feel shell shocked. I cannot even begin to express how I felt about discovering my entire generation had been manipulated so heavily. And one by one my idols toppled down around me.

Last year I had to take a year off from writing and studying these things because it was starting to weigh me down. I have been into these matters since I was a kid, that is like over 35 years ago and even put off having kids for a long time cos I thought, why bother bringing more slaves into the world.

However, the urge to breed finally took over and I found that I DID create children of whom one will make a true difference to the good of the human race.

I have always told people, if you lose one day, miss sniffing that one flower, etc etc, because the world's nasties are getting to you, if you hide from the truth for fear of these things, you are giving them a win. And screw that action, I ain't giving them NOTHING!

That is how I have lived my life, even to the point of never working a job that went against my ethics. And never had a credit card or a cell phone either. All these things tie you down and into their system and give them power over you in one way or another. Does that make me a rebel? Well, it does make me poor, but I am still much freer than those with debt and lots of "stuff".

Once you have seen through the Matrix there is no going back. So pieces of positive affirmation like you have written are good. We live in a world in which "joy" and "innocence" and just spiritual happiness or "belly laughing" has been replaced by skepticism, jadedness, pointed barbs and insults. This is what they want, to suck our souls out of us, create automatons.

I say, fight it to the end. This is the true source of Resistence. I also say.. We are ALL potential Palestinians so we must be wise, keep our souls in place, and remember to smell the flowers.
Sis said…
Barbara - you said it perfectly. When I observe young people, I am encouraged. They seem to possess qualities that were lacking in the generations of the recent past. We must keep in mind that we were raised by grandparents that experienced WWI and parents that witnessed WWII. As those generations die off, we will bury the negativity and distorted view of the world with them.

We are experiencing a tipping point; we are winning and they know it. They are fighting for dear life and pulling out all the stops. That is why things seem so crazy these days. They are loosing, though and what is natural and right will prevail.
A. Peasant said…
amen to you both and pay it forward