The Talent for Hypocrisy

When does all this abuse end? The abuse of you, and of me, and of practically everyone in the world at the hands of a self-proclaimed 'elite?' It ends when enough people disabuse themselves of the idea that we owe people in power the courtesy of the benefit of the doubt. They've been using that as a cudgel to beat us to death, in case you haven't noticed. And they will never relinquish the cudgel voluntarily.

Let me make this easy. Here you can read a horrible story of an eleven year old Indian girl beaten into a coma by her teacher. She died.
The incident allegedly occurred when Shannoo failed to recite the English alphabet in class. Angered by this, the teacher allegedly hit Shannoo's head against the table and made her stand in the sun for over two hours. Unable to stand the heat, Shannoo fainted and was found unconscious by her younger sister, who studies in the same school.
Cut and dried psychopathic behavior causing the death of an innocent child. Who will disagree?

OK then, what about the innocent children and others who have died in Gaza and Lebanon at the hands of the Israelis, in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hands of Americans and other coalition soldiers (to achieve Israel's goals), in Pakistan, in Somalia, in the United States of America? What about the deaths of innocents caused by cold-blooded calculated greed? Isn't it even worse than some sick frustrated elementary school teacher killing a child in India, horrible as that is, when the perpetrators sit in their glamorous air-conditioned offices and conference rooms and presidential quarters ordering the deaths of millions of innocents simply to make money and consolidate power? Let me tell you, it's the same shit different day. Don't let the nice suits fool you. Psychopaths are psychopaths. The more dangerous ones just kill a lot more people before they get caught.

Sociopathic Through Lines
What then separates the SAPs [Socially Adept Socio/Psychopaths] from the failed (and caught) sociopaths? I see the situation as being the balancing of two countervailing pressures. One pressure, drive actually, is to reach out, take and dominate. The other pressure is simply the need to get away with it, which has both internal and external aspects. Failed sociopaths lack the internal resources to restrain themselves [like the teacher in India - Ed.] (apparently, some people, including many professional researchers, consider only these individuals to be true sociopaths — they couldn’t be more wrong). Other sociopaths have the internal resources, but only if the external environment (i.e., the threat of some punishment) necessitates it. The continuum is really a scale of talent at being hypocritical. The advanced SAPs are simply magnificent hypocrites – able to bide their time, be patient, realistically assess their position in the food chain (the concept of the food chain is central to sociopath life stories), restrain their arrogance, desire for dominance and rudeness and wait for opportunities without consequence for indulging their sociopathic wants, etc. Hypocrisy is simply their main lifetool, as swimming is the main lifetool for a fish.
How much easier must it be to realistically assess one's position in the food chain when one is literally at the TOP of the food chain? Oh, there's some jostling around up there, no doubt. But how easy it must be to bide their time and be patient, with unimaginable resources -- armies, the media, defenseless populations -- at their fingertips. Think about it. Are these people who lead our nations and corporations really so very impressive? Is it so hard to be patient when you're king of the world?

Get over them. Stop being impressed by mass murderers just because they got elected once or twice. Big fucking deal.

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