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The Ultimate Hegelian Mindfuck

Yesterday I posted a Youtube video from CNN. As we know, CNN provides us a steady stream of government psyops. Therefore, we must consider that when CNN starts airing information from a UFO conference including explicit remarks about the US government needing to admit the truth, meaning disclose the presence of aliens, by the end of next month no less, maybe something is up here. I mean, do some people need our attention diverted from their taking down the world economy? Do you really think so?

Paraphrasing starting around 5:00 in: If it [the US government under Obama] doesn't disclose by the end of May [the existence of aliens], PRG has extensive resources and documentation that will be put out to the media, making it as difficult as possible for Obama to avoid this issue, on which the development of the human race hangs oh by the way. If Obama waits past the end of May, there's a 50:50 chance another nation will act preemptively, (no scratch that Freudian slip), proactively (that's the ticket) to disclose the alien presence. Like Nicky Sarkozy, for instance.

Here's a little discussion of it over at Cryptogon.

Kenny from Kenny's Sideshow left a very perceptive comment here yesterday, and so I want to call attention to this possibility. Because if something like this does go down and we're faced with aliens [PROBLEM], it's going to cause total chaos [REACTION] and people will not be able to think clearly. People need to think it through before it happens on the premise that it's a really elaborate trap designed to close the deal on the NWO agenda.

So here's the thing. Who or what is PRG, referenced in the video? (And who is that creepy woman with the lidded eyes at 4:20?)

Such a comprehensive site. Who has the time? I don't. I see the mission statement boils down to "What are going to do about it?" [SOLUTION] Mmm hmm.
Rockefeller Initiative, Clintons.....hmmm

I suppose if Obama or Sarkozy reveals ET's presence there will be only be one thing to do. We must unite as one world, under one government, using a global currency and build a world security system just in case some ET want to start some shit.

This would be way too big for a bunch of squabbling nations to handle. We would need one voice, one heart, one brave leader to speak for the world. A messiah to lead us into the promised land of the galaxies and tell us all what to do.

Knowing that we are not alone would cast doubts about current religions. I think we should have a new universal religion to embrace our new found neighbors and show world unity and peace.
Tithing required.

We can reach out to the ET's and become a popular tourist stop in their travels. Of course we may have to reduce our population by a few billion and clean up the place a little. No tourist wants to stay in a slum.

This new revelation would be just what we need. A new world....

I feel better already.
You can read about project Blue Beam here and also here. An important detail:
What are the New World Order plans? They plan the destruction of all people who believe in the Bible, who worship Jesus Christ, and the complete disappearance of Christianity to achieve this plan. The New World Order will change nations' laws in order that Christian religious beliefs and symbols - like the cross for instance - will be come unlawful. Only Easter and Christmas for instance will be replaced by New Age festivities around the world.
Yeah. That's sort of a dead giveaway, you know? Who hates Jesus? Anyway, let's see because Henry Makow has been talking about this too, and he even brings up the Urantia book which, as "luck" would have it, was tossed my way recently, and I didn't know what to make of it, having never heard of it before. And a funny thing happened, a stranger and fellow traveler was looking out for me and contacted me out of the blue to say Be Careful with that. And I'm so glad he did. So please think about this scenario now, while it still seems silly and flaky and ridiculous, and think it through so that you will have your wits about you should the need arise. And of course I hope it never does, but some of us have to have the nerve to bring this shit up just in case.
Starting in January, Penre has written an astonishing five-part series about a Tennessee-based, 35-year-old playboy- tycoon who Penre says is literally the incarnation of Lucifer but "redeemed." It's all hush-hush and Penre's life is in danger. He has been contacted by defectors who said young Supriem David Rockefeller dictates to the likes of Henry Kissinger, Zbig Brzezinski and George H.W. Bush. He is going to save mankind by instituting a benevolent New World Order. He wants to atone for the Rebellion against God which is the source of all of mankind's problems. He wants us to accept his rule so he can clean up the mess. (Right, and I have some land in Florida...)

"I truly do believe Supriem is Lucifer, " Penre says. Penre's acceptance of this hoax is worrisome. If an intelligent, rational person like Wes Penre can succumb, what will happen to the rest of us?


Penre explains Supriem's origins with a comic book legend straight out of Superman. Supriem's grandfather worked at Area 51 and met aliens "who told of the Supreme child who will be born in 1974 who will be the true Messiah, God incarnate and only part human. The child will have to choose which path to travel, to bring Revelations in the Bible to fruition or bring the planet into light and life from the Urantia book."

Penre was told each President of the United States has a Urantia Book in their office. It is known as the Blue Book, that is why the USAF called the UFO investigation Project Blue Book. "If this is true, it makes sense why people like Bush, Clinton, Obama and most of the other Presidents throughout history have eagerly worked towards the goal of a One World Government."

Evidently this psy-op is about substituting a Luciferian narrative --the Urantia Book-- for the Bible. It is about shifting the moorings of Western civilization from Judeo Christian to occult foundations.
And so forth. I have looked around the Urantia book and if I had to pick one word to describe it, I would have to choose confusing. Confusion is the hallmark of the evil one.

Anyway, not to get off on a wild goose-chase here, but they [the Illuminati] have the technology and they have the motive to pull something like this off. I like Henry Makow's conclusion:
Although this is a hoax, it does elucidate our situation. It makes me think of Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" where people actually went into a panic because of a realistic newscast of a Martian invasion.

Although I have always been favorable to the idea of UFO's and aliens, I now see how they could be used to justify world government. What if the news told us Supriem Rockefeller was indeed Lucifer with super powers, the result of prophesy and alien-human cross breeding? (And I thought Barack Obama was cast for this role... )

The Illuminati watchword is "Believe what i tell you, not what you see." The occult is all about smoke and mirrors. Prophesy cannot be verified and tends to be deterministic. All the more reason we should believe only what we witness and scrutinize ourselves. We need to make common sense the final standard. We should be guided by our innate sense of what is natural, honest, just, healthy and wholesome.

Supriem David Rockefeller is a psy-op designed to test our gullibility and willingness to accept tyranny in exchange for a spurious promise of a better world.
Have a nice day and stick with Jesu come hell or high water. That's my advice.


Sis said…
"We need to make common sense the final standard. We should be guided by our innate sense of what is natural, honest, just, healthy and wholesome"

Sounds easy if you can get it, but lack of common sense is what has sent us clinging to the cliff. During the 2nd & 3rd centuries, when the New Testament was being put to book form, scribes changed text and omitted scripture to fit their worldly views. Today, it is possible to piece the original intent of the apostles together to form a consensus that is entirely different from what we have come to learn from church leaders.

Whether one believes that Jesus was the messiah or just an activist, it is a mistake to discount the message that was presented to us prior to the corruption of his words. Through faith in his message, we gain wisdom. Perfecting our knowledge brings us closer to the truth. It really just boils down to common sense.

Most people fail to realize the significance of religion on world events. The sooner people learn, the sooner they will equip themselves of the knowledge to make informed decisions. This, of course, would be too dangerous for our world leaders. Common sense would lead to revolt.
A. Peasant said…
the more they over-reach they actually drive people right into the arms of common sense. this is the fatal flaw of the evil -- they always go tone deaf, overreach and lose grasp of the narrative.
MarcLord said…
As a psy-op aliens are just about perfect. Cheap input, maximum yield. No evidence to dispose of, they've already loaded the bases for decades and it's just waiting for them to hit it out of the park. I studied Roswell and concluded there was an event but it most likely served as an experiment in information warfare.

Every society has used organized religion to justify hierarchy and theft. Chieftains and kings usually claimed outright that they were gods or related to gods. Aliens would neatly fill the justification vacuum for a NWO, which otherwise has no democratic attainment or control mechanism nor unified god.
A. Peasant said…
yes, it seems like a no brainer if they have the technology to pull it off, which i assume they do.

this might call for some bravery, dammit.
MarcLord said…
observation: the muslim world won't just roll over and worship some damned alien. no way.
A. Peasant said…
;) i'm sure you're right and happy thought

that would be poetic justice, the best kind