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A Conclusion Not Drawn

Psychopaths are not all that rare. Therefore you should know how to recognize them so that you might protect yourself and your loved ones from their dangerous and potentially murderous behavior.

Psychopaths make up about five percent of the population. If you're in a room with thirty people, chances are one of them is a psychopath. It's not a rare condition; it's like knowing someone with diabetes. It's not that they all murder, but a psychopath has no conscience. So let's just say that if someone were to be hurt or killed by something a psychopath did or did not do, it would not necessarily be a big deal to the person -- you know, as long as he or she could get away with it. It might even be sort of amusing to the psychopath. You know people like this, you probably just don't know what to call them other than "asshole."

The corporate media, for all their Investigative Reporting, will not tell you this. They love these stories about psychopaths and the horrible things they do, but they present them as rare, mysterious birds who puzzle and confound the experts. Take The TODAY Show, a forum that reaches millions and millions of Americans.
Experts: Drew Peterson's body language says a lot

Drew Peterson’s behavior and words during interviews with TODAY and NBC News did not match up with what would be expected from someone whose wife had abandoned him and his children for another man, two analysts said Thursday. [Unless he is a psychopath, in which case his behavior is perfectly consistent.]

Body language expert Tonya Reiman and NBC analyst and former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt reviewed the tapes of Peterson talking exclusively to TODAY’s Matt Lauer on Wednesday and saw a man sitting back with legs spread wide in a position of arrogance. They said they also saw a man who showed no anger or frustration or concern for his children, who have been left without a mother since the Oct. 28 disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy.

“Just indifference, pure indifference,” Reiman told Lauer after analyzing the tape. “[Peterson’s] wife is missing, and you notice that there’s really nothing going on with his expressions. You don’t see any remorse, you don’t see any anger, frustration.”

...In a later interview on Wednesday with NBC News, Peterson had gotten emotional about his children, but only in response to a question about what would happen to them if he is charged and found guilty with killing either Savio or Stacy Peterson.

He briefly choked up when saying, “If my kids are OK and provided with, I’m OK with anything that comes. If you’re trying to get me to cry, you’re close.”

...“This is a guy, we’re told, who wouldn’t leave his wife alone. He followed her to college, he monitored her cell phones, he knew who she saw socially,” he said. “Number one, he ought to be able to say, ‘Here’s her cell phone records. Here’s the name of her boyfriend.’ Number two, he can’t give us one name, one example of who this mysterious person she may have run off with is.”

It's just so puzzling, isn't it? What does it mean when a person shows indifference to the pain and suffering of his own family members and children, shows no expression or remorse unless talking about himself, and stalks his own wife? Do you think the FBI Profiler knows the answer to this question? I don't suppose he could have done his job unless he knew how to recognize psychopaths, do you? Why doesn't The TODAY Show let you know that Drew Peterson's behavior is consistent with him being a psychopath, and that this condition affects about five out of one hundred people and not one in a thousand as you might be forgiven for concluding? Wouldn't it be good for people to know that sort of thing? Maybe they could protect themselves.

For some reason, it's like the corporate media just doesn't want you to know the truth about psychopaths. Why is that? Would it ruin all the fun or something?