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Energy Extraction

From the Matthew Delooze Website, describing his visit to Paris and the Louvre:

Caption under this picture:

I realised that all the artifacts in the museum were actually set around the pyramid that was located outside.

Hmm. That looks like the same antiquity on the cover of Mr. Cumo's book. (As you may recall, Mr. Cuno is president and director of the Art Institute of Chicago.)

Things started to get interesting for me and I suddenly had flashbacks in my mind of walking down the Champs-Élysées in a straight line towards the pyramid from the Arch de Triomphe, past the obelisk, past the Hexagon shaped pond, past the Ferris wheel and past the Arc de Carousel and into the Pyramid. I immediately felt drained. What the hell is going on here I thought. I was in a spiritual daze. Like I was pissed (drunk). (No I hadn't touched a bloody drop and at 8 Euro a pint I wasn't able to.)

Yes I had indeed walked part way along an invisible energy line but I somehow knew that the monuments were just as important as the actual invisible energy 'line'. I realised in my daze that the 'creators' of the monuments were actually feeding from energy that was being created by the visitors, and the mass thoughts of others, and the energy was somehow being passed through the monuments and they, the creators of the monuments, somehow had exclusive rights to the energy they had extracted.

I realised that 'They' are syphoning off energy because 'We' automatically adore or simply accept the monuments as being idols deserving respect.

'Just like we drink a milkshake through a straw they suck energy through the monuments'. 'The more symbolic the monument the bigger the size of milkshake' comes to my mind. Do you know what I mean? Lets go a little deeper while we can eh? Don't worry most of the plastic sheeple of the spiritual communities will have long left this article by now, so there is only us serious folk left to trigger our inner memories within. So please come with me...

Thousands of humans beings are being led into the pyramid at the Louvre but its not for their own benefit in my opinion. Far from it. The fact that the Louvre is full of ancient symbolic monuments, that literally surround the pyramid, only confirmed my thoughts that spiritual energy extraction is taking place.
Note the language describing the architectural exhibits at Millennium Park in Chicago.