The Hail Mary Pass

The Illuminati hide their plans in the open by going big and long -- grand plans executed over many years. They use buildings and structures. They use symbols and numbers and dates. A lot of it is out in the open. That way if you ever point anything out they can scoff and brush it off and call you a paranoid conspiracy kook. Also, they use the good energy people innocently put into things that the Illuminati control, like ancient artifacts in museums for instance.

I offer the following posts for your consideration, jumping off from the ten year old American Gothic prophecy I stumbled across and posted about yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I've long held the same view about Glastonbury festival in the UK. I was shocked when I first saw the pyramid stage, somehow it had passed my attention, but the stage is literally a pryamid with an illuminated cap stone. The revellers are worshipping the pyramid as they watch the band on stage, without knowing it passing their energy on.

I believe this is why this festival is no longer trusted by many, with it's corporate zones, it's highly dubious experience zones, it's new ageism and so on.

Who better to target for social engineering and energy harvesting than the young.

A. Peasant said...

absolutely right. once their cover is good and blown, leaving everything right out in the open might not seem like such a great idea after all. ;)

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