Memo to Human Beings: Expectations Matter

I have come to the conclusion over time that we must have a fighting spirit and an attitude that good will prevail over evil in order for that to be true. I've written about it in a few different ways here, usually with religious connotations because I am a person of faith. But for those of you who maybe need a different slant, George Ure offered one on Tuesday May 5th at Urban Survival (you have to scroll down to Coping: With Detractors).

Turns out that at a very deep, fundamental level, it turns out that God/Universe/Nature (or however you want to refer to in this here Matrix is highly entangled. With respect to Erwin: "Verschränkung'ed". Expect the cat to live when you view it and it lives! Expect it to be dead and so it will be....

Since Cliff, Igor, and I approached this project with a 'time monk's' perspective (look gently at the future but don't get caught up in profiting from it, or changing it) , we've been able to observe that yes, it appears the future really can be manipulated - future-jacked - if you will.

But it's much more complex than people imagine. A good starting point might be to read Dean Radin's book: Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality. For you see, the future changes slightly each time we looked at it but more importantly, each time our expectations change.

Best I can figure, our looking at it - without any sense of attachment to a particular outcome is the only way that one can look at the future without changing it, because it seems that when a particular outcome is desired, the future can be made to drift a little, this way or that.

To be more direct, the entanglement / Verschränkung of it is such that it appears influenced by expectations.

What's more, in my study along the way, it seems many different human activities may influence how the future actually shows up because they change expectations. Does prayer work? Well, if it embeds a really firm expectation about how the future will arrive, of course. But doesn't that also mean meditation could work? Again, most certainly. And what about all those self-help guru's and their positive mindset/ positive expectations? Well, them too, at least to some extent.

But wait! What about groups that hold on to supposed magical traditions handed down from ancient Egypt - do they work too? Then what about a fraternity group or covens of 'magicians' following the tradition of the Golden Dawn schools...they all work on expectations of the future so what about them? Well, yeah, them too.

In fact, all of them may work, at one level or another (except for the groups that have been co-opted from the inside via Mafia-type favor-traders within the ranks of otherwise 'clean' traditions), but they only work to the extent they effectively implant changed expectations about the future.

...What happens when those seeking Power enter the equation is that this personal self determination or self-manipulation of the future becomes forbidden, or lost, or tabooed away such that regular folks like you and me are hypnotized into thinking it doesn't exist. Then, what happens with Power is that some person or institution will set itself up and offer that for a price of some kind, you will be reintroduced to the power within each of us. A little 'tribute', either in the form of money, but also in the belief of the Power leadership's ideology/vision of the future and trah lah! Stairway to Heaven turns out to be right there in front of you....

And so forth and so on. This is why, my dear people who love humanity, we must have steel rods of certainty in our spines that we will prevail. Don't sit around all Woe! Woe! We're Doomed!

No no no a thousand times NO. Do not ever concede your desire and EXPECTATION that good will prevail over evil, and right soon as a matter of fact. Whether you get there by faith or science does not matter at this point, but get there and do it today. Thank you for your cooperation!

In solidarity and love, your fellow human being,


MarcLord said...

"Does prayer work? Well, if it embeds a really firm expectation about how the future will arrive, of course."


A. Peasant said...

I'm on it.

Anonymous said...

good post. thought is energy, as are words, we need to use them wisely, be aware of their power.

the mysterious religion the vermin elite practise understands this, which is why they collect thousands of innocent ignorants to glastonbury to worship a pyramid, while they think they are watching a band. their energies are harvested by those who deceive them.

similarly in las vegas, or anywhere else pyramids predominate, the elite are feeding.

a psychic friend visited the giza pyramids but was deeply unsettled by the energy in side. these people are amongst us, ruling us for their purpose. our world is not as we have been taught by them, as you well know.

A. Peasant said...

yes, this is important knowledge and it's not limited to the pyramids. they harvest our fear, they harvest our energy whenever we pay tribute to their buildings or whatever things they've stolen and propped up in museums for us to file by and admire.

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