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From Urban Survival, a couple of things that I feel compelled to highlight:
Then we get the bombing of Iran by Israel in late October, about which time, the U.S. government will be contemplating use of its 'continuity of government' plans due to social unrest brought about by (what else?) economic collapse. And that in turn sets a 4-week temporal 'timer' that brings us to the part where South Korea receives a nuke or two from the North. And then things get bad.
And a little further down:
Yesterday's piece in the "Coping" section - which dealt with the 'hearing of Voices" and then people supposedly disappearing has brought all kinds of feedback. But before we go there, let me clarify that the story in the Tasmanian Times was not written in 2005 as I reported yesterday, and was in fact published on May 11th...barely four days ago.

[big giant snip here of very interesting reading, letters from George's readers, etc.]

I have been watching the net closely for the 'disappearances' meme to set in, since that's something predicted in the HPH linguists. Some time after July 15th we ought to be reading headlines about a ship with 50-people aboard being found in Mary Celeste fashion, abandoned with no trace of living humans - and even more mystifying - no sign of violence.
I have nothing to add except that we are moving through very strange territory now. Things like this can make the difference between you seeing some news this summer and going 'huh?' as you crack another beer versus having a little bell go off in your head reminding you to pay attention.

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