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Planting a little seed

Those who study the NWO plans know that the goals include a micro-chipped population. Total control over where you go, what you buy, perhaps extending to whether you live or die. Why not? Look at this story from Fox News (via Cryptogon).
It could be the ultimate in political control — but it won’t be patented in Germany.

German media outlets reported last week that a Saudi inventor’s application to patent a “killer chip,” as the Swiss tabloids put it, had been denied.

The basic model would consist of a tiny GPS transceiver placed in a capsule and inserted under a person’s skin, so that authorities could track him easily.

Model B would have an extra function — a dose of cyanide to remotely kill the wearer without muss or fuss if authorities deemed he’d become a public threat.

The inventor said the chip could be used to track terrorists, criminals, fugitives, illegal immigrants, political dissidents, domestic servants and foreigners overstaying their visas.

“The invention will probably be found to violate paragraph two of the German Patent Law — which does not allow inventions that transgress public order or good morals,” German Patent and Trademark Office spokeswoman Stephanie Kr├╝ger told the English-language German-news Web site The Local.

Let me point out a few things. First, a Saudi invented it. Naturally, who would be more evil than a Saudi? Maybe a Palestinian Hamasnik, but they're too poor to invent things like this unless they do it in their smuggling tunnels in their spare time when not smuggling diabolical Iranian weapons to wipe the poor Israelis off the map with help from Hezbollahniks, but I digress.

Now, a Swiss tabloid reported this story. Did you even know that the Swiss would have tabloids? It just gets curiouser and curiouser. But the good news is that the Germans, in a fit of moral clarity (which is amazing seeing as they are *still* guilty as shit for murdering six million Jews during the Holocaust (TM)), probably won't patent the thing because it will violate paragraph two of the German Patent Law against public order or good morals. Oh PHEW. So there's nothing to worry about, especially not from the Model B chip with the cyanide option to remotely kill the chipped person "without muss or fuss" if the "authorities" deem him a public threat. People like illegal immigrants, political dissidents (bloggers?), domestic servants (cleaning people, landscape crews, nannies?) and foreigners overstaying their visas. You know, you're typical menaces to public safety.

This is all just totally normal news now, OK? None of this will so much as raise an eyebrow. An Evil Arab has invented this killer chip, but there's nothing to worry about because nobody will ever use it, despite it's many handy uses in our super dangerous world full of brown people and terrorists and bloggers.

Meanwhile, when was the last time you washed your hands? Did you know that money carries germs? This might strike you as Common Sense, the kind of thing that everybody knows and already takes precautions for seeing as human beings have been using money and touching things in general for thousands of years. Mm hmm. So?
Despite the pervasiveness of cash in society, its role in transmitting illness has been the subject of surprisingly little study.
This is my favorite part:
Amid public concern and media hype about the swine flu outbreak, it's remarkable how little the subject of money comes up -- and how few people want to discuss it. The CDC wouldn't discuss the role of money in flu transmission. At the New York State Health Department, spokeswoman Claire Pospisil declined to comment. And when we asked the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing -- that's the government operation that actually manufactures money -- a spokeswoman told us that what happens to U.S. dollars once they're in circulation is beyond the bureau's control.
The stiff upper lip. They don't want to talk about it. Oh My God it must be Bad. They're Hiding Something. Grab them by the shoulders and shake it out of them!!! TELL US???? HOW DANGEROUS IS THE PAPER MONEY????? WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!@@#@#$$$ (Somebody get a paper bag we have some people hyperventilating here....)

Obviously this is just my take on the psychological mind fuckery, but it would seem to me that the seed must be planted for people to become afraid of using paper money in order to soften us up for the transition to a cashless system. A system which may or may not involve microchips somewhere down the line. You see where I'm going. Did I just string some things together and make some wild assumptions? Yes I did. It's called paying attention.