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Novel, as in pulled out of someone's head or ass or laboratory

Cliff Notes for: Congress approves $7.6 billion for pandemic flu response, by Robert Roos, News Editor at CIDRAP News.

Chapter 1: Where Obama asks Congress to pony up three times what they originally considered to battle the pandemic. It's a war. Things move along quickly because they get tucked into sunk costs funding the other wars we're already fighting that were also based on lies.

Responding to lobbying by the Obama administration and public health advocates, Congress last week approved $7.65 billion for battling pandemic influenza, more than three times what the House and Senate had earlier proposed.

The money was included in a $106 billion supplemental appropriation bill dedicated mostly to funding the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Senate passed the bill Jun 18, following House passage 2 days earlier.

Chapter 2: Where the vast sums of money are directed to the corrupt institutions responsible for overseeing the creation of the virus "in the name of preparedness."
Most of the pandemic money is for activities by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but the bill includes $350 million to boost state and local capacity for responding to the novel H1N1 flu pandemic.

According to a House Appropriations Committee summary of the legislation, it provides $1.5 billion in fiscal year 2009 money and $5.8 billion in "contingent emergency appropriations" for HHS and the CDC.

Chapter 3: Where the money will be spent for further eroding our privacy and lining the pockets of big pharma and the "health" "care" system(s).

The funds are to be used for expanding surveillance, increasing federal stockpiles of drugs and medical supplies, and developing, buying, and administering vaccines.

The $350 million in state and local money, according to the House summary, is intended to help public health departments hire and train staff members, buy equipment to improve diagnostic capabilities, distribute antivirals and personal protective equipment from federal and state stockpiles, improve communication and maintain disease-reporting hotlines, and address other challenges, such as hospital surge capacity.

The bill also includes $50 million for distribution by the US Agency for International Development to help countries respond to pandemic flu.

Chapter 4: Where an elaborate kabuki display of cooperation, compromise, lobbying, discussion, urging, blah blah blah is put forth to convince the public that their representatives care about them when, in fact, they are stealing our money and giving it to big pharma and the "health" "care" industries to compensate them for wrecking the public health by forcing poison vaccines into our bodies to "fight" diseases they made up in laboratories.

The House and Senate had previously passed different versions of the funding bill that provided, respectively, about $2 billion and $1.5 billion for the pandemic. But a House-Senate conference committee increased the amounts in working out the compromise bill that was approved last week.

The Obama administration had asked Congress to approve the House version but add another $2 billion to it, as reported here previously. In addition, the administration asked Congress to tap some funds from the federal economic stimulus package and up to $2.9 billion from the BioShield program.

Meanwhile, a coalition of public health groups led by Trust for America's Health (TFAH), a nonpartisan public health advocacy organization based in Washington, DC, also urged Congress to adopt the House version and add more funds to it. The coalition was particularly concerned about the cost of buying and administering pandemic vaccines.

In substantially increasing the funding, Congress decided not to take funds from the stimulus and BioShield programs, according to Richard Hamburg, government relations director for TFAH. Some public health advocates had criticized the proposal to take money from BioShield, a program that promotes development of medical countermeasures against biological and other unconventional weapons.

Chapter 5: Where the money being given to big pharma to purchase poison vaccines is presented as Good News, because there could be a "more extreme outbreak in the coming months."

"This contingency fund of $5.8 billion would be new money," Hamburg said. "I think it was good news that they appropriated additional dollars to be used mainly for vaccine purchase and perhaps vaccine administration, and that it was new money and not coming from existing sources."

"In the long run they'll need even more dollars, but this is a recognition that should there be a more extreme outbreak in the coming months, we'll be better prepared than we would've been without additional dollars," he said.

Moral of the story: There will be a "more extreme outbreak" of flu pandemic in the coming months, and it's going to make some people filthy rich and other people quite dead.