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Psyops says, "Give up quickly"

Here's some psyops that is being reported widely in China.
Over 60% French lose confidence in finding true reason for air crash

PARIS, June 4 (Xinhua) -- Over 60 percent French have lost confidence in finding the true cause for Monday's disappearance of Air France Flight AF447, a latest poll published on Thursday showed.

Among the 18,604 persons inquired by French daily Le Figaro, 61 percent answered "no" to the question that "Do you think it is possible to recover what caused the crash."

The major reason for their negative answers, they said, was the authorities' announcement that as there were massive difficulties in recovering the plane's black box recorders, [IT'S TOO HARD] [SOME] people might never know the real reason for the disaster.

Some respondents expressed worries that some people [The Damn Conspiracy Theorist, no doubts] might take earlier hypotheses on the cause of the crash as facts, making it impossible to find the truth. [????? HOW SO??????]

On the other hand, 39 percent respondents gave positive answers, pinning their hopes on high technology and expertise in the 21st century. [on the authorities, in other words]

Some people in the survey insisted that it was important to find the cause of the accident, to prevent similar tragedies in the future. [naturally, as long as the answers don't point back to the authorities...]

Air France Flight AF447, an Airbus A330, vanished early Monday morning over the Atlantic Ocean en route to Paris from Rio de Janeiro, with 228 people on board.

Let's recap what this survey says, a large survey (18,ooo+ people) that had to have been conducted immediately after this "accident" in order to be tabulated and reported a whole five days later.

People are immediately "losing confidence" (read giving up finding the truth), because the authorities say it's too hard to find the black boxes.

SOME people worry that OTHER people who speculate as to the real cause of the crash (read Conspiracy Theorists) will make it "impossible to find the truth." Therefore, you see, the people trying to find out the truth become the culprits in obscuring the truth, but this curious twist in logic remains unexplained. How does that happen? Could it have something to do with the intelligence community muddying the waters and setting up false leads and limited hangouts and every manner of counter-intelligence to PREVENT the truth from being exposed while DISCREDITING the people who seek the truth? LIKE THIS SURVEY????

The "Hopeful" (read "Good") people wisely RELY ON THE AUTHORITIES who possess the best technology and expertise to uncover what really happened, and there are other people who INSIST (read "because they are MORAL") that an answer will be forthcoming to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Surely it won't be a TRUE answer, just an AUTHORITATIVE one.

You know, it hardly seems possible that the French people would be as dense as Americans, but maybe the Chinese people need to think so. Who conducted this survey? Who participated? Where are the questions? And are you fucking kidding me?


Anonymous said…
Um, same shit, different plane? I guess maybe we get what we deserve, though a few of us, crying from the wilderness might deserve it more? Gosh, I'm SO confused. Whatever shall we do? I read Les Visible and try so hard to stay positive, but....
I'm really glad I crash into people like you from time to time, it really helps.
A. Peasant said…
same here, sane here too. reading your comment, wondering how many people it takes to save humanity and do you think we have enough? no need to answer. i guess we'll find out.