Tread carefully

I don't know what's going on in Iran. There's a huge amount of hostility and accusations flying around in the blogosphere, a sure sign of major psyops going down.

These pictures show a lot of people rioting and getting hurt. Looks real to me. But as we know, rioting can always be used to feed into an elite agenda. So even though the people probably have legitimate grievances about the election, that does not mean the weren't baited into rioting.


Anonymous said...

I would bet money this is more Zionist meddling. Who benefits? See this article linked at Truthseeker: http://www.uruknet.info/?p=54948

A. Peasant said...

yes, the usual suspects. surprise, surprise...

i think this guy has the best grasp on the dynamics:


he has posted a lot the past few days on this. bottom line being that instability in iran makes getting the war on easier. cui bono and all that.

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