Baiting the trap

As anyone who pays attention knows, Israel wants war with Iran, and they want to get that going somehow without being blamed for getting it going, and immediately after that they want to take three giant steps back and let Americans die fighting Arabs.

The thing about Lebanon being right next door to Israel...it makes everything so very convenient for this sort of operation.

BEIRUT: Tensions ran high in south Lebanon Tuesday after Israel moved four Merkava tanks from the Arqoub region and deployed them 100 meters from the Hassan Gate in the oc­cupied Kfar Shuba Hills region. The tanks’ redeployment was accompanied by Israeli warplanes hovering over the area, before flying above the southern region of Hasbaya and Marjayoun. The regions of Beirut and West Bekaa also witnessed intensive Israeli overflights.

In response to the Israeli moves in south Lebanon, the Lebanese Army announced in a statement carried by the state-run National News Agency its readiness to confront any Israe­li assaults on Lebanon.

Both the UN peacekeepers and the army were placed on high alert on Tuesday.

The Israeli border fortifications Tuesday came after the Israeli press reported that Israel’s military officials were concerned that “future dangerous incidents” would take place on the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Israel’s The Jerusalem Post newspaper reported on Tuesday that the Israeli Army started establishing training facilities within its military bases “specialized in urban warfare.”

So, the Israeli press starts whining about "future dangerous incidents," and then all this Israeli provocative military behavior happens, and the Lebanese response is a statement that yes, hey, we will defend ourselves. How provocative is that? The fucking nerve of those people. Don't they know that self-defense has been reserved for Israelis only?

Let's be very, very clear. Who wants a war? ISRAEL.

And this is how you know for sure, because they fucking lie like normal people breathe, since the Talmud says yes please lie to the goyim it's your duty as a matter of fact.

However, Israeli Army commander Gabi Ashkenazi said on Tuesday he did not view the situation in the north as indicative of an impending war.

“We are seriously tracking the events on the northern border,” Ashkenazi said during a tour of the Israeli military recruitment headquarters near Tel Aviv. “It is quiet up there, and I am not aware of winds of war in the area,” he added.

According to a report published in The Jerusalem Post, Ashkenazi stressed that the explosion of a suspected arms depot in the southern village of Khirbet Silim on July 14, “proved Israeli claims that Hizbullah was strengthening their fighting capabilities.”

“We view this [event] gravely, [considering that this area] is under the watch of UNIFIL and the Lebanese government,” Ashkenazi said.

However, a letter sent by Lebanon’s Foreign Ministry to the UN headquarters regarding the explosion said the blast had been caused by munitions left behind by Israeli soldiers in a building under construction following the July 2006 war.

Furthermore, you know they're full of shit because they made this cheap gesture of cement to the Palestinians, which in practical terms is a drop in the bucket, but it's more than enough cement to bury the truth.

Israel will allow a one-time transfer of cement into Gaza for the first time since its war in the Hamas-ruled enclave and amid a new US peace push in the region, officials said on Wednesday. Hawkish Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak okayed the transfer of more than 310 tonnes of cement for rebuilding a flour mill, a sewage treatment facility and the British cemetery, one defence official said. The one-off consignment will also include some steel and is expected to be transferred "in the coming weeks," he said....The rare Israeli gesture comes amid a flurry of visits by top US officials to Israel, the Palestinian territories and other countries in the region in a bid to revive the stagnant Middle East peace process that has been blocked since late 2008.
It's just a PR stunt to take some pressure off and make it all look good so that when they entrap Lebanon they can start the "woe, woe, just when we were starting to make progress those damn hezbollah and hamas terrorists wreck everything" narrative. Hey let's bomb Iran/Lebanon/Gaza so that we can have peace in Israel, the poor Israeli people can't live in peace blah blah blah get me a bucket.

And finally, you know they're lying because Lebanon is scheduled to get a present of used MiG fighter jets from Russia in a matter of weeks.

The Lebanese air force, which, apart from a handful of very outdated Hawker Hunter aircraft, at the moment consists mainly of helicopters used for both attack work and transport, is, significantly, awaiting delivery of 10 MiG-29 aircraft gifted from Russia which are due to arrive next month. These aircraft, when flown by experienced pilots and appropriately armed, will be a reasonable match when up against Israel’s F-16’s. Israel would certainly be keen not to have to deal with these aircraft, especially if the Lebanese contract experienced Russian pilots to fly them, and so would be anxious to take on Lebanon before these aircraft arrive.

More info on those jets here:

The MiG-29, codenamed Fulcrum by NATO, is one of Russia's most advanced military jets, designed for an air superiority role. Ten of these Soviet-designed planes would not enable Lebanon to challenge Israel's air superiority directly, but could threaten Israeli overflights over Lebanon and Syria. ...He said the aircraft were not new and each warplane had a different degree of wear. He said Russia would upgrade the fighters to normal export standards before delivery.

No matter. The Israelis like to pick fights where they don't have to suffer *any* losses, as evidenced most recently by their many sickening crimes against the defenseless Gazans. So if they want to pick a fight with Lebanon, it would be best to do it *before* the used MiGs come into play, for as we know, even one Israeli life lost represents a Tragedy of Epic Proportions in their twee little minds.

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