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Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice....can't get fooled again...or something

From telling the history of the twenty first century as it really is:
The problem is that the Obama administration, who would actually like to see ‘regime change’ in Iran as much as Israel would, has painted itself into a bit of a corner. Politically, he can’t just go joining in with Israel in a pre-emptive attack against Iran without good cause. And, for the American people, simply accusing the Iranians of having ‘a nuclear weapons program’ without any proof whatsoever is hardly ‘good cause’, especially since the previous President had already pulled that stunt with Iraq. The only way out of the dilemma for Obama is for Israel to ‘unilaterally’ attack Iran which would then force a fait accompli situation on Obama who would feel he had no alternative but to support Israel by also attacking Iran in order to prevent any Iranian retaliation against Israel.
Looking for a good excuse to start something. But who will do this favor for Israel and the Zionist controlled US government, this favor of getting the ball rolling?
Russia accused Georgia on Thursday of plotting to stage "provocative" incidents on its border with breakaway region South Ossetia on the anniversary of Moscow's war with Georgia.

Itar-Tass quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin as saying that "the Georgian leadership is plotting various events on the border with South Ossetia to coincide with the anniversary of the 2008 events in the Caucasus...they (the events) are of a distinctly provocative nature".
Yes, that went so well the last time.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Grigory Karasin, said in an interview with Itar-Tass news agency Moscow “will continue to prevent the rearming of Saakashvilis regime and will take concrete measures against this.”

In January, 2009 Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, ordered the government “either to restrict or cut military-technical and military-economic cooperation” with countries providing Russian or Soviet made or designed weapons to Georgia.

Karasin also said that some countries, which he did not named, were hiding military cooperation with Georgia “under the guise of humanitarian aid.” [classic]

“We are deeply concerned about the activity of the Georgian leadership aimed at remilitarizing its country, which several states are responding to in a surprisingly calm and positive way,” Karasin said.

Do you think anyone will notice if they run the Saakashvili play again?

UPDATE: WTF Joe Biden? Do you lie much?
TBILISI, Georgia, July 23 -- Breaking with the cautious tone the Obama administration has adopted toward the Kremlin, Vice President Biden told a room of Georgian children Thursday that Russia "used a pretext to invade your country" in the hope of wrecking its economy and persuading its people that "democracy doesn't work."
Oh, um, that's not what happened, actually, Joe. But not that you might expect him to be called on this.

Anyway, while looking over some old posts I found this excellent post from Byzantine Blog showing some of the doctored pictures that came out of Georgia back when Russia "used a pretext to invade." Funny in that grim way.