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It's worth ten dollars

I am just going to strongly encourage any of you who read here to purchase the latest Half Past Human report for $10. I bought it last night. Hoo boy.

Here's George Ure with the link:
Want to get a decent handle on what we're expecting in the way of news events over the next year and a half or so? Got $10-bucks? Then head over to and download the newest "Shape of things to come" report. This one runs 40+ pages and covers all kinds of things ranging from our expected price of previous metals by the end of 2010, plus a number of very unpleasant developments in the socioeconomic arena. Dead folks in the millions, just to give you an idea.

...Besides the warning about how grim the contents are (they are really grim), having studied the contents for a couple of days what strikes me is that much of what's out there in the way of 'future predictions' (we're not the only folks in that space) are developed by other forecasters taking existing trends are then making more-or-less linear extrapolations. That'd be scary enough, but wowzer...the period beginning in a month, or so, building into fall and through next year, looks like many part of the model go seriously nonlinear...and that's the part which will catch most people by surprise, I expect.

One other warning: You may not want to read it at work, or you won't get much done.

And here is Les Vis on the same topic:

It becomes more and more clear that a large portion of the population is in a serious mode of denial and will not countenance what is in their face. I believe this is because they cannot risk the mental atmosphere of having to accept that everything they hold dear is at risk and that everything they think they know is wrong. It appears they would forfeit their lives before they would entertain the necessity for awakening. Awaken they shall however. There is no other recourse. It is a telling thing how Time Monks defines the Zionist agenda as a very bad thing across the board. There is no equivocation in this. Apparently there is going to be some eye-opening the like of which has not been seen before. The whole concept of apocalyptic unveiling is brought forth in myriad aspects. The imagined high and mighty are going to tremble in their shoes and all of their bolt holes and food storage compounds are going to be revealed by those engaged in creating them for them. Truly, evil is going to turn on itself.

But truly, it's a frightening read even for those of us who have been keeping our eyes on the ball, and it's right around the corner now. All the same, you need to know and keep your wits about you.
He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 18:2-4
"Children can be told anything -- anything. I've always been struck by seeing how little grown-up people understand children, how little parents even understand their own children. Nothing should be concealed from children on the pretext that they are little and that it is too early for them to understand. What a miserable and unfortunate idea! And how readily the children detect that their fathers consider them too little to understand anything, though they understand everything. Grown-up people do not know that a child can give exceedingly good advice even in the most difficult case." from The Idiot, by Fyodor Dostoevsky


Jerome said…
Clif has outdone himself this time. There are obviously some datapoints which are intentionally withheld here, but with good reason.
Jerome said…
"...starts back and repeats...times around the suggests that [__###__] will [die] directly from [__________ _____], but that is not the true horror of the situation."

Based on my numbers, Clif is unfortunately on the low end of the spectrum. True horror indeed. Chilling to contemplate on any perspective, but the data are there.
A. Peasant said…
Are you the same Jerome Corsi referenced here?