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Cashing in on the execution

All right. We know that Big Pharma plans to cash in Big Time on the vaccines no matter what, but in order to get the full benefit from a pandemic many people and events must be coordinated on the ground so that the desired changes to the way society operates become permanent. That's what the International Swine Flu Conference in Washington DC taking place this Wednesday through Friday (via Lew Rockwell and Jane Burgermeister, pdf) is all about -- making sure that the businesses and health care professionals and fire and police and first responders all have their marching orders and work together.

Do you think they will go to all these preparations and then say Nevermind?

Yeah me neither.

Here's my very cynical take on this in green:
Know How To Respond
Recognize problems earlier. Make the right decision faster. Rush people through the decision making process, don't give them time to think, keep the sense of panic and fear heightened.

How to Plan
Make everyone a stakeholder. Spell out roles and responsibilities. Make sure the blame is so widespread that nobody can come back later and hang it around your neck.

Plan To Continue
Maintain cash flow and work flow. Keep the learning process alive. Make lots of money.

Protect Your Community
Know your resources. Test them against your toughest scenarios. Know who is going to give you problems and who is going to go along.

Top leaders and key decision-makers of major companies representing a broad range of industries will meet with distinguished scientists, public health officials, law enforcers, first responders, and other experts to discuss pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at the 1st International Swine Flu Summit. This conference is put on for the benefit of corporations and businesses.

At the summit, attendees will be able to draw on first-hand best practices to create the solid business continuity plans that their companies and organizations need in order to prepare for, respond to, and survive a pandemic. This conference is put on for the benefit of corporations and businesses.

The summit draws on the success of the seven previous Bird Flu summits which featured as speakers several distinguished personalities such as Dr. David Nabarro, the United Nations Coordinator for Avian and Human Influenza, Alex Thiermann of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) and Dr. Wenqing Zhang of the WHO Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response. Seven previous summits? Hey it's time to cash in people.

Well-known emergency responders, heads of hospitals from around the world, and hog/swine industry leaders will speak in this summit. Ironic they should say so.
Topics Include:
Mass Fatality Management Planning from the flu that so far has shown to be remarkably indistinguishable from the regular flu, to the point that they stopped trying to count the cases
Country Report & Situations Update planning
Surveillance and Data Management a great excuse to play big brother
Preparing Communities Strategies; Local Partnership and Participation planning
Delivery of Vaccine and Antiviral Medication I think this will be a hot angle based on the National Guard exercises in Maine last week
National Pandemic Influenza Medical Countermeasure injecting people with poison vaccines
Socio-Economic Impact on Hog/Swine Industry they'll have to be compensated for pretending to be "it" when the flu virus was actually made in labs
Benefit-Risk Assessment: Public Health, Industry and Regulatory Perspectives making changes permanent
Prevention Education Efforts and Risk Communication mind control
Command, Control and Management control
Emergency Response Management control
Business-Based Planning control
School-Based Planning control
Community-Based Planning control
Really, you have to click through and see the break-out sessions, with exciting titles like Mass Fatality Management Planning, Psychological Issues, Business Continuity Planning, Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Contintuity of Government (COG) Planning, etc.

Swine Flu will be the vehicle to finally Go Fascist, to combine business and government interests once and for all as a necessary response to this manufactured crises which will be passed off as a plausibly deniable natural disaster. Who could have predicted? Nobody except all the people who have been predicting at the top of their lungs.

Importantly, the brochure highlights that participants to the 7th Bird Flu Conference have "Decision Making Authority." Thirty percent of attendees make the final decision, and thirty five percent make recommendations to the final decision maker. It's about being in charge, and the conference will teach these participants to "make the right decision faster." The right decisions made quickly will lead to reward$. They want decision makers at the conference so they can show them what decisions to make while encouraging them in group think and risk-spreading behavior, which is how they will protect themselves from responsibility; and the decision makers want to be at the conference so they can cash in, survive and prosper from the Swine Flu pandemic, all the while burnishing their credentials for having attended the International Swine Flu Summit in the first place. This is the establishment in action fluffing itself. It's group evil basically, and a lot of decent people will get swept up in it, which is the sad part because many people just don't understand how they're being manipulated.

I mean, this is simply marketing. Here are the top five reasons for business people to attend the summit:
Gain a broad bird’s eye view of the global swine flu situation.
Get the freshest updates from hard-to-reach country experts.
Learn how your company / organization can prepare for a pandemic.
Establish contacts with key local, federal and international agencies involved in the fight against swine flu. Fusion Centers promise to be hubs of activity where the public and private sectors will swap all of OUR information with each other
Draw on first hand best practices from top companies to create solid business continuity plans.
Oh and there's a Team Discount. Register three people from your organization and get the fourth free! Such a deal. This will be the opportunity of a lifetime people. Hurry hurry there's still time and the best part is that it's all in the name of Public Service, so what do you have to lose?


Unknown said…
your blog is absolutely great ... one of the best i have found! thank you so much. your word are not unnoticed.
A. Peasant said…
oh, wow. thank you! ;)
Greg Bacon said…
I watched part of this confab this morning on CSpan.

Saw two speakers and they talked, and talked and talked... but didn't say a damned thing.

They must have a school on how to generate hot air for politicans.
A. Peasant said…
actually i think people first realize they have a special talent for it and then they go into politics to perfect it and make money. they self-select.