It's Rude to Notice

I set up another blog in case "something happens" to my blogs, this one or After Armageddon News. I also have Twelfth Bough on wordpress, though it has not been updated in months.

Update: Over at Goon Squad you can read the comments and reactions to Kenny's Sideshow being scrubbed from the web. Kenny provided a hub. I don't know what he had for traffic but his site worked and he has a great eye for story. It's good to see the awareness and many ideas people have to circumvent censorship. As explained in Political Ponerology, many small acts of non-compliance by ordinary people will reliably disrupt evil.

Update: The mind-fucking never ceases! Kenny's back up which is great. Of course, just a big black hole of confusion about what happened. I mean, it's not like one should expect a busy website going missing and reappearing after a few days as being worthy of an explanation from a giant company like google/blogger. Why would they owe him an explanation? After all blogger is "free" as we all know. We're "free" to use it and in exchange google/blogger is "free" to treat the content however they want. It does feel very much like being in a science laboratory accept we're not the scientists but rather the microbes but hey. That's life in the New World Order. But it's rude to notice or you'll attract some fucking little half-wit trolls defending the establishment that pays them and telling you to invent your own internet. Good times.

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Greg Bacon said...

Better be careful or you'll get these Judeofascists cult members praying for you demise.


And from Wikipedia:

Prior to the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, there have been rumors that the curse had been recited against him by right-wing extremists.

Avigdor Eskin, a member of the Gush Emunim (bloc of the faithful) claimed to have recited the following maledictions of the Pulsa diNura on the night of October 6, 1995: "Angels of destruction will hit him. He is damned wherever he goes. His soul will instantly leave his body... and he will not survive a month. Dark will be his path and God's angel will chase him. A disaster he has never experienced will befall him and all curses known in the Torah will apply to him. I deliver to you, the angels of wrath and ire, Yitzhak, the son of Rosa Rabin, that you may smother him and the specter of him, and cast him into hed, and dry up his wealth, and plague his thoughts, and scatter his mind that he may be steadily diminished until he reaches his death. Put to death the cursed Yitzhak. May he be damned, damned, damned!" Rabin was assassinated within the month.

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