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listening to the experts

Because I've been writing about the swine flu for a while now, and since I also don't watch tv, I found this grimly amusing. It's particularly amusing how amused these experts are by the whole thing. So funny, you know?

You know, at one point in this video the dok-tor comments on how this flu has very cleverly spread all around the world, so even though it's not that deadly it has been a wily virus. Be Afraid. !!!

Uh huh. That didn't have anything to do with Baxter shipping live virus to 18 countries did it?

No mention of that from the experts. They don't do Conspiracy Facts. It interferes with the mind-fucking for fun and profit.


Greg Bacon said…
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.. and boy oh boy, are we going to turn up the hysteria on this one!"

Serve you uppity bastards right for actually demanding that the poor and middle class get the same kind of medical care that the wealthy elite do.

Damned serfs forgot your place, didn't you?

We'll make health care more available as soon as we thin out the herd.
A. Peasant said…
i watched a little of the kennedy coverage today. they will milk this. they were talking about what great medical care he got, isn't that wonderful for him?

i also thought it was funny how this expert in the video defined a small business as having 100 employees. it's all relative i guess. all their reference points are skewed.
Greg Bacon said…
According to one tally, Ted Kennedy voted 100 percent in concert with positions taken by Aipac, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Tom Dine, who served as Aipac’s executive director from 1980-93, was a defense and foreign policy advisor to Kennedy.

In the run-up to his tough 1994 Senate campaign against Mitt Romney, Kennedy accumulated some $45,000 from pro-Israel political action committees over the years, according to former Aipac legislative director Doug Bloomfield, “and presumably a lot more from individual pro-Israel donors, considering his long record of support for U.S. taxpayer aid for Israel.”

In the 1980 presidential race, writes Jeffrey S. Helmreich, “polls indicated that Carter would beat Kennedy in the New York Democratic primary by a margin of 54 to 28 percent. But on March 1, Carter’s UN Ambassador, Donald F. McHenry, voted for a viciously anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council condemning Israeli settlement activity in Jerusalem. Three weeks later, Kennedy beat Carter in New York by 59 percent to 41 percent.”

In a statement following Kennedy’s death, Israeli Prime Miniiter Benjamin Netanyahu said, “(Senator) Kennedy has been a friend for 30 years, a great American patriot, a great champion of a better world, a great friend of Israel. He will be sorely missed.”

Source: Jewish Journal

Can't get much better praise thatn that coming from one of the 9/11 architects.

100% with AIPAC? No wonder he's being elevatd to demi-god status.
A. Peasant said…
yeah, can't argue with any of that. if bibi likes you, you're doing it wrong.
malcontent said…
Found this link at C&L

Looks like controlling the teevee isn't enough to keep a lid on the machinations of worldwide greed anymore.
A. Peasant said…
good article, well written. thanks. i will put it up at aa news for tomorrow.