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The No Choice Tell

Not to sound like a broken record, but this happens over and over again -- this 'we have no choice' argument. It comes down to framing and the way the media and other experts frame arguments, choosing which facts to highlight and which ones to ignore, so that they can corral public opinion in certain directions. Cattle. Fences. The bolt through the forehead. That sort of thing. It reminds me of this dream I read at Homo Veritas blog:

I was looking at a trail of passenger aeroplanes, all flying in the same direction, practically jostling each other for space. The path they were following was so tight there was no possibility of turning around and flying the other way. On either side of the path, an ethereal big blue sky.

I take the aeroplanes to represent people, following each other in the same direction along a crowded route with no apparent beginning or end. They do not see any benefit in a change of thinking which would take their lives in a different, potentially better direction. Just off the route, so near yet so far, was plenty of wide open space (expansive thought).

The corporate media uses psyops to keep people trapped in this narrow lane of thinking. We must do A or B. God or Mother Nature. Kill or Be Killed. Whenever you see 'we have no choice blah blah blah...' let that be a Big Red Flag to you that yes indeed, we DO have other choices, and no, they DON'T want them to come anywhere near your mind. They want to control your mind, and so they have experts and other people respected by the establishment (ie: they make big money or have been elected or have high military rank or all of the above (trifecta!)) to tell you, stupid you, about the choices "we" have.

In order to keep this going they have to control the narrative, the big story the big dots have to stay connected in a certain order, among a minimum number of people in the United States. Things like 1) Israel is our Best Friend in the Whole Wide World and 2) The Economy Is Turning Around and 3) Be Afraid of Terrorists and 4) Your Government Would Never Hurt You Intentionally Though It Might Make Some Mistakes From Time to Time But You Can Blame Problems on Democrats If You're a Republican and Republicans If You're a Democrat, being the four major psyops themes off the top my head, with many many avenues of extended mind-fuckery available for well-meaning people to get lost exploring. For instance we have 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Foreign Policy, Global Warming/Climate Change, Party Politics, Chemtrails, the War on Drugs, Sex Trafficking, Gun get the idea. There's plenty of stuff to keep everybody busy and while intelligent people go off to sort through their pet peeves and fight these good fights, the main psyops remains focused on keeping a core segment of the population chanting approved mantras related to the big priorities. It's all a numbers game and surely they have their damned computer simulations predicting how many people they need to keep mentally corralled one way or the other, either glued out on teevee or lost in the weeds of some particular issue, in order for them to carry out their plans unmolested.

But, you know, people go and do unpredictable things.
Something unprecedented is occurring in Honduras. Since the military coup which occurred on June 28th, the people of Honduras have mounted 6 weeks of sustained, massive, non-violent resistance to the violent take-over of their country. Perhaps even more astounding, is that this resistance shows no signs of tapering off. On the contrary, the movement continues to build in momentum and numbers despite violent repression on the part of the military.

...On banners, signs, wall graffiti and chants throughout the country, the people are responding with an even more astounding message of their own, “They are afraid of us, because we are not afraid of them!” This declaration of freedom from fear has become the motto for the non-violent resistance movement in Honduras. It has liberated a spontaneous upwelling of, peaceful resistance to a legacy of brute force and abuse of power, and shows no signs of stopping.

...At every turn, the coup leaders are meeting people who refuse to recognize their legitimacy and who are not afraid. Meanwhile, the economic situation is deteriorating rapidly as the state of internal in governability and international rejection of the coup continue. Historically, Honduran power elites and their Washington, D.C. allies have relied on the power of fear and violence to quell popular dissent. They are beginning to realize that something is happening here in Honduras that was not in their playbook.
I would just point out that these are poor people by American standards. They decided to make some sacrifices and stand together, even though it would have probably been really easy to say hey we have no choice but to succumb. We're poor, the government has put violent thugs in place to oppress us, some of us have been killed, etc. But they didn't buy into those choices, and now the power elites have to deal with something that was not in their playbook, something outside the simulacron parameters. I'm sure that does not make them happy. In fact, they fear this kind of thing like their worst nightmare. The Honduran signs go to the core of the issue: Who Should Really Be Afraid Here? The Many or The Few?

One of Bilderberg’s primary concerns according to Estulin is the danger that their zeal to reshape the world by engineering chaos in order to implement their long term agenda could cause the situation to spiral out of control and eventually lead to a scenario where Bilderberg and the global elite in general are overwhelmed by events and end up losing their control over the planet.

Estulin said that the economic crisis is a vastly greater threat than a mere recession and that, as long as the present structure of the global economy remains the same, it will ultimately lead to a massive population reduction of two thirds within a generation or two.

Estulin said that such a massive crisis would bring many unknowns that “Scare and frighten some of the more savvy members of the Bilderberg inner circle who are wondering how far they have actually gone not only to destroy the world but perhaps even destroy themselves,” adding that this subject was a topic of conversation at this year’s meeting.

Estulin highlighted a phrase that he first ran across in Bilderberg documents many years ago but only came to understand more recently following the 2002 meeting in Chantilly Virginia, the term “demand destruction”.

Estulin said that a source connected to the World Bank explained to him that, “You destroy demand by destroying the world economy on purpose – which is what we’re witnessing right now,” added Estulin, “destruction of the world economy on purpose.”

They're afraid of suffering the unintended consequences of destroying the world economy on purpose, as well they should be! After all, destroying the world economy on purpose is EVIL. It's an incredibly evil thing to do, and they expect it to result in a massive population die-off (that's a feature not a bug), and frankly, that's the kind of thing that just pisses normal people off. It's a little over the top, even for a culture that has been ruthlessly desensitized to evil. Therefore if people start understanding the real agenda, they might just resist. One would hope. Thus the relentless media efforts to keep people mind-controlled on the psyops themes stated above.

But it's not working. People have caught on to Israel. The economy sucks. The wars we started drag on interminably. And swine flu gives lie to the whole "innocent mistake" theory of government.

If the elites want to take the world economy down and live to tell the tale, and they obviously committed to that plan some time back, they need to snap the trap shut fast or we humans will get away. THEY are the ones who are running out of options, not us. But in their evil minds, they will never go down alone. Spiteful creatures. So we have to worry about the false flags, because time has nearly run out for the global elites to execute their plans. They have started the process to destroy the existing economy, but they can't switch over to the New World Order (and currency) until.....until everything's ready. And sadly for them but great for the rest of us, they are having problems executing. This explanation comes from the comments to a post written by James at Winter Patriot's community. He wrote it back in April, and I think he brilliantly captures the dynamics at play.
The implementation of the global currency requires everybody's acceptance. This is best achieved if everyone is stampeded into it without the opportunity to critically analyse the consequences. It's the spruiker's cry, "Hurry, hurry, this sale, this opportunity, whatever, wont last! Act now or miss out"!!! You need panic but panic only lasts so long.

But the critical thing that will make the global currency work and will trap everybody thereafter is not in place yet. And that is the control of ALL the oil fields or even all the oil sales or, at the very least, all the oil pipelines. They won't want to present the global currency for adoption till then. Hence Timmy Geinther's coy dance from one foot to the other about the acceptability of a One World Currency. If nations can purchase oil without using a global currency, then they will do so rendering the currency ineffective as a control mechanism. It will also give them time to explore other solutions.

Ideally in implementing a complex strategy, you make one step at a time making sure each move is completed before moving onto the next. I like to call it the "Tarzan Principle" whereby you make sure you have a firm grip of the next vine before letting go of the last one. This lessens the risk of a fatal fall.

What I think has happened is that the financial meltdown was started in advance, of course, as it had a long gestation period and in the meantime the oil fields or at least the oil sales were planned to come under the domination of the bankers. But it hasn't happened. The bankers now find themselves still hanging onto the last vine because they don't have control of the oil sales yet BUT the timing of the meltdown and the opportunity to shift straight over to a global currency (the next vine) is now swinging away from them. To leap for the Global currency vine too early could see them crash but waiting too long could arrest the whole plot. Momentum is crucial. You don't want to give the "mark" time to think about the scam on offer.

What to do? Start a war. And quickly to take out the production capability of the oilfields not under their control which means attacking Iran and, I see no way round it following this logic, Russia as well.

The buildup to it has to be disguised as much as possible. Hence the war games and mobilisation it covers. Hence the false overtures of an olive branch held out by Obama to Iran. And hence the timing of the Swine Flu.
Now this goes back to April. If their options were narrow in April, just imagine how they must be sweating bullets now. The continued hysterical warmongering against Iran means that they MUST get control over Iran's oil. As James pointed out to me, bombs dropped on Iran's imaginary nuclear weapons would most likely be aimed at Iran's reality-based oil infrastructure. Because our own intelligence agencies just this past week went on record yet again that Iran has no nuclear weapons program, so they are not a threat in the manner suggested by Israel. That would be a fact. Iran simply poses a threat to Israel's plans for world domination via the world's money supply, which is controlled through the world's oil supply. So controlling the oil means controlling the money, and it's really about the money and the bankers as usual, and they're all Jews, that's just a fact, and that's why all roads lead back to Israel. And that's why Israelis keep saying they have No Choice, and that means (according to them) that "we" Americans have No Choice because "we" HAVE TO always defend our Best Friend Israel. Because of the Special Relationship. !!! We Have No Choice. (blink!!! blink!!! blink!!!)

Oh yeah? That is a LIE. We are being sacrificed. Wrap your mind around it.

Israel has run out of choices, and the bankers have run out of choices. They are panicking. But we human beings have not run out of choices. We Americans have not run out of choices. And we could take some tips from the good people in Honduras about how to conduct an effective resistance, namely:

"They are afraid of us, because we are not afraid of them."


Anonymous said…
Fantastic essay! Les Visible has a great summation that I think ties into this very well:

"...It seems to me that dividing us against each other is not just about taking advantage of the criminal opportunities that provide their daily bread but is also a form of self-defense. It appears that hoodwinking the masses is not just about profit and control but also survival. The power of human thought linked together by a collective awareness of the predators in our midst seems to imply their elimination. This is why they don’t want us to touch The Fed.

What I seem to be trying to say is… doesn’t everything that’s happening seem almost too obvious? Meanwhile… isn’t there a gradual awakening taking place? Isn’t the truth of the matter staring us in the face? Haven’t these soulless miscreants already lost?

Are we not in the last gasp of their desperate attempts at survival? Is this not why they pile lie upon lie; absurdity upon absurdity and outrage upon outrage to delay the inevitable?"
I do believe he's got it.

A. Peasant said…
yes, i agree with him, and i agree with me ;)!! they need us; we do not need them. they spend a lot of time trying to convince people that we need them, but it's the biggest lie of all. of course we don't need them.

this is the essence of the psychopaths -- they are predatory. they lack creativity. they can only consume and destroy, they are a giant sucking vortex that must be fed. les vis has been saying for a while that people need to stand back, stay out of the way, this black hole is going to suck in whatever it can on it's way outta here. and this is why the false flag is so dangerous right now, because they are losing and desperate, and like the sampson option, if they know they're going down they will want to take innocent people with them. just because, and for no other reason. to destroy love, to destroy those who love. out of spite. so we have to stay vigilant until this is over, but with confidence in the outcome no matter how ugly it gets in the meanwhile.
A. Peasant said…
oh and by the way thanks, saladin. ;)
Greg Bacon said…
Here's what Daniel Estulin had to say about the 2005 Bilderberg confab:

May 27, 2005

Infiltrating Bilderberg 2005

According to sources, Bilderbergers estimate the extractable world's oil supply to be at a maximum of 35 years under current economic development and population. However, one of the representatives of an oil cartel remarked that we must factor into the equation, both the population explosion and economic growth and demand for oil in China and India. Under the revised conditions, there is apparently only enough oil to last for 20 years. No oil spells the end of the world's financial system. So much has already been acknowledged by The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, two periodicals who are regularly present at the annual Bilderberg conference.

Conclusion: Expect a severe downturn in the world's economy over the next two years as Bilderbergers try to safeguard the remaining oil supply by taking money out of people's hands. In a recession or, at worst, a depression, the population will be forced to dramatically cut down their spending habits, thus ensuring a longer supply of oil to the world's rich as they try to figure out what to do.

In 2005, he was probably accused of being a nutcase and conspiracy theorist.

What does that prediction make him now?
A. Peasant said…
that makes him accurate. what i can't figure out about the guy is his deal with them. obviously he has some sort of pass to have the access he does, so what are they getting out of this? the message is still controlled, even though he claims to have the inside track.
Greg Bacon said…
Not sure Estulin is being set up. Saw an interview with him several years ago and he was asked what should Americans do.

He replied to sell everything you have and get the hell out before the country totally collapses.
Anonymous said…
I would bet money that there is an alternative energy source being withheld from humanity in general for various reasons, suppressing progress being the main incentive, and I believe these would-be masters of the universe know it. So my question is, why keep harping on the primitive oil as energy theme when there is bound to be something far superior? Tesla knew it decades ago, how can they not? There is something very fishy going on here. Maybe they know the info. will leak so they simply allow false news to spread. I don't believe in the peak oil theory, there must be more to this.
PS, you are very welcome A. Peasant, you deserve a far wider audience and I have been doing what I can to make it happen.
A. Peasant said…
saladin, i agree re: peak oil, it's a psyops to drive the panic agenda, and it feeds into the war machine to keep everybody freaking out about dwindling resources. surely they have all sorts of things kept under wraps - cures for diseases, alternative energy and power, technology that can help mankind. they can use oil to shake us down for the last pennies and then say oh gee we have this new technology but it's gonna cost you see? there's still lots of money to be made from oil. so peak oil has been a very effective psyops in my opinion, and it feeds into the green agenda too. nice.

anyway, thanks very much for your support. i'm happy with what i've got, after all it's quality not quantity what counts! we just keep going and the good action happens in the margins, and that's where we are.