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Psychopaths always get glass feelings when they're bagged

What is that high-pitched whining sound? It's the sound of psychopaths getting caught and ground to bits and pieces in the intricate gears of their own lie machines.

Alison Weir of If Americans Knew: (Via Atheo News, links removed, please click through for the many links and notes.)
Israel’s very first, historic heart transplant used a heart removed from a living patient without consent or consulting his family. In December 1968 a man named Avraham Sadegat (the New York Times seems to give his name as A Savgat) died two days after a stroke, even though his family had been told he was “doing well.” After initially refusing to release his body, the Israeli hospital where he was being treated finally turned the man’s body over to his family. They discovered that his upper body was wrapped in bandages; an odd situation, they felt, for someone who had suffered a stroke. When they removed the bandages, they discovered that the chest cavity was stuffed with bandages, and the heart was missing. During this time, the headline-making Israeli heart transplant had occurred. After their initial shock, the man’s wife and brother began to put the two events together and demanded answers. The hospital at first denied that Sadegat’s heart had been used in the headline-making transplant, but the family raised a media storm and eventually applied to three cabinet ministers. Finally, weeks later and after the family had signed a document promising not to sue, the hospital admitted that Sadagat’s heart had been used. The hospital explained that it had abided by Israeli law, which allowed organs to be harvested without the family's consent. (The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime includes the extraction of organs in its definition of human exploitation.) Indications that the removal of Sadagat’s heart was the actual cause of death went unaddressed.
Kawther Salam: Night of Israeli Horror in Jerusalem Hospital
Jerusalem: On Saturday, July, 2 1994, I was in company of my nephew “Mahmoud”, a child of 18 months, in the Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem, also known as “al-Motala” hospital. The father and mother of the child were denied entry to Jerusalem by the Israeli military, so I went with him to the hospital. I heard at 17:10 that the doors of the hospital were knocked down loudly and loudly, then I heard glass falling, scattered on the ground.

...I saw how a soldier pulled a nurse by her hand and pushed her firmly back, then another soldier broke the door of the intensive care unit, and all the soldiers rushed into the room. Women started shouting and insulting the soldiers. They got out of the rooms with children with the glucose needles still hanging from their arms. The children were all crying and trembling in fear. The children continued crying even after the soldiers had left the ward.

The soldiers broke the door leading to the maternity unit located at end of the children’s section. They entered the department of women and ordered all the men to lie on the ground and then trampled over their heads with their boots. Among those men who were prostrated on the ground, with the military boots over his head, was a professor from Jericho.

Another soldier was molesting another woman who had given birth only hours before, he asked her many questions in English until she fell in coma. I thought that she had died, and then I ran out to the first floor. I saw over 50 IDF soldiers deployed in the hospital. I called the emergency, I also called Dr. Anis Al-Qaq, a member of the Supreme Health Council, and I asked him to inform the security information office about the horror going on in the hospital.

The people told me that the soldiers invaded the hospital looking for the body of a Palestinian. Others said that the Islamic Jihad had spread fliers in the hospital in which they declared their responsibility for a suicide bombing on the past 30 July 1994 near Gaza, and they took the body.
There is no good way to "spin" thirty years of organ trafficking sanctioned by the State of Israel. It is what it is. He who has eyes to see, let him see.


Greg Bacon said…
Dammit, where's that Al Qaeda guy when you really need him?

Where's there's smoke, there's ... ANTI-SEMITISM!!!

Keep repeating until the next news cycle.
A. Peasant said…
for the benefit of my other readers, it was just last sunday when "chuck" said here:

Everybody's always picking on the Jews! All they want is to be left alone in peace. It's their country, God said so. Why can't those cockroach-licking palistinians find happiness somewhere else in the 99% of the desert that is _not_ Israel? This whole organ fiasco is simply another manufactured means of villifying the Jews. This is more like what has been done to the Jews throughout history, exemplified by the holocaust. So it's been proven that Jews are mentally superior to goyim-- explains why they do control banks, businesses, hollywood etc. Boo frickin hoo go cry me a river of thick gooey jealousy. You Israel haters will just have to continue sitting on the sidelines waving your flags of denial.