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Very serious PR problems call for all hands on deck

Intense Israeli pressure on Sweden has resulted in a sort of retraction.
A SWEDISH newspaper admitted overnight it did not have proof for an earlier story alleging Israeli soldiers had trafficked the organs of Palestinians, which sparked a diplomatic row with Israel.
Proof. What kind of proof do they need? Bodies? The Swedish paper published eye-witness accounts. There are other eye-witness accounts. Proof is for a court of law not a newspaper. Eye-witness accounts are first class evidence in a court of law. What was Bostrom supposed to do, exhume bodies?

Do the Israelis cooperate with inquiries into their behavior? NO! They deny. They stonewall. They manipulate. They lie. They claim 'security.' They use every technique in the book to cover up their crimes.

They don't punish their soldiers. What happened to the soldiers who killed Fadel Shana? Does anyone remember this murder caught on videotape?

Nothing. He was killed with impunity. It was caught on videotape -- irrefutable evidence. It didn't matter. Nothing happened.

Take also the use of white phosphorous in Gaza, which Israel denied repeatedly and brazenly by the way, even in the face of irrefutable evidence. When they finally admitted it they said it was legal. Then they denied denying it.

Israel denies everything, whether the proof is irrefutable or circumstantial. It makes no difference. So where does this demand for irrefutable proof come from? Aha, from gate-keepers. It is part of the hasbara. But excuse me for noticing that we are dealing with Known Liars. Why do they deserve the standard of irrefutable proof in order to sustain an inquiry into their behavior? Whose interests does that standard serve? Israel's.

You see it takes time to get irrefutable evidence, especially when the Israelis control everything and refuse to cooperate. More Palestinians could die waiting for the irrefutable evidence of organ theft while Israel stonewalls on all the merely circumstantial evidence against them, like missing bodies for instance.

Guess what? Circumstantial evidence counts. Eye-witness statements count.
In law, evidence that is drawn not from direct observation of a fact at issue but from events or circumstances that surround it. If a witness arrives at a crime scene seconds after hearing a gunshot to find someone standing over a corpse and holding a smoking pistol, the evidence is circumstantial, since the person may merely be a bystander who picked up the weapon after the killer dropped it. The popular notion that one cannot be convicted on circumstantial evidence is false. Most criminal convictions are based, at least in part, on circumstantial evidence that sufficiently links criminal and crime.
This is what is really happening and why:
The recent article on Israeli Organ Stealing from dead or captured Palestinians published in a Swedish newspaper has sent the Zionists into a “freak-out frenzy” which, I am finding quite comical. For all of the Zionist huffing and puffing and self righteous pontificating, calling for Sweden to “condemn” the printing of said article, but no matter, the real problem is not the fault of this article being published, for the problem is with Israel, not Sweden.

Here’s why. Israel is not seen as an honest entity, and that is not the fault of Sweden or any article written about Israel. Israel has created its own reality, the world has seen Israel’s refusal to admit to any of the atrocities it has clearly committed, many of which have been witnessed by millions of the worlds people. We all saw the genocide in Gaza, the white phosphorous, the DIME missiles, the tanks, the destruction of homes, hospitals, mosques, UN schools, and the death toll of over a thousand civilians and 400 children.

[what follows in an excellent unpacking of "Zionist Logic" -- please go read it you won't be disappointed - ed.]

So, when an article like this is written, no amount of hasbara can make the reader believe Israel is innocent, because we have all been taught otherwise by Israel itself.

Additionally, it is not Sweden’s fault that a journalist published what a source told him. That’s called journalism and free speech. The journalist only reported what was told to him by those who claim they have either witnessed this or been a victim of it. So, when viewed in that light every newspaper around the world would quickly go out of business. All those stories in your local paper that report what the journalist was told by the victim or witness, from automobile accidents, hit and runs, airplane crashes, murders, fights, anything anyone witnessed, any claims of police brutality, any claims of fraud, cheating, all of those are victim or witness reports. Just like the Swedish article was. The only difference is its about another Israeli crime, and it just so happens to fall on the heels of Israel being found doing much the same thing in the state of New Jersey in America. And given the view Israelis have of Arabs as animals that exist for the use of Zionists, it’s not too difficult to believe what the victims told the Journalist.


Greg Bacon said…
And yet another organ harvesting article, from National Public Radio:

And we begin with Lindy Washburn, senior writer for health care at The Record, which covers north Jersey. She joins us from member station WBGO in Newark, and thanks very much for being with us today.....

CONAN: So this was a sting operation.

Ms. WASHBURN: It was a sting operation, and her story was that she had an uncle who was very sick with polycystic disease, had been on dialysis for several years and needed to get a transplant. So Dwek called Rosenbaum, and Rosenbaum invited them to his home in Brooklyn, where they went in February of 2008. They go out there, and they ask him about how he gets these kidneys and what his experience is…

CONAN: And we know this because these conversations are tape recorded.

Ms. WASHBURN: Exactly, yes. The complaint quotes from him based on the tape recordings that the undercover agent had made. So he tells them that he would be able to take a blood sample from her uncle and transport it to Israel, and there are hunters there who will find a donor. The cost for this would be $150,000. He says he needs to schmear a lot of people, pay them for their services.

Hunters who will find a donor? Is that just a play on words or was she speaking the truth?

IDF Hunters?
A. Peasant said…
head hunters...

organ hunters...

must be a career path.
MarcLord said…
Nice digging, Greg Bacon.

There's a dramatically compelling movie out there, set in England and called 'Dirty Pretty Things.' Of course the Turks play the bad organ harvesters. In the movie, they trade green cards for kidneys.