dignity means not letting other people do things for you that you can do for yourself, such as getting up off your knees while you still can

So I might be taking a little break, not sure. Maybe I will maybe I won't. But read this thing from David Icke because it's good and it conveys some of the frustration that I personally feel from spending thousands of hours of my life reading and blogging and analyzing, for what I don't know. For the love of humanity I guess because I certainly don't do it for the money or the security it brings me ahem.

Here's the thing up next for us: resistance, non-compliance. If they're going to take you away make them do it the hard way. Do not cooperate with this agenda coming down the pike because it is dangerous and deadly and evil and it will trap even those enforcing it, to their bitter horror.
We need to come together in mutual support with unbreakable determination and a backbone that will not wilt.

No matter what the intimidation we must refuse the vaccination for ourselves and our families and make it as difficult as possible for the authorities to impose their will. If people react with violent protest, they will be handing all the aces to the police state. It is not a violent response that we need, but a calm and peaceful mass campaign of non-cooperation.

A system run by a few cannot function if the masses will not cooperate with it.

Calmness is essential or we stop thinking straight and never was there a more important time to think straight than in the months and years ahead before this control system is dismantled.

Hey, and you in the middle and lower ranks of administration in governments and their agencies; you in uniform, be it the military, police, whatever ... What the hell are you doing? You have children and grandchildren, too. What the hell are you doing?

Wake up, grow up, get informed and start to break ranks before you enforce a prison-state on your own families.

This is no time for faint hearts ... we came to sort out this fascist nonsense and the time will come when we will. Let us meet that challenge - look it in the eye - instead of running for cover.

One line sums it up ...



Greg Bacon said...

Most Americans have been living on their knees for so long they think that's normal.

Some are even starting to like that position.

Wait until they get introduced to the next painful position, on their knees and hands.

A. Peasant said...

...screaming no doubt.

this is very frustrating.

kenny said...

Miss A,
You had us concerned.

We're all frustrated. Take a break when you need it. Come back stronger.

We have no mass audience, sometimes we can only maybe...just maybe... affect one person to act to not continue the wars and lies.

That one person may lead to many.

A. Peasant said...

thanks kenny. agreed and will do. ;)

Hakim said...

AP, I am one person whose eyes were first opened by your blogging. Please do not be deterred.

A. Peasant said...

say hi to chuck for me

Hakim said...

who is chuck?

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