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This here is a fluffernutter sandwich on Wonder Bread about Obama's Jewish roots in Chicago. Here, have a bite.
“He was raised in a family without any built-in advantages: His father was a stranger, but with the help of a close family and an emphasis on education and hard work, he succeeded. It’s the Jewish story in America." - Alan Solow, Chicago attorney, leader of the Jewish community and veteran Obama supporter
Yes, Jewish people are practically Lost Boys from Sudan. That's what I always say. No built-in advantages whatsoever.
The first is its annual list of what it calls The New Establishment, the 100 most powerful, most influential people in American society. What is absolutely amazing, stunning about the list is how many Jews there are on it. Jews make up about 2.5 percent of the U.S. population so there should be two or three Jews on the list. Guess again, bubeleh. The list of the Vanity Fair 100 includes, get ready, 51, yes 51 Jews. Minimum.

I say 51 because that's how many I'm sure are Jewish. There may be others on the list who are Jewish but who I don't know are Jewish and whose names are not obviously Jewish. But let's say I got them all. That means that more than half the names on the list of the 100 people who are the most vital to this society are Jewish. And this is a list that includes Apple's Steve Jobs and Oprah and Bill Clinton and Warren Buffett, to name a few of the few non-Jews on the list. That is absolutely nothing short of astounding.

Talk about us being accepted into this society, talk about us having power in this society, talk about anti-Semitism being a thing of the past, talk about Jews no longer needing to be afraid to be visible and influential. And it doesn't stop there. The magazine also has a separate list of what it calls The Next Establishment, younger people it believes destined to make the big list some year soon. Of the 26 names on that list, 15 are Jews. That I'm sure of. 15 of 26. More than half.
So much more. Go finish your lunch.


Greg Bacon said…
A Bum Wrap- Burying Ted Kennedy with the Israeli flag

Abe Foxman, President of ADL and AIPAC on the other hand, knew exactly what they were doing four days earlier as both offered to send an Israeli flag to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Basilica in Boston's Mission Hill section. The plan was to wrap Ted Kennedy’s casket, side by side with the American flag, each flag to cover roughly half of Ted’s casket during Kennedy’s internationally broadcast funeral, which was even watched live in Dahiyeh, Beirut’s southern suburbs. Only the lobby’s continuing exploitation of the Holocaust and ADL’s unauthorized use of the image of Yasser Arafat to demonize him and raise millions to fund illegal settlement expansion, did Foxman see such a terrific chance to hype brand Zionism. This time by linking it in perpetuity to the Kennedy mystique and the Arlington Cemetery eternal flame. Wrapping Kennedy in the Israeli flag for history would no doubt give a boost to Israel’s preferred historical narrative and the Israeli flag which has increasingly come to represent virulent Zionism and its crimes.

Despite some intense lobbying, the Kennedy family graciously declined the Foxman-Aipac offer and Ted’s coffin carried only the American flag.

Looks like there's still some of the Kennedy's that have some self-respect... Or maybe they still wonder just who did kill JFK and his brother.
A. Peasant said…
outrageous. thanks, greg. i linked to this over at aa news.