mystery at sea

A lot of mystery still shrouds the Arctic Sea. Your guess is as good as mine what's really going on here, but I advise keeping a few facts in mind:

Six Jewish companies own 95% of the world's media. You know the saying you get what you pay for. Well in the case of corporate media, you get what *THEY* pay for.

Israel wants to start a war with Iran (real reason here) on false pretenses, since the IAEA and the NIE have both repeatedly assessed that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program. So something has to be arranged: a false flag.

Mossad's motto is 'by deception shall you make war.'

Keeping all that in mind...

Times Online (a Murdoch paper) now says Mossad more or less saved the day by tipping off Russia that the Arctic Sea was carrying S-300 missiles to Iran, arranged by "former military officers linked to the underworld." Whoever that means. Funny how Mossad comes out smelling like a rose, hmm?

Meanwhile, NPR (Annenberg Foundation/CPB) reports that Conde Nast (Jewish owned, founded by a Russian Jew), which owns GQ, is trying to keep a story about Putin's "Dark Rise to Power" away from Russian readers. As if that could possibly work. As a matter of fact, it would seem to me that NPR doing a story about such a cover-up will pretty much ensure that the information about Putin will get around, and with just enough of a conspiracy patina to convince those who don't normally traffic in conspiracy theories that this one could be true, since the legitimate but left-leaning NPR dug it up. There's a tool for every job.
"But these stories will get out, they will get read in Russia. They're being somewhat naive to believe that by limiting this to their American edition that somehow they're preventing this from being read."
Naive my ass. Maybe they want to build mystery around Vladimir Putin. Maybe it's helpful to certain people if Vladimir Putin has a tarnished reputation. Maybe if some doubt surrounds Vladimir Putin's motives, then he can take some of the blame when something goes down. And anyway, speaking of naive, does anyone think the Russian people are naive about Vladimir Putin or anything else? For pete's sake, the Russian people must be some of the toughest people on earth. Of course Putin has a shady background! And I would imagine that Russians consider it an asset not a liability. So this whole thing doesn't pass the smell test to me. I mean, if anyone is naive on this planet it has to be Americans who believe just about anything as long as they get it from teevee. I think Americans are the mark, as usual.

I mean, there's some weird stuff out there about Putin. Who knows. Maybe Putin is a good guy, as Brother Nathanael seems to think. I'm just trying to point out that you really can't take anything at face value. Power is seedy. All people in power have been compromised. They lie. They have suspect motives. They make money off of wars.

And they own newspapers and magazines and television and radio. That's the way it is. So take it from where it comes.

Update: xymphora has another take on the same Times Online article:
Another explanation for the Russian ship mystery is that it was a decoy/counterintelligence operation to identify any 'dual loyalist' Jews in the Russian government who might be tipping off the Israelis to any Russian military sales to the Middle East. All other explanations fail to account for the fact that it was the Russians who made a big deal out of this, hardly likely if the cargo of this unknown ship was embarrassing to them. A few 'accidents' and the Russian security problem is cleaned up.
Yeah. Personally I think the Russians are very smart, and maybe Brother Nathanael is right about Putin, and if that's the case then it would explain the little whisper campaign currently underway about Putin in the corporate media, with naive liberal NPR-listening and GQ-reading metro-sexual Americans as the target for this little piece of mind-control.

Anyone who still believes that *anyone* in power is some sort of boy scout....well...you see...
it's not like that actually.

Moving on....


Greg Bacon said...

The 'Artic Sea' story is ludicrous to the extreme.

Why go to all the trouble of smuggling missiles thru Finland to a port, then onto a ship that had to travel the Baltic, then the North Sea, then the Med and dock in Algeria, then another 5,000 or so miles by land?

Why not just use that backyard Russian lake, the Caspian Sea to transport them to Iran?

Sounds like someone is trying to give cover to the MOSSAD for committing piracy on the high seas.

Another Murdoch whopper.

A. Peasant said...

there's gotta be a couple of oligarchs in there somewhere too.

malcontent said...

Whatever the intended destination, it would mess with the coming F16 airstrikes from Israel to Iran and that cannot be tolerated.

Whether the shipment was a ruse or not, Israel demonstrates dominance in the end.

Chuck said...

The reason they couldn't cross the Baltic is well known. We're already engaged in battle with the large Greys from Nibiru, at their base at the bottom of the Baltic. Transporting of nukes over the surface would've been a like waving a red flag to the Greys. Not a good thing for our military, considering the precarious status of that firefight.

A. Peasant said...

oh, oh, ok then.

pfft. glad *that's* all cleared up.

Greg Bacon said...

The reason they couldn't cross the Baltic is well known. We're already engaged in battle with the large Greys from Nibiru, at their base at the bottom of the Baltic

WTF? Try getting out more and stop watching all of those repeat episodes of "The X Files."

A. Peasant said...

yah. and people call *me* random.

malcontent said...

Looks like an attempt to get you to gooogel the unique terms which will inevitably lead to installing shit on your computer.

You know you are onto something when fuck-knobs like this come out to run interference.

Next new moon Friday September 18th.

Chuck said...

Fuck-knob yourself malcontent. You think you have it all figured out. Go ahead and google, I don't care if you do or not. Maybe google Dulce, New Mexico while you're at it. You think there's _something_ different about "them" that puts them in positions of power, but you're not quite sure what "it" is. Now, go do your homework.

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