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All this spin so artfully applied does not change reality.
Several hundred Jewish leaders from around the country will spill into Washington on Thursday for a “national leadership advocacy day on Iran” that many hope will spark a genuine grass-roots movement akin to the Soviet Jewry movement of the 1980s.
Spill into Washington..... like milk and honey.

National leadership advocacy day on Iran.... we should all follow our wise Jewish leaders.

Hope...spark...genuine grass roots movement.... it's all good, isn't it?
And while one ostensible goal of the fly-in is to press for new sanctions legislation pending in Congress, there is a broader, unspoken purpose: to ensure strong official U.S. support if Israel feels compelled to use military force to damage Iran’s nuclear program.
Aha. So the "ostensible" goal is to press for sanctions, but the real reason, the unspoken purpose (which even though it remains unspoken can be written about because there's no shame in it whatsoever but then again it's good to try to at least *look* reasonable) is to make sure that elected leaders of the American people fall right in line "if Israel feels compelled to use military force to damage Iran's nuclear program."

Israel's glass feelings...so very fragile. So easily scratched or shattered. So precious. Israel cannot be expected to behave like a mature member of the international community, subject to rigorous rules of logic and reason, expected to compromise and negotiate in good faith. No. Israel is special, more special than anyone else as we are constantly reminded. Chosen. And so if Israel has any uncomfortable feelings, we must cater to and indulge them lest we incur the wrath of "God," and if some number of people have to die -- whether they be Palestinians or Lebanese, Iraqis or Afghanis, Russians or Syrians or Iranians or Europeans or Africans or Americans, innocent or not, anyone may be called -- to assuage Israel's feelings, then we all have a duty, apparently, to overlook such unfortunate sacrifices and provide strong support and comfort to our best friend in her endless hour of need and persecution. And all these smiling Jewish people have spilled into Washington to helpfully remind our brave elected leaders of same.
Beneath the surface, this week’s action is “designed to impress upon people in Washington that somebody has to deal with the problem — and that all the moves up until this point have clearly not addressed the problem in a satisfactory way,” said Shoshana Bryen, senior director for security policy at the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). “The Jews aren’t coming here to ask the administration to bomb Iran, but I also don’t think they’re coming here specifically asking for sanctions, either, because we know sanctions haven’t worked. What we’re left with is that they’re preparing the ground so that no matter what happens, nobody can say they weren’t warned.”
So we should be grateful that "the Jews" give us fair warning that they *will* rope us into another war, if they feel like it. And by the way we had better not complain, having been graciously warned in advance.

Can't you see they have NO CHOICE?!
“As a community, we are taking an overall approach,” said Mark Levin, executive director of NCSJ, a group focused on Eastern European human rights. Levin is coordinating the Washington event. “Sanctions are one important mechanism. We recognize that there has to be greater support from other countries, but what is the alternative? To throw up our hands and say Iran will be a nuclear nation, with all that implies?”
With all that implies....

So, what *does* it imply, exactly?

Simply this: that Israel would no longer enjoy hegemony over the Middle East and by extension, the world. Iran threatens the balance of power. Or more accurately, the imbalance of power. In reality, Israel would prefer that the entire world balance uncomfortably, perilously, on the head of a pin for time immemorial rather than let power flow naturally among sovereign nations. That's the real unspoken choice that they can't face because it's too horrible to contemplate, not being able to dictate and bully and commandeer the world's resources at their capricious will. And in fact, there really is no choice. Israel and her smiling supporters do nothing but prolong the inevitable, for their ill-gotten power can not be sustained. Israel will go down.

The real choice facing the world is this: how many people will Israel be allowed to take down with them?


Israel says "the time is now" for action, linking what Israel wants to the rest of the world
Haaretz: http://haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1114032.html
Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor said "the time is now" for Israel and the world to act to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions, after world powers on Friday accepted Iran's response to their offer of talks on the issue.

"The time is now," Meridor told Reuters in an interview published Saturday. "There is no more time to waste, and that's not only the Israeli perspective, it's much more general."

He said Iran is a "special case" for his country because Iranian leaders say Israel is illegitimate and should not exist, Iran is boosting its military capabilities and is involved in international terrorism. However, he added that, "One should not close one's eyes, but we are in a way fortunate that this is not only Israel's problem."

The minister said Iran would reach bomb-making potential before "the distant future," but noted this was not the key issue facing the world.

"The trend is clear, and if you want to be an owner of nuclear weapons or have the capability of being a nuclear power it changes the balance of power," he told Reuters.

And we can't have that. This is about changing the balance of power. Here you have it, right from the Deputy Prime Minister's mouth. Israel will start a war to prevent this change in the balance of power. That is the nature of the "threat" for which they expect many people to die.

And this is why the Iran war drums begin beating in Washington, in a big hurry they are, in spite of the fact that:
...Official U.S. intelligence estimates provide a far slower timeline. In February, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dennis Blair told Congress that Iran would be unable to produce highly enriched uranium (HEU) until at least 2013, and stated that there is "no evidence" that Iran had even made a decision to produce HEU.
...which just proves that this has nothing to do with Iran's nuclear program.


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And right on cue, the dead guy pops up, making threats about America being Israel's ally.


How convenient.

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