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sending people off into the tall weeds

Problem: TPTB put some bad ingredients, such as squalene, in their swine flu vaccine and word has gotten out to the people not to take the vaccine.

They have to do something. They cannot simply pretend that nothing has happened. How do they address this problem?

This is what they do. They have a doctor on Fox News. As soon as the conversation turns toward the danger in the vaccine, the host, whoever that clown is, interrupts the doctor and starts talking about .......thimerosal.

Is thimerosal bad? Yes it is. But of course, many people already know about thimerosal because it has been long associated with autism and the MMR vaccine. Thimerosal is an old controversy. For years doctors have been shooing parents concerns away about thimerosal even though the government recently conceded a vaccine-autism case in federal court.

If you were watching Fox News and started looking into thimerosal, however, thinking it has something to do with the swine flu vaccine, you would be off in the weeds far far away from discovering anything about squalene.

There. That was easy. You simply conclude that one out of four doctors is an idiot.