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serious underlying conditions

Here are parents grieving the sudden loss of their children. Every parent's worst nightmare.

This child in Britian died hours after receiving a vaccine against cervical cancer. The authorities say that is is very unlikely she died because of the vaccine. The program was temporarily suspended for two days "to give staff administering the vaccine training in how to answer questions from anyone concerned about its safety." They quarantined the batch of vaccine.

Oh and "GlaxoSmithKline shares were down 0.68 per cent at $19.78 on the London Stock Exchange late Tuesday."

LONDON – A British health official said Tuesday that the sudden death of 14-year-old girl was very unlikely to have been caused by the vaccine she was given hours before she died.

Natalie Morton, who died in a hospital Monday only hours after being the given the Cervarix vaccine, which protects against the virus that causes cervical cancer, had a "serious underlying medical condition which was likely to have caused death," according to Caron Grainger, the director for public health at Coventry City Council, the English city where the girl went to school. [OK WHAT WAS IT? - ed.]

"We are awaiting further test results which will take some time," Grainger said in a statement. "However, indications are that it was most unlikely that the ... vaccination was the cause of death."

The Cervarix vaccine consists of three injections given over a six-month period, and the shot Morton received at her school had been her first. Morton appeared to be healthy before being given the shot, and her dramatic death sent a ripple of concern across the country.
Contrast to this case:

Laboratory testing has confirmed that the Leonard Middle School student who died Sunday after being hospitalized with flulike symptoms had the H1N1 swine flu, the Tarrant County Public Health Department said Tuesday.

Chloe Lindsey, 14, fell ill Wednesday evening and had developed a temperature of 103.8 degrees and pneumonia when she was rushed to the hospital Sunday, said her father, Tom Osborne.


Lindsey, an eighth-grader, had no underlying health problems. She ran track and played clarinet in the school band, he said.


However, she did not receive the antiviral medication Tamiflu because the doctors said the CDC guidelines recommend giving it only to people most at risk, he said.


“They kept asking if she had asthma or diabetes,” Tom Osborne said. “They said if there is not an underlying health problem then the CDC recommends withholding it because they are so short, especially on the child doses. They said to make sure she gets lots of fluids and rest.”


When Lindsey arrived at Cook Children’s emergency department at 7:22 a.m. Sunday, she had flulike symptoms that included fever and respiratory issues, a hospital spokesperson said. [PNEUMONIA???????]


He said he and his wife don’t blame their daughter’s pediatrician but can’t help but question the CDC guidelines.

“For all the parents out there, insist on treatment,” he said. “We don’t understand how we have gotten to this point where we don’t have the medicine for these children.”

Do you get the impression from this story that this child was denied a drug, Tamiflu, on Friday because of the overly-conservative CDC guidelines and the scarcity of the medicine? Do you see how that is presented as a problem? Do you see what the solution is? Make more medicine and loosen the guidelines and encourage people to take the medicine?

But what if this girl died from pneumonia after being sick and worsening for days. I don't know. It is a possibility however a possibility that common sense suggests and which is, in fact, supported by the WHO's own data.
In most cases, even the WHO and the Atlanta US Government's CDC has been forced to admit, deaths were in patients who already has some severe respiratory disorder or grave illness when they contracted what was named H1N1 Influenza A. They never to date have offered the slightest proof that it was not those grave prior illnesses which caused death and that the flu symptoms were merely a coincident event, what epidemiologists term an "opportunistic infection."

But it gets even more interesting. The WHO it turns out lumps its statistics for flu deaths together with those from pneumonia, a completely separate and far more common illness and a far larger cause of death, in a disease classification it calls "Influenza and Pneumonia (J09-J18)."

So, in 2007 the WHO recorded 21883 deaths attributed to "flu and pneumonia" without dividing each as to direct cause. But of those WHO classifications, flu itself only goes for symptoms in categories J09-J11. The entire rest of the categories deal with pneumonia and related lung infectious manifestations. Yet far and away the largest group of deaths from infectious diseases comes from pneumonia, not from influenza. The number of certified deaths from "influenza virus", with or without pneumonia complications was a far less alarming 14 persons in 2007. This clever trick allows pharmaceutical manufacturers like GlaxoSmithKline or Baxter Labs to promote their "flu" vaccines.
Recap: In the case where a vaccine immediately preceded a healthy child's sudden and unexplained death, the authorities blame her death on an underlying condition -- but they don't tell us what it is. In a case where a child dies from pneumonia after being seen by doctors and worsening over a period of days (can you say malpractice?), the death is blamed on swine flu.

Every single day people have their personal tragedies twisted to serve agendas. Every single day. And the only defense from it is you, dear reader, and the care you take in consuming what they call "news." Lives depend on your ability to process information.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
AP important though the V thing is for long term stultification I agree.

More immediately it's being run as a scare story to take our eyes away from the main play.

The Ponzi scheme is moving/has moved to where?

I reckon Berlin, but there are other contenders. Brasilia is a good bet I'd say. Have you checked out it's architects credentials?
A. Peasant said…
you know i was thinking today was a day that some shit would hit some fan somewhere, especially after reading your post this morning.

as for scare tactics, yes agreed. the thing is if people would actually *read* a little more carefully they can see for themselves what/who to be afraid of. that being the point of the illustration today: no fear, no psyops.