chaos ensued

Jesus ministered for three years.

The #1 thing he preached about was hypocrisy.

He had to go.

Jesus knew that Judas betrayed him and remarked on it at the last supper with his disciples.

Judas prearranged with the Pharisees, who paid him for this service, to identify Jesus to the soldiers by kissing him in the garden.

Judas betrayed the Prince of Peace for money.

The drama of the passion immediately ensued.


Do *I* personally think Obama is the Messiah? Of course not. Do I think Obama is playing the Messiah role in an occult drama?

What if he is? What might we expect to happen next?



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

AP I'm wide awake with a gallon of stongest Arabica brewing.

A. Peasant said...

crazy stuff huh.

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