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the dangerous work of tracking x-war attacks

The other day, as you probably read somewhere, a British nuclear energy expert, Tim Hampton, plunged to his death at the UN building in Vienna, Austria. He had been involved in disarmament negotiations with Iran.

A colleague of this Tim Hampton's sent correspondence to George Ure at Urban Survival, which in part says:
Apart from his work of watching whether some shaking earth is an earthquake or an illegal nuclear test (what is a legal nuclear test), he was interested in many side applications during the last years, and involved in setting up a tsunami warning system. He too was responsible for the CTBTO computer network - kind of super-admin and strategy planner. Ugh - still can't believe this!
That reminded me of reading allegations that the huge tsunami of December 2004 had been triggered by an undersea nuclear test. On purpose or by accident, who can say. It's just another conspiracy theory I suppose, something easily dismissed by people not inclined to understand that the human population of planet earth is under attack and has been under attack for quite some time, by various means.

Just weeks before that horrible tsunami, this article appeared in Pravda: X-wars technology caused the deaths of well-known Russian politicians.

On January, 6, Krasnoyarsk court finished the legal hearing of the case on the helicopter crash which caused the death of governor Alexander Lebed and his companions. The helicopter crew commander has been sentenced to three years of imprisonment, and "human mistakes" factor has been named the cause of the tragedy. We are not going to undermine the official version, but the version of Krasnoyarsk physicist Pavel Polujan is worth mentioning.

...I cannot be absolutely sure, but we all are well aware of the several mysterious accidents which caused the deaths of several well-known politicians, Army officers and public figures. As a rule, the causes of such accidents were not discovered, yet the version of malicious intention was excluded - there were neither signs of explosion nor the evidence of any diversion - mechanical failure made by people. However, it is quite possible to assume that these incidents resulted from the acts of terrorism with the use of secret whirlwinds weapon. No traces of such weapons remain – the plane or helicopter simply falls down to the ground after entering the zone of so-called modified environment. Plane wings and helicopter propeller are designed for certain characteristics of air. If air characteristics become different, the machine becomes unstable.

How is it possible to change the characteristics of atmosphere?

There are various ways. For example, devices modifying ionosphere with the help of powerful radar radiation have been introduced for antimissile defense. In Alaska such HAARP system was deployed, and the international community raised concerns that it can seriously broke the established energetic balance of the Earth atmosphere. For the devices flying at lower altitudes other methods can be used, as creating artificial turbulence in air.


In other words, in case of governor Lebed’s helicopter crash we can suspect possible diversion, but unable to prove it?

For this case I would not decline the suspicions. I just wanted to draw the public attention to the X-war technologies.

What do you mean by “X-war”?

Special secret mode of conducting wars. This concept was developed, when it became clear that direct military conflict will inevitably result in nuclear self-destruction. Then the idea appeared that the battle can be conducted while pretending that the conditions of peace are being maintained. In fact, the war is going on, but by the other, “quiet” means. They include the methods of economic and financial diversions, information-psychological technologies aimed at degrading the social structure of the attacked people. Biological diversions infected cattle or agricultural plants or even people, not by some disease causing death, but by an infection planting panic and confusion within the society. Certainly, technical devices causing accidents not only to planes, but to power systems might be created. During the period of "Cold War" much money was invested into the development of the X-war methods and technologies.

Your words make us look at the current world affairs from a different angle.

Certainly. Today the global X-war is in the full swing and in some areas it has already reached the “boiling point”. Meanwhile, the purposes at this war are the same as they used to be - submitting the attacked country by the state-aggressor , taking over its resources, reorienting its economic potential according to the interests of the aggressor. I am not going to name any concrete states here, hoping that the readers can come to the necessary conclusions by themselves.

X-war attacks, by definition, appear to be Acts of God or Mother Nature. It's the best plausible deniability money can buy. And it probably costs a lot of money. And obviously, it needs to remain hidden. If people understood that tornadoes and hurricanes and earthquakes can be created, manipulated, directed, etc., well that would be quite an eye-opener. So this must necessarily be black budget technology funded through black budget sources -- ie: drug money, arms trafficking, etc. -- and it is controlled by the most powerful actors on the world's stage.

Who controls the international crime syndicate? The Iranians? I don't think so. It's the same cast of characters we're always talking about.

We also know that plans for world domination are very large and very old. They are hidden in plain site based on the Big Lie hypothesis, meaning that most people will never believe it so you don't even have to hide it.

And in any case, some things remain easy to hide in plain sight. Look at how many earthquakes occur in the world in a given week -- easily over 100, and that only includes the ones big enough to count. IF some people wanted to 'hide' an illegal nuclear test as an earthquake, well I would guess that could be arranged. It would take an expert like Tim Hampton to have both the expertise and the access to information to catch such an illegal test out of all the many earthquakes that occur throughout the world each week. People like Tim Hampton don't grow on trees.

Now one might conclude, as George Ure does, something like the following after Tim Hampton's mysterious death:
Is working for the UN CTBTO suddenly the most dangerous profession in the world? If yes (which seems a bit obvious) then the "Why?" question comes up. Seems to me that either a) someone is going to extreme lengths to make it look like Iran is hiding something more or b) Iran really is hiding something more.

In either case, a damn shame about the experts dying and it will no doubt drive further speculation as to what's really going on in those hidden Iranian labs.
Yes. No doubt.

AND CUI BONO FROM THAT? Iran? I don't think so.


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Noor al Haqiqa said…

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?

En route to finding this last addy in my horridly HUGE pile of links, I found the first two and just threw them in for fun. But THIS last one, I have had for a few years now. I originally found it on the Beastie Boys political site!

This is amazing information if you have not already seen it.

BTW Dublin, added you to my list, ty for joining on there I noticed earlier. Smiles.
A. Peasant said…
hey thanks for these links. i had never seen these. it also reminded me of this story i came across a way back about hurricane andrew being unnaturally strong, many deaths covered up, etc.
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Thanks Noor I noticed your site on Kenny's side show.
I have read Joe Vialls years ago before he died or whatever happened.

I read they were mass burying bodies in Florida after that storm. If you can't find them, nobody collects insurance.

One year I boarded up 4 times in Florida in one year. I expect to see more of it. I am one of those shifting of the axis type guys.

If anyone ever notices that site working right again let me know. I changed the template.
Bless you people
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This pic is actually me although I look a little older now.
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This pic is actually me although I look a little older now.
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