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the idea of world government is a trap

Do you know what's so evil about the NWO? It's how they take something good and twist it into something bad. It's how they devise traps for good people. It's the deviousness that is so evil, the way they mislead and entrap people, tangling them up in their own good intentions.

They take politicians and parade them in front of you as upstanding public servants, and you find out later they're twisted freaks pedophiles or some other variety of sociopath. They take your love of music and use it to deliver mind-control messages. They know about human needs. They know how to manipulate people, all people.

They understand perfectly well that most people want to live in peace. They use that desire, a GOOD DESIRE, a NORMAL DESIRE, to herd people into demanding or at least supporting global solutions to what appear to be intractable problems like global warming, world hunger, the financial crisis, terrorism. They use guilt.

We all have to work together. What.... Don't You CARE?

And then, when they have your name on the dotted line, you will find out that the solution you just agreed to is not a solution after all. It's worse than that. You can't undo it. It's a disaster. It's breaking the time-space continuum in such a way that you can't go back or forward or up, you can only go down. And that is exactly where they want you. Down. On your belly in the dust, or buried. Whatever.

I don't think enough people really get what's going on. I hope they catch on quick.

At [the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in] Copenhagen, this December, weeks away, a treaty will be signed. Your president will sign it. Most of the third world countries will sign it, because they think they’re going to get money out of it. Most of the left-wing regime from the European Union will rubber stamp it. Virtually nobody won’t sign it.

I read that treaty. And what it says is this, that a world government is going to be created. The word “government” actually appears as the first of three purposes of the new entity. The second purpose is the transfer of wealth from the countries of the West to third world countries, in satisfication of what is called, coyly, “climate debt” – because we’ve been burning CO2 and they haven’t. We’ve been screwing up the climate and they haven’t. And the third purpose of this new entity, this government, is enforcement.

How many of you think that the word “election” or “democracy” or “vote” or “ballot” occurs anywhere in the 200 pages of that treaty? Quite right, it doesn’t appear once. So, at last, the communists who piled out of the Berlin Wall and into the environmental movement, who took over Greenpeace so that my friends who funded it left within a year, because [the communists] captured it – Now the apotheosis as at hand. They are about to impose a communist world government on the world. You have a president who has very strong sympathies with that point of view. He’s going to sign it. He’ll sign anything. He’s a Nobel Peace Prize [winner]; of course he’ll sign it.


And the trouble is this; if that treaty is signed, if your Constitution says that it takes precedence over your Constitution (sic), and you can’t resign from that treaty unless you get agreement from all the other state parties – And because you’ll be the biggest paying country, they’re not going to let you out of it.

So, thank you, America. You were the beacon of freedom to the world. It is a privilege merely to stand on this soil of freedom while it is still free. But, in the next few weeks, unless you stop it, your president will sign your freedom, your democracy, and your humanity away forever. And neither you nor any subsequent government you may elect will have any power whatsoever to take it back. That is how serious it is. I’ve read the treaty. I’ve seen this stuff about [world] government and climate debt and enforcement. They are going to do this to you whether you like it or not.

But I think it is here, here in your great nation, which I so love and I so admire – it is here that perhaps, at this eleventh hour, at the fifty-ninth minute and fifty-ninth second, you will rise up and you will stop your president from signing that dreadful treaty, that purposeless treaty. For there is no problem with climate and, even if there were, an economic treaty does nothing to [help] it.

So I end by saying to you the words that Winston Churchill addressed to your president in the darkest hour before the dawn of freedom in the Second World War. He quoted from your great poet Longfellow:

Sail on, O Ship of State!

Sail on, O Union, strong and great!

Humanity with all its fears,

With all the hopes of future years,

Is hanging breathless on thy fate!

This world government stuff is not going to solve any of our problems. It will only transfer our sovereignty and money and power to some nameless faceless corporation from hell halfway around the world. You think you have trouble getting a human being on the line to resolve an insurance problem now? This will be that sort of experience only on a national scale. We'll pay all our bills, gouged through the eyeballs for everything, we'll pay on time under strict penalty, and they'll never credit our account and will instead send the bill collectors after us to repossess cars and houses and shut off water and electricity and murder dogs and men and women and children. And when we call to complain we'll get the phone jail from hell please press 2 please enter your account number please press 4 WE'RE SORRY THAT ENTRY IS INVALID etc.

NOBODY except the elite will ever enjoy any satisfaction from a world government.

It's a trap.

Here is the video:

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Chuck said…
It's a trap, yes, and Obama will gladly step into it.

It is his nature. Bravo.
A. Peasant said…
oh chuck, you're back. i saw cargill's name on this list. of course, i immediately thought of you:
Chuck said…
Oh AP, I have no connection to this 'Cargill' thing you mention; I only post in necessitative situations
A. Peasant said…
what constitutes a "necessitative situation"?
Chuck said…
To use a carr metaphor, a "necessitative situation" may be deemed as those times that you are firing on all twelve cylinders.

Furthermore, in order to be "back", I would first need to have left.
A. Peasant said…
i see. well we have already established with some hilarity that you will say anything. so welcome back. thank you for pointing out when i am firing on all 12 cylinders. good to know.
Greg Bacon said…
What does ' necessitative' mean?'

I can't find that word in my Zio-Dictionary.

And what does TPTB stand for?

I must of taken some stupid pills.