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let's take our ball and go home for lunch

TPTB use the internet to keep us busy and track what we're doing and thinking. They use it to send us down dead end streets.

At this point we know the general outlines of what they want to do. Has the law of diminishing returns set in? Are we now giving them more information by our behavior following the bouncing psyops ball then we get in exchange?

I don't know, but a thought occurs to me: What if we, the people paying attention, just stopped analyzing for a period of time? What if we became the silent lurkers? We would rustle them out of the bushes maybe. ?? I don't know. It's just an idea.

Threat of next world war may be in cyberspace: UN
The next world war could take place in cyberspace, the UN telecommunications agency chief warned Tuesday as experts called for action to stamp out cyber attacks. "The next world war could happen in cyberspace and that would be a catastrophe. We have to make sure that all countries understand that in that war, there is no such thing as a superpower," Hamadoun Toure said. "Loss of vital networks would quickly cripple any nation, and none is immune to cyberattack," added the secretary-general of the International Telecommunications Union during the ITU's Telecom World 2009 fair in Geneva. Toure said countries have become "critically dependent" on technology for commerce, finance, health care, emergency services and food distribution.

"The best way to win a war is to avoid it in the first place," he stressed. [natch]

...But one of the most prominent victims in recent years has been the small Baltic state of Estonia, which has staked some of its post Cold War development on new technology. In 2007 a spate of cyber attacks forced the closure of government websites and disrupted leading businesses. Estonian Minister for Economic Affairs and Communications Juhan Parts said in Geneva that "adequate international cooperation" was essential. "Because if something happens on cyberspace... it's a border crossing issue. We have to have horizontal cooperation globally," he added.

...Experts say that a major problem is that the current software and web infrastructure has the same weaknesses as those produced two decades ago. "The real problem is that we're putting on the market software that is as vulnerable as it was 20 years ago," said Cristine Hoepers, general manager at Brazilian National Computer Emergency Response Team. "If you see the vulnerabilities that are being exploited today, they are still the same," she underlined. She suggested that professionals needed to be trained to "design something more resilient." "Universities are not teaching students to think about that. We need to change the workforce, we need to go to the universities..., we need to start educating our professionals," she said.

Pointing out the infrastructure weakness, Carlos Moreira, who founded and runs the Swiss information security firm Wisekey, said legislation is needed to bring cybersecurity up to international standards.
And this, if you can believe it:
Yesterday on October 6, 2009 several acts of war against the U.S. and the U.K. were perpetrated and very few know about it. No it was not bullets, mortars, missiles, or even IEDS in Afghanistan or Iraq.......but the blows were none less telling in the world of 3 C's ........Command, Control, and Communications.

Apparently, the entire National Communications Center capability to communicate went down at Andrews at least for enough of a duration to cause extreme consternation and a designation of RED. As many know, this is a vital Communications Center for the U.S. Military, Intelligence community, and the Commander In Chief. It going down caused numerous problems and no doubt many questions asked.

...The U.K. situation yesterday apparently was a massive deep hack and the resultant cyber-purloining of approx. 2000 pages of the Queen's MI-6 deepest current secrets relating perhaps to operational details of clandestine agenteur, current INTEL operations, and future plans for a variety of target nations around the world. That these "Dirty Knickers" were spread all over the Internet throughout the Eurozone prior to a quick takedown by GCHQ and MI-6 caused great wailing and consternation in the British circles of power. Understandably so as this amounts to war.

Curiously though, yesterday also had a UN group comment that the next World War will be fought in there any linkage of these cyber generated attacks to the fact that certain UN working groups were addressing that very issue or that in nearly every country belabored Elites like Senator Rocky Oil want to take away the Internet from the people because they are losing control of the masses of sheep they have been feeding upon.

Et cetera.

I covered that Rockefeller legislation here. (Also here.)
The purpose of this language [legislation] is mind-fucking people into supporting the government takeover of the internet after a false-flag terrorist attack. You will support President Obama. You will listen to whatever he says. Turn on the teevee.
Bottom line seems to be that they plan on taking the internet away from us when it's convenient for them. It's a timing issue. They adjust their timing based on all the great feedback we give them. I'm just thinking hey, why don't we just get all quiet and do our reading but not write what we think for a few days, maybe even a week. A bloggy strike kind of thing. You know put the mind fuck in reverse. That could get interesting.

Just remember: they need us we don't need them. In any relationship, even a hellish one, only one party has to change behavior for the whole relationship to change.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said…

like the idea BUT I reckon they've got us profiled and about 99% of the popular blog sites are honey traps anyway if not cointelpro. 100% of the young are hooked.

I think the last thing they will do is overtly shut us down, it will just get sticky and seem boring to do research and meaningful comment. To do something that makes us go Samizdat would give a patina of forbidden, renegade, rebel and perhaps cool. The young might be attracted to that. TPTB do not want anything like that to happen.

I came out here looking for less than 1% of 1% of the non-honey traps who are interested in occult history, but got side tracked into ranting. I'd love to go Samizdat.
A. Peasant said…
yeah, i was mulling it over in my mind how the hell would it work? the thing is, as you say, the vast majority of people doing this have been hooked into the game somehow they're getting paid or they worship/read people who are getting paid. i don't get paid by anyone i just do it because i want to, so for me and the other people who are crazy enough to put what they *really* think on the internet like having unprotected sex, it would be nice to know who is who. fellow crazies would be willing to go Samizdat. the rest will say no.

that still leaves the problem of arranging it though.
A. Peasant said…
incoming, still thinking here...

they've already done something to make us go Samizdat: they polluted the blogosphere with all the cointelpro. i guess that's what i'm saying. they already did it so for those who can see the problem, why *not* take this approach? it would piss them off and make their job more difficult, no?
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…

back from changing the light fuses.

Thank God it's a sunny day here.

Instictivley I'm with you all the way.

However being contrarian by nature I still need to trip over the 1% of the 1% of rest to find my soulbuddies and this is how I'll find them.

Run silent run deep, I'll do that, but as part of what I'm looking for I constantly come across these great big fat targets masquerading as something other than what they are. It's serendipity and synchroncity calling. So I just got to send a few tin fish their way.

BTW came across a big one yesterday, purely by accident on another bloggers list, still working out the firing solutions on that one.

See keep getting side tracked.
A. Peasant said…
ha, i hear you. you try to do one thing but along the way you have to handle all this other crap, it's like renovating a really old house you take off the old wallpaper but now you see how bad the plaster is so you pull down the walls but now you have to fix the electrical and the plumbing and the insulation etc. the place is now trashed it's going to cost a small fortune to get it all back together right and that will blow a big hole in your budget. so much for redecorating.
INCOMING!!!!!!! said…
Yes AP, but I sooooooo enjoy it!!

Happy hunting. :-)
A. Peasant said…
yeah, me too. i'm a glutton for punishment. carry on!
malcontent said…
Save the effort for the aftermath of the next big event.

Dumping your car into reverse in the middle of a freeway with the smoking tires and metal crunching whiplash is one thing in the middle of the day.

Doing it at 7am as traffic volume peaks will not just make the news, it will be felt by the people driving commerce, the engine of our economy.

I can't tell you how many times our news narrative on matters of importance has seemingly directly addressed/refuted my email and blog ranting with such precision that it's almost "as if" the propaganda factory used it for steering the news cycle.

May the dumb deafen the beast.
A. Peasant said…
i wonder how long we have to wait for the next big thing...