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Biro-whozitstan? never heard of it.

A few weeks ago, Dmitry Medvedev gave a state of the nation address.

The head of state put forward a number of political initiatives in his speech. The president entrusted the government with elaborating effective conditions for activities of its agencies in the Northern Caucasus. An official responsible for the state of affairs in the explosive region must appear in the Cabinet of Ministers.

“To be frank, the level of corruption and violence in the republics of the Northern Caucasus is unprecedented. Obviously, the roots of many problems lie in the problems of the economic underdevelopment, first and foremost. The majority of those living in the region have no normal living perspectives. We will be paying first priority attention to the solution of people’s socio-economic problems,” Medvedev said.

Source: David Rumsey Map Collection

You can zoom in on this map and scroll around. Something emanates from this area, something dark. I think it's all that ancient Khazar Empire half-dead history that's been uncovered like some ghoulish zombie staggering around, but not enough people can quite focus on it because of that garish freak-show Israel hogging the limelight.
Mr. Koestler concludes: "The evidence presented in the previous chapters adds up to a strong case in favour of those modern historians - whether Austrian, Israeli or Polish - who, independently from each other, have argued that the bulk of modern Jewry is not of Palestinian, but of Caucasian origin. The mainstream of Jewish migrations did not flow from the Mediterranean across France and Germany to the east and then back again. The stream moved in a consistently westerly direction, from the Caucasus through the Ukraine into Poland and thence into Central Europe. When that unprecedented mass settlement in Poland came into being, there were simply not enough Jews around in the west to account for it, while in the east a whole nation was on the move to new frontiers." ( page 179, page 180).

...The history of the Ashkenazi Jews was widely known and appreciated in the former Soviet Union. Ashkenazi militants traced the area where the Turkic Khazars originated before their migration to Southern Russia to Birobidjan, an Eastern Siberian area as big as Switzerland bordered by the Amur river, by China and Mongolia. Around 1928 they started building settlements with the Soviet government's help and in 1934 the Autonomous Republic (Okrug) of Birobidjan Yevrei came into being with official languages of Yiddish and Russian. It is still there as an Autonomous Republic to this day, offering the only historically legitimate settlement area for Ashkenazi Jews willing to exercise their "right to return"...

Mr. Koestler was an Ashkenazi Jew and took pride in his Khazar ancestry. He was also a very talented and successful writer who published over 25 novels and essays. His most successful book, Darkness at Noon, was translated in thirty-three languages.

As expected, The Thirteenth Tribe caused a stir when published in 1976, since it demolishes ancient racial and ethnic dogmas...At the height of the controversy in 1983, the lifeless bodies of Arthur Koestler and his wife were found in their London home. Despite significant inconsistencies, the police ruled their death a suicide...Another Mossad "suicide"!
To be honest, Israel has become so boring, so predictable. The banality of evil. Israel is pornographic. I can't even be bothered to point out the painfully obvious anymore. People who can't see the lying and murdering by now will never see it. After all, it's not like they really try to hide anything.

But things seem much more mysterious in the original territory, the true "homeland," hidden in the dark mountains and forests of the Northern Caucasus. And, if it is to be believed, five thousand miles east of Moscow, the original Jewish homeland discovered by Ashkenazi militants and established by the Soviet Union: Birobidjan.
In 1928, the region known as Birobidizhan was designated the official territory for Jewish land colonization. The mostly marshy territory, approximately twice the size of New Jersey, had been annexed by Russia in 1858. Summers are hot and rainy, winters cold and dry. Some 27,000 Russians, Cossacks, Koreans, and Ukrainians were already living in the region when Jewish settlement began.

The Kremlin selected this particular territory for the following reasons:

To redirect the movement of Jews to the land away from Ukraine, Belarus and Crimea where the native populaces resisted Jewish settlement.

To buffer the Soviet Union from Chinese and Japanese expansionism.

To tap natural resources, such as fish, timber, iron, tin, graphite and gold.

"We came here to become peasants!" - Jewish settler in Birobidizhan, 1928

Hahahahaha. Old peasant here appreciates that sentiment.

But seriously, there's a bunch of stuff about this alternative to Palestine, which still exists today.
"European Jewry, to promote their powerful imposture of a 'Promised Land', demanded their right to pirate Palestine as a Jewish 'homeland'. This was the sly euphemism Zionist founding father Max Nordau used instead of State 'to deceive by its mildness'."

Zionists chose not to acknowledge Birobidjan, the voluntary Jewish homeland (supported by American Jewry since 1928) of the Jewish Autonomous Region (on the border of Russia and China). To this day this is a flourishing Jewish homeland - a largely unsung region Lady Renouf makes public on both PRESS TV programmes, which can be viewed by clicking on the programme names: Fine Print (10th May) and Between the Headlines (15th May) - WHICH LINKS ARE DEFUNCT - ed.

(For further discussion of these issues Lady Renouf was invited for an interview on TiU Radio which is now in MP3 format: listen to the programme by clicking here. A 1939 booklet by a Jewish author promoting Birobidjan is now online. Please note that this is a 12MB PDF file.)

On the Fine Print panel Lady Renouf's Zionist antagonist was Dmitry Shimelfarb, a former lieutenant in the Israeli Army who is now a political and PR strategist for the Likud party leader and former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Shimelfarb countered Lady Renouf with the claim that Birobidjan was not a Jewish homeland but a symptom of anti-semitism, a place to which Soviet Jews had been forcibly "exiled" by the dictator Stalin.

Here are some links to peruse, to judge for yourself whether or not Jews were forced to go to Birobidjan. It seems not.
The Jewish Autonomous Region, by D. Brrgelson, from the Library of the University of Texas at Austin, Moscow 1939 (pdf)

Stalin's Forgotten Zion, presentation by Swarthmore College
Of course I can't speak for anyone else but I find this amazing.
In fact, today, Birobidjan is a virtual Jewish paradise. The home of two synagogues, Birobidjan City has 77,250 inhabitants. Yiddish theaters opened in the 1970s. Yiddish and Jewish traditions have been required components in all public schools for almost 15 years, taught not as Jewish exotica but as part of the region’s national heritage.”

The Birobidjan Synagogue, completed in 2004, is next to a complex housing Sunday School classrooms, a library, a museum and administrative offices. The buildings were officially opened in 2004 to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast (JAR). Concerning the Jewish community of the region, Governor Nikolay Mikhaylovich Volkov stated that he intends to “support every valuable initiative maintained by our local Jewish organizations.”
But noooooooo. That solution would require a lot of people to eat a lot of words. I'm sure they'd rather die in some blaze of glory. And that's why nobody talks about this because Jesus God who needs the pressure of some common fucking sense solution complicating sixty years of elaborate Zionist propaganda?

Hey maybe Birobidizhan wouldn't solve anything but we'll never find out if it can't be discussed, right? Exactly. And it can't be discussed because it de-links the Jewish narrative from the Holy Land, and the Jews can't be God's Chosen People unless they came from the Holy Land, and if they're not really God's Chosen People... well you see it all just falls right apart like spit and toilet paper.

So Birobidizhan doesn't exist.